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NFL’s Victor Cruz Stops By The ‘Daily Show with Jon Stewart’ (Video)

Like him or love him, Jon Stewart has a regular guy’s understanding of a lot of things…makes him easy for anyone to relate to. Couple that with the outstanding guests his people book for the show – like Victor Cruz – and you’ve got a winner! Peep the interview. In less than six minutes (go ahead and run “The Show” sample in your head; I’ll wait), Jon leads Victor through a talk on going from walk-on-taking-a-shot to still-humble-superstar. Good nuggets about what’s important in life AND in football in there; and the studio and home audience definitely got it. Click and watch so you can get it!
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New York Giants Wide Receiver Victor Cruz Speaks To Joe Budden on Football, Money, Love, & Life (Video)

NY Giants WR Victor Cruz must be elated as hell with all the great opportunities from not only becoming a bonafide star in the NFL, but also in helping bringing home another Super Bowl win to the city of New York. In the largest media capital in the world everyone is trying to get a hold of the salsa dancing kid who most didn’t think would even make it this far in the sport. Check out this interview with 1/4 of the Slaughter, Joe Budden, & the ‘salsa bailando futbol americano’ king.

Plaxico Burress Released From Prison After A 2-Year Sentence (Video)

Former NY Giants Wide Receiver Plaxico Burress was released from prison after a two year stint on gun charges involving an incident where he shot himself in the leg in a NY nightclub. The rumors are already running rampant that Plaxico Burress may wind up playing for the Philadelphia Eagles after Michael Vick openly campaigned in the media & with Eagles management to scoop up the the former Giant.