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Watch This ‘Wet on Wet’ Teaser For “Deadpool 2” And Try To Relax… Try! (Trailer)

Keep your hands dry and your dreams wet.

How DARE he pervert classic PBS promgramming like this…Bwaaahahaaa! Ryan Reynolds Deadpool is f**king HILARIOUS maaan! And he is doing the worst with this Bob Ross painting show impersonation. Disclaimer: Ross was NOT on that coca (waaaay too chill for that power powder). Shiiiid, but Deadpool… He LOVES it (and is so NOT chill)!

But don’t hold that against him or this “Deadpool 2” trailer. It’s crazy. Crazy awesome! Hurry up June 2018!

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Deadpool 2 (Teaser Trailer)

Ryan Reynolds Tweeting and YouTubing about the “Deadpool” sequel is everything. But a Stan Lee cameo… in the trailer… EVERYTHING! “Shut up, Stan Lee!” Hahaa! But wait, see the billboard for the old theater across from the phone booth? “Logan” is playing (talk about timing). And Deadpool cracking a joke shot at Hugh Jackman near the end, while resting on a dead victim (talk about comedic timing).

Hold up. Back up. Dead victim? Wait what??

Yeah, watch this oh-so-wrong-but-just-right “Deadpool 2” teaser… several times for all the ‘Easter eggs’ in it (besides the ones we have already mentioned).


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No Good Deed (Trailer)

I mean… he’s no Jeremy Meeks… but it’s sistas’ favorite Brit Brother Idris Elba …being a true bad guy. A monster. But that’s alright, ladies. Drag your dude to see this one. Tell him Taraji P. Henson’s sexy azz is co-starring…And it’s a thriller, so you know you gotta squeeze in real tight and put all that body on your strong man for protection when things get scary.

Ought to be good. Remember folks. It’s just a movie. Trailer is promising a really good movie though! In theaters September 2014.


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