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Loaded Lux Presents: Topshelf Freestyle (Finale) [Video]

This is a big deal.

Loaded Lux is right. Not just because it’s for 5 bands. 5 racks. 5 stacks (big prize money). Not just because, this time, the Hot 97 Morning Show is also judging. Not just because the station is giving one of the voters a thousand dollars… nah, not because of just any of that… Because of ALL of that!

This is the Final Four! Chayna Ashley, Elz Money Muzik, She Real, Pressure225… all to bring the HEALTHIEST BARZ ever! To nourish us! To make Hip-Hop HEALTHY again!!

Congrats to our Grand Prize Winner Chayna Ashley for Season 1 of Top Shelf Freestyle.

After a national call-out for free-stylists to drop and post their tightest “24 bars” last year, host and freestyle extraordinaire – Loaded Lux selected 16 emcees to be featured in our 4-part video series to compete for the “top crown” on Hot 97 Youtube and

Your VOTE helped determine the grand prize winner for Season 1.

– HOT 97


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Loaded Lux Presents: Topshelf Freestyle (Bonus Cypher) [Video]

All these emcees bringing the heat… put ’em in the box! Anybody less than ‘Topshelf’ is gonna get SMOKED!! First up, a special guest spitter: Loaded Lux, the battle rap beast himself!!

Get ready for “The Top Shelf Freestyle Finale.” premiering Monday, February 24th at @4pm. But until then, we’re dropping a Bonus Cypher featuring killer verses from artists at the last taping.

01:20 Loaded Lux
02:20 BillBoardBaby
03:34 Rain
05:27 M City
06:57 Ric Hundiee
08:08 Pressure225
09:48 Pretty TSU
11:13 Kendall Ashley
12:10 Napoleon De Legend
13:49 MoneyDown Immortal
15:06 Slay Choppo
16:49 53NZO Da Bandit

– HOT 97


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