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Conway x Benny x Westside Gunn | Freestyles On Flex | Freestyle #060 (Video)

Everybody can’t come up here… Flex speaks truth regarding most of his recent featured Freestyles. This one especially. To hammer home the point, VERY few can come through like Conway, Benny, and Westside Gunn did in this ep.

The whole entire came through with them, didn’t they? Haa!


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‘5 Minutes Of Funk’ With DJ Diamond (Video)

DJ Diamond did the damn thang on this ep. of #5MinutesOfFunk though yo. Nothing not to love about it when Funkmaster Flex goes back to the elements. The emcees doing the Freestyles… and now, Turntable Tuesday.

Know that saying, “Time flies” right? Well, it is especially true when a DJ is having fun blacking out on the wheels… like how 5 Minutes becomes 12 Minutes Of Funk. Haaaa! Good stuff!

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Roc Marciano Talks About His Latest Album, Making His Music And His Money And More (Video)

Roc Marci is in the building… and the only one of his UN comrades who kept it pushing in the music grind. But Roc keeps in touch with the homies regardless (good). Hear him talk about “Rosebudd’s Revenge” (the album), being his own boss, loving that West Coast living and more.


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Jay Pharoah Speaks On Leaving SNL, Remembers Charlie Murphy And More (Video)

Jay Pharoah wants you to know that he is ‘not a yes n!gga’ folks. Hear, in the interview above, the risky career situations where he says ‘no’ to things, how he ended up leaving Saturday Night Live and more. Interesting how he affirmed that they (SNL) attempted to pigeonhole him as the Black impressionist; then he tossed that Chris Rock impression right in there within minutes (then a smidge of President Trump later).

(Did Jay say he got ‘White famous’ around the 8-minute mark though? Hahaa!)

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Joey Bada$$ Says New York Hip-Hop Is Stale And New York Radio Is Not Helping (Video)

Respect to Joey Bada$$. We listen to him on that mic because when he touches mics, he continually earns that respect. Take in what he is saying about the stagnation in Hip-Hop. What he is saying about how things must and do change, including Hip-Hop. Caution: It’s gonna sting a bit of you are a boom-bap-over-trap or new-stuff-is-not-real-rap proponent. There must be a righteous middle ground though. Joey calling old heads on holding the youth in the game back… saying that to ‘Old Man Ebro‘… that’s some live and direct sh!t. But as an early 20-something who’s pretty much a vet, we have to let him say it.

Maybe we should really try to give space on the established (read: old) channels for new artists out here.

Now, of course, there is much more to this interview. But that part packs a punch.

(Okay, Joey. Message received. But we reserved the right to trash trash music.)

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Samuel L. Jackson Speaks On “Kong,” Black People In Film & TV, President Trump And More (Video)

Samuel L. Jackson talks about President Trump, racism in America, Hollywood’s casting of British Black actors in ‘American’ roles, “Kong: Skull Island,” and more. See? Waaaay more than just the 2 controversial minutes here or there the gossip sites are gushing about.

(Google that sh!t if you like. We don’t do that here.)

But something else of note: Jackson, in response to Ebro’s lead-in, touches on the historical racist undertones in all the “King Kong” movies (like we did on here). Yeah. Talk more about that mainstream.

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Cory Gunz Freestyles On Flex | Freestyle #048 (Video)

Peter Gunz, your son is that one! Cory Gunz grunts through the Wu track intro, then he spun out on it like he left fire on the tires!! Non-stop. Actually the only thing that stopped him was a stumble at the end. But eff that though, that’s how live freestyle flows go. Pretty damn dope. Get ’em Gunz!

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Mysonne – “Welcome To New York City Freestyle” (Video)

Mysonne the NY 5-star GENERAL!! Whew! Dude just turned in one of the dopest freestyles in the series (look at the daaaamn faces on Funk Flex’s mug). #Freestyle046 is over that “Welcome To New York City” beat that Cam’Ron originally blessed.

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Termanology Freestyles On Flex | Freestyle #030 (Video)

Termanology going IN for his hometown ’round Beantown (Law Town aka Lawrence, Massachusetts, USA)! Hilarious how Funk Flex jumping in there was throwing him off a bit. Still spit fire with Statik Selektah over there co-signing. Dope Freestyle #030
on Hot 97 above.

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Pharrell Williams Speaks On His Post-Election Feelings, “Hidden Figures” And More (Video)

In this sit-down, Pharrell also speaks on who “Happy” was originally for… goes into his love for A Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, living in Virginia, and much more! A lot of meat in a relatively short, but deep conversation. Pharrell Williams talks about the “Hidden Figures” movie – for which he served as producer and soundtrack composer. Even segueing into that early on got deep.

Don’t trust the polls…Millennials don’t answer house phones, and there’s 43 million Americans.

Well worth the half-hour. Peep.

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Ultimate Industry Insider Steve Stoute And Kaz Speak On, Making Music & Marketing History And More (Video)

Steve Stoute – mogul, music exec, mover-and-shaker – has partnered with Kaz of and they are making a late major move, taking the online presence over to the print industry. Interesting, very interesting, as the media world seems to be moving off-page to online (e.g. the opposite direction). But we MUST hear these guys out; especially Stoute. Why?? Don’t tell us you don’t know about Stout’s marketing agency Translation LLC, the origin story of the tagline/jingle for McDonald’s “I’m Loving It” campaign, the State Farm ads…

Hmmm… if not, it would seem you have some Googling to do. But wait-wait. You can do a LOT of catch-up by just watching this interview (above). There is SO much more to tell, too. Hear these folks tell it!

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Rosenberg Gets The Scoop On “Layers,” The Re-Introduction Of Royce Da 5’9 And More (Video)

Royce Da 5’9 doing the promo circuit for his new album “Layers” in the morning (see his Breakfast Club interview) and now Real Late With Peter Rosenberg.


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Destiny Jones Speaks On Her Life And Career Aspirations, Her ‘Lipmatic’ Line, ‘Moupies’ And More (Video)

Damn, Destiny Jones is HOT – from the voice, to the obvious outward sexy (such delicious thickness), to the business sense (‘Lipmatic’ lip gloss, nice), and more! Watching this vid is a mesmerizing experience. Bonus: Interviewer Jennifer Le got a lotta lot going on with the sexy, too.

Oh, and Destiny, when I step to you, it’s on some me & you stuff. Your dad (Nas aka Nassir Jones) is one of the dopest, but YOU… you have my FULL attention. I’m nobody’s moupie (male groupie).



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Illa J Speaks On Being The Brother Of A Legend, J Dilla’s Legacy As On Of The Best Ever And More (Video)

A damn good 15 minutes of watching right from the start! Is there a downside to being the brother of the late great J Dilla (besides him not being here, of course)? Fam, there’s a downside to everything. But there were lots of good things and times, too. Honest talk with Peter Rosenberg from the younger Yancey.

Illa J Discusses New Album, the Downside of Being J Dilla’s Brother and his own come up in music on Real Late.


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The Game Joins ‘The Nightly Show’ Panel On Cultural Appropriation (Video)

Facilitated by The Nightly Show’s Larry Wilmore, Cipha Sounds, Robin Thede and The Game debate the ethics of cultural appropriation, with examples ranging from Kylie Jenner’s cornrows to the use of Black emojis. After the jump, focus on The Game. Ebro in the Morning welcomes the emcee to talk about “The Documentary 2,” rumors regarding Karrueche Tran, Drake vs. Meek Mill and more!

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Sav Killz – “Immovable Kings” (FreEP)


Dope. He made it FREE for the people. This “Immovable Kings” by Sav Killz. A true talent getting spins but needing more; dropping videos and doing more, including the interview after the jump. Respect

Shout out to all the DJs who have been supporting the project and giving us them spins! DJ Premier, Tony Touch, Eclipse, Peter Rosenberg, DJ Ero, DJ Modesty, DJ Homicide, and everyone else.
Sav Killz

Check out the Sav Killz sit down with Peter Rosenberg on Hot 97’s Real Late after the jump (with Frank Knight & J-Ronin to Killz right, riding along). But before that, treat yourself to this EP for the FREE.


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Illa J Speaks On His Upcoming Self-Titled LP, The Downside To Being J Dilla’s Brother And More (Video)

Allow Detroit’s Illa J to reintroduce himself (in the radio interview above, and with his album linked below). He is very much and very proud to be the brother of the late great J Dilla. The challenges or having expectations on his shoulder; they’d come anyway. He pushes hard to earn. But being seen as just ‘some dude flowing over Dilla beats,’ or as some Slum Village hanger-on… nah, miss him with that.


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Common Speaks on Chicago, Selma, & the Influences In His Life (Video)

He squeezes a lot in 97 seconds, doesn’t he? Common has had a worthwhile career already. So much more to do, but above we get Common on the clock for 97 seconds of commentary on the importance of his hometown, working with his idols and his influences, award-winning work on “Selma” and more.

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T.I. Speaks On ATL 2, The Iggy Azealia Disaster, & His New Project (Video)

T.I. stopped by the Hot 97 Morning Show to talk about his superstar procrastination with regard to getting new music out, about his and Izzy Azaela’s situation, prospects regarding an “ATL” sequel, and more.

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Bridget Kelly Gets Candid About What She Wants For Her Career, New Music, and Dating (Video)

Bridget Kelly stops by the Hot 97 NY morning show to talk about her new single and EP with Mack Wilds (“Act Like That” off “Summer Of 17” – which we posted earlier here), her life after the Roc Nation deal ended, future career aspirations, being single going into her 30s… LOTS of time spent on sex and dating and more. Fun interview with the super sexy Kelly. Watch.


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