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Protesters ‘Makes Some Noise’ For Social Justice At “The Public” Library (Trailer)

Look up ‘moral dilemma’ in the dictionary. It’d probably reference something like this movie’s plotline in the definition. Hmmm… “The Public” library is a good place to find a good dictionary… and shelter from deadly cold winter weather. Watch the trailer above.

In The Public, an unusually bitter Arctic blast has made its way to downtown Cincinnati and the front doors of the public library where the action of the film takes place. The story revolves around the library patrons, many of whom are homeless, mentally ill and marginalized, as well as an exhausted and overwhelmed staff of librarians who often build emotional connections and a sense of obligation to care for those regular patrons. At odds with library officials over how to handle the extreme weather event, the patrons turn the building into a homeless shelter for the night by staging an “Occupy” sit in. What begins as an act of civil disobedience comes to a standoff with police and a rush-to-judgment media constantly speculating about what’s really happening. This David versus Goliath story tackles some of our nation’s most challenging issues, homelessness and mental illness and sets the drama inside one of the last bastions of democracy-in-action: your public library.
– Consequence of Sound

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Politics/Economics: America Hates Its Poor (Video)

The hard truth about America: We are at war. All of us. It’s internal… and just barely civil. We have already seen an occupation of strategic grounds (Wall Street) and the battle lines have been drawn. But don’t think Democrat/Liberal vs. Republican/Conservative (there are battlefields within parties anyway)… and don’t think (as we have) of haves vs. have-nots… The truth is simple, but not because it is oversimplified. It is hard because it is harsh. It is hard, like difficult – not to understand, but to understand how citizens/humans/institutions could allow this and allow it to continue. And it is hard, because it will be difficult to end the war. To think, all this from reading an article (that you should read, too) at…

This is an excerpt from the just released second edition of Noam Chomsky’s “Occupy: Class War, Rebellion and Solidarity,” edited by Greg Ruggiero and published by Zuccotti Park Press.

An article that recently came out in Rolling Stone, titled “Gangster Bankers: Too Big to Jail,” by Matt Taibbi, asserts that the government is afraid to prosecute powerful bankers, such as those running HSBC. Taibbi says that there’s “an arrestable class and an unarrestable class.” What is your view on the current state of class war in the U.S.?

– Salon

So, that’s how we should view the sides in our modern civil war: The arrestable vs. the unarrestable… and you KNOW most of the sh!t the unarrestable (e.g. the 1% and those protected by them) gets away with would land most of us in prison. Now, no one is saying ‘be mad at the haves for having’ … no more so than you want anyone less fortunate being mad at you for walking/driving by when you have change/time to spare. Nah, be mad at how they do you… how they lie to you. You know, the stuff that you’d be mad about if someone did it right to your face… because they DO THAT SH!T… ev-er-y day! Watch the clip above (from a ‘have’ who has chosen to give a Ted Talk on the truth). Read the article we read… Hell, read the book it references (both linked below)… Then take time to think and decide for yourself, while you can; before that comes under attack!


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Afrika Bambaataa Speaks At Occupy Atlanta (Video)

Afrika Bambaataa who is widely known as the “God Father” of hip-hop made his presence known at Occupy Atlanta. Bambaatta spoke about organizing and bringing back unity amongst the people. He also stressed the importance of fighting the mind control from the mass media.

We also got a chance to speak with the good brother at The Beatz and Lyrics Show that same day. So inspiring and empowering. We’ll have the audio from the radio interview up shortly…