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ZH2: The Super-Quiet 4×4 That Runs On Hydrogen And Produces Water As Its ‘Exhaust’ (Video)

So, like about 25 or more years after we should have, are we finally gonna get to drive such automotive tech perfection? PLEASE???

(Hmmm… looks like the soldiers are getting to drive this first. Talking about ‘going green.’ Oh well.)

General Motors aka GM aka the biggest of ‘Big Auto’… has unveiled this joint industry-military creation, the ZH2. It runs smooth, practically silent (with minimal ‘accoustic signature,’as the military folks would say). It does NOT use or burn fossil fuel, so it doesn’t give off much heat that could be picked up by enemy heat-sensing night vision cameras (because, the military) nor does it give off harmful emissions. It runs on hydrogen. And its exhaust is water… drinkable water! Even the waste from this 4×4 is not wasteful. Kinda stylish to boot.


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Check Out The Military’s New Micro-Drone: The Black Hornet (Video)

Proxdynamics’ nano-UAV – a mini, mini, miniaturized Unmanned Air Vehicle – is on the way… at least for the U.S. military and law enforcement officials. Aptly named for its size and color scheme, the Black Hornet PD-100 PRS mini-drones should be in soldiers’ pockets in 2018. Far off reconnaissance, signaling and more; ready to fly and spy right out the box. Check out the clip above!

(Notice how it says, “Battle Tested,” in there? Already? In what battle?)

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Technology: War Is Big Business, And The ‘Killer Robot’ Business Is About To Pick Up! (Video)

Another big “eff you” from the Military Industrial Complex to peace pushing organizations like the United Nations, Human Rights Watch and the International Committee for Robot Arms Control who want the world to cool it with the weapons tech advancements for just a minute… Big Tony Starks-style weapons system manufacturers like Northrop Gruman ‘modeled their products for the military last week at Fort Benning in Georgia, to judge how they could be used in combat. Lieutenant Col. Willie Smith said at the event that he hopes to unleash the killing machines onto the battlefield within five years—not as weapons their own right, but as trusted members of the squad.’

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Technology: A 1.8 Gigapixel ‘Eye in the Sky’ – No Hiding From ARGUS-IS (Video)

Whoa. As a high-tech society, we have already crossed many barriers; some, perhaps, maybe we should not have.

‘The U.S. Air Force, right now, has the ability to archive every single video that comes off of every single UAV [unmanned aerial vehicle]. We’re moving to an increasingly electronic society where our movements are going to be tracked.’

– Mary “Missy” Cummings, MIT Humans and Automation Lab

One million terabytes of video a day, with high enough resolution to track an object six inches from the sidewalk… in your city… from 15,000 feet above… saved forever. Take a second to be amazed. Then spend the rest of your day SHOOK!

This might already be deployed in Afghanistan… it MIGHT already be deployed closer to home! That information is classified.

Watch yourself, people. Big Brother probably is. Just saying.

‘This is the next generation of surveillance… It is important for the public to know that some of these capabilities exist.’

– Yiannis Antoniades, BAE Systems, Creator of ARGUS-IS

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Technology: U.S. Military Considering a Pokémon Inspired Gun? (Video)

CAUTION: The YouTube post said some “kids went into seizures” upon viewing this Pokémon cartoon episode.

Shout to Heather Fairchild over at for the initial scoop on this.

According to documents acquired by, through a private U.S. citizen’s Freedom of Information Act request, the U.S. Army kicked around the idea of disabling enemy combatants with blasts of electromagnetic energy. Amazingly, the idea inspired by a Pokémon cartoon episode (see excerpt above). Here is a passage on the proposed nonlethal weapon technology:

‘Application of “electromagnetic pulses” could force neurons to all fire at once, causing a “disruption of voluntary muscle control,” reads a description of a proposed seizure weapon, contained in a declassified document from the US Army’s National Ground Intelligence Centre. “It is thought by using a method that would actually trigger nerve synapses directly with an electrical field, essentially 100 per cent of individuals would be susceptible to seizure induction.”‘


Wowwww. Talk about high-tech warfare!

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