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Iman Shumpert | Freestyles On Flex | Freestyle #085 (Video)

Yoooooo! NBA players out here rapping better than many of the mainstream mumblers. Iman Shumpert is doing the work on that mic though, spitting flames like the old NBA Jams video game… He’s on FIIIIIIRE!

Small forward, Iman Shumpert makes it very clear that he’s more than just a ball player! Reppin’ Oak Park, IL, Iman comes through Funk Flex with some bars!
– Hot 97

And, yeah, he got BARZ!


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Mysonne Speaks On It: Meek Mill’s Going Back To Jail Is ‘Bigger Than Meek’ (Video)

Okay, everybody believes in justice. But, when it comes to fitting the punishment to the crime, how far is too far? Interesting and compelling discussion here. Mysonne & Carmen Perez speak on the pending Meek Mill jail bid as an example and jumpoff point for extended discussion on a trend of unusual punishment, the scales of justice being unfairly tipped and more.


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CyHi The Prynce Lyrically Murders This Flex Freestyle In 84 Ways (Video)

If you ever wondered if CyHi had the pedigree to run in the rap circles he does, no you know! And if you needed MORE proof that he is so A-T-L… dude said he had it locked from Douglasville to Conyers!!

You know how when Fred The Godson said that ‘to stay true’ is ‘the right thing’ in his freestyle? Well, on this The Prynce is doing the right thing for damn sure. Click play now. Let’s GO!


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Taking The Knee: If Terry Crews Was Still In The League, He Would Kneel (Video)

Damn. The preview clip. Crews popped! Got a point though. Football, as we know it in The States, is pretty much just “American football”… The world doesn’t play it that way. We are ‘playing ourselves’ if we think the world gives a good van DAM about the Sunday games or whether we boycott them.

BUT… He does talk some real talk about what everyone in the WORLD would care about… human lives, liberty, love… or the lack thereof. The U.S. nor the NFL, really not loving Black people.

All that and more. Plus Terry with a great perspective on your worth as a HUMAN BEING.


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Fred The Godson | Freestyles On Flex | Freestyle #072 (Video)

Hard to contain myself. Know what? I’d heard that Fred The Godson was a beast, but I was not ready for him to get on with Flex and snap this hard! Let me put it this way: When heads talk about how they wish Jay-Z would go back to rapping like this or that… What they really wanna say is they want Hov to step his bars UP to Godson’s level. That’s right. Godson > Hov. Yeah, that’s today’s math! Watch.

(Shot to Jaquae for amping things up and doing the most with the hook.)


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Niatia Speaks On Her Growth, Beyond ‘Lil Mama’ And Past The ‘Jay-Z MTV Video Music Awards’ Moment (Video)

Betcha that if there was no title on this post you’d be looking at the video above like… “Hmmm, who’s the Honey?” Answer: Ohhh, that’s Lil Mama? Well, it was Lil Mama. She’s claiming her ‘grown woman’ now. Call her Niatia.

Lil Mama came to visit Ebro in the Morning to have a personal conversation that touched on the backlash from the infamous VMA incident, being an internet meme, defending Chris Brown, changing her name & her new journey as an actress.

Whoa! Niatia is gonna be a stripper in an upcoming movie? Wowzerrrrs!


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Sean Price’s Wife Bernadette & Dru Ha Talk About Sean P. And “Imperius Rex” (Video)

Who doesn’t love how Boot Camp and Bernadette are keeping Sean P. alive through the music and shows nowadays? We see the on stage and hear the audio releases, but now we get a chance to hear from the Clik’s honcho Dru Ha and Mrs. Price. On point, off stage, and outside the booth.

Get the whole enchilada: How Sean and Bernadette met, how the contributions to “Imperius Rex” fell into place so wonderfully and more. Too much to even preview. Plus why ruin the watch. I will tell you that you want to know how Jay-Z, Eminem and others are tied into all this.

(Remembering the Prices’ daughter’s name… Shaun Price… Plus Bernadette said Sean ‘guided her’ from above on this project. Dammit. There go the tears again!)




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Meek Mill Speaks About Being In The Middle Of Several Beefs, Making Amends And Moving On To Being Grown (Video)

Alright. I’ll fess up: I barely listen to Meek Mill’s music. Got sucked into the non-rap related beefs & bullsh!t he was in and wasn’t even really a fan of any of that. But this interview… He sounds like a man who has been through some things, learned something from it, and will likely go through a little less of them. He mentions being 30 years of age, but I can tell you: The passage of years has nothing to do with attaining the wisdom they should give you. How to focus ‘thug’ energy on standing firm in the face of adversity (esp. that which you brought on yourself). Having realized that sometimes it is best to stay low instead of high posting all the damn time. Wisdom!

Of course, Meek is still about with the sh!ts. He starts the interview with some of that. But there’s less of it around to smell up the joint. Good interview!


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Action Bronson | Freestyles On Flex | Freestyle #065 (Video)

LOL! Somebody let Bronson the bucking bull loose in the Funk Flex fine china shop, and dude cracked and stomped on all the best dishes. Can’t tell you what this is – all this – but you gotta see it. Dope!

(Flex didn’t know WTF was happening, but he was hanging on for the ride. Haahahaaa! Lights, camera, Action Bronson!)


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La La Anthony Speaks On Parenting & Life Apart From Carmelo, Her Career And More (Video)

Have you SEEN La La looking so so DELICIOUS on “Power” on Starz? Have MERCY, she is so fine! Plus, an actually good actor.

LaLa breaks it down with ‘Ebro In The Morning’ on how she feels about Phil Jackson being fired, where her and Melo stand right now, and how she got her first big break.
– Hot 97

Great interview. Real talk. Gotta imagine that her radio background helps her communicate all this so well, too.

Around the 10-minute mark – even the list of friends is HOT, and ‘bye Phil-lecia’ hahaaa!

(Confirmed: La and the homie 4-IZE did ‘live together’ back in the day, just like he rapped on “How’d That Work Out?” She said it in here! Salute to the homie.)


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Conway x Benny x Westside Gunn | Freestyles On Flex | Freestyle #060 (Video)

Everybody can’t come up here… Flex speaks truth regarding most of his recent featured Freestyles. This one especially. To hammer home the point, VERY few can come through like Conway, Benny, and Westside Gunn did in this ep.

The whole entire came through with them, didn’t they? Haa!


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‘5 Minutes Of Funk’ With DJ Diamond (Video)

DJ Diamond did the damn thang on this ep. of #5MinutesOfFunk though yo. Nothing not to love about it when Funkmaster Flex goes back to the elements. The emcees doing the Freestyles… and now, Turntable Tuesday.

Know that saying, “Time flies” right? Well, it is especially true when a DJ is having fun blacking out on the wheels… like how 5 Minutes becomes 12 Minutes Of Funk. Haaaa! Good stuff!

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Roc Marciano Talks About His Latest Album, Making His Music And His Money And More (Video)

Roc Marci is in the building… and the only one of his UN comrades who kept it pushing in the music grind. But Roc keeps in touch with the homies regardless (good). Hear him talk about “Rosebudd’s Revenge” (the album), being his own boss, loving that West Coast living and more.


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Jay Pharoah Speaks On Leaving SNL, Remembers Charlie Murphy And More (Video)

Jay Pharoah wants you to know that he is ‘not a yes n!gga’ folks. Hear, in the interview above, the risky career situations where he says ‘no’ to things, how he ended up leaving Saturday Night Live and more. Interesting how he affirmed that they (SNL) attempted to pigeonhole him as the Black impressionist; then he tossed that Chris Rock impression right in there within minutes (then a smidge of President Trump later).

(Did Jay say he got ‘White famous’ around the 8-minute mark though? Hahaa!)

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Joey Bada$$ Says New York Hip-Hop Is Stale And New York Radio Is Not Helping (Video)

Respect to Joey Bada$$. We listen to him on that mic because when he touches mics, he continually earns that respect. Take in what he is saying about the stagnation in Hip-Hop. What he is saying about how things must and do change, including Hip-Hop. Caution: It’s gonna sting a bit of you are a boom-bap-over-trap or new-stuff-is-not-real-rap proponent. There must be a righteous middle ground though. Joey calling old heads on holding the youth in the game back… saying that to ‘Old Man Ebro‘… that’s some live and direct sh!t. But as an early 20-something who’s pretty much a vet, we have to let him say it.

Maybe we should really try to give space on the established (read: old) channels for new artists out here.

Now, of course, there is much more to this interview. But that part packs a punch.

(Okay, Joey. Message received. But we reserved the right to trash trash music.)

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Samuel L. Jackson Speaks On “Kong,” Black People In Film & TV, President Trump And More (Video)

Samuel L. Jackson talks about President Trump, racism in America, Hollywood’s casting of British Black actors in ‘American’ roles, “Kong: Skull Island,” and more. See? Waaaay more than just the 2 controversial minutes here or there the gossip sites are gushing about.

(Google that sh!t if you like. We don’t do that here.)

But something else of note: Jackson, in response to Ebro’s lead-in, touches on the historical racist undertones in all the “King Kong” movies (like we did on here). Yeah. Talk more about that mainstream.

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Cory Gunz Freestyles On Flex | Freestyle #048 (Video)

Peter Gunz, your son is that one! Cory Gunz grunts through the Wu track intro, then he spun out on it like he left fire on the tires!! Non-stop. Actually the only thing that stopped him was a stumble at the end. But eff that though, that’s how live freestyle flows go. Pretty damn dope. Get ’em Gunz!

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Mysonne – “Welcome To New York City Freestyle” (Video)

Mysonne the NY 5-star GENERAL!! Whew! Dude just turned in one of the dopest freestyles in the series (look at the daaaamn faces on Funk Flex’s mug). #Freestyle046 is over that “Welcome To New York City” beat that Cam’Ron originally blessed.

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Termanology Freestyles On Flex | Freestyle #030 (Video)

Termanology going IN for his hometown ’round Beantown (Law Town aka Lawrence, Massachusetts, USA)! Hilarious how Funk Flex jumping in there was throwing him off a bit. Still spit fire with Statik Selektah over there co-signing. Dope Freestyle #030
on Hot 97 above.

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Pharrell Williams Speaks On His Post-Election Feelings, “Hidden Figures” And More (Video)

In this sit-down, Pharrell also speaks on who “Happy” was originally for… goes into his love for A Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, living in Virginia, and much more! A lot of meat in a relatively short, but deep conversation. Pharrell Williams talks about the “Hidden Figures” movie – for which he served as producer and soundtrack composer. Even segueing into that early on got deep.

Don’t trust the polls…Millennials don’t answer house phones, and there’s 43 million Americans.

Well worth the half-hour. Peep.

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