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Dave East – “Alone” feat. Jacquees (Video)

Wooohooo! Harlem’s own Dave East put in the cheat codes and dude is winning the game right now! Take the classic Jodeci “Feenin” sample and tweak that, mix in the INSANELY sexy Rosa Acosta, and season it all with some crooning from Jacquees… and Dave has got himself a hit that stands “Alone.”



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Eye Candy: Rosa Acosta stars as ‘The Woman In Red’ (Video)

QUICK! Name a chica you consider to be the Eye Candy model. TIME’S UP! Everyone who answered Rosa Acosta give yourselves a pat on the back… while we fantasize about giving our red-laced Rosa a pat on her back[side].

(This video is a bit racy. A nip slip or two. Just to let y’all know.)

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Behind The Scenes: Rosa Acosta XXL Magazine Photoshoot (Video)

This is behind-the-scenes video of Rosa Acosta at her video shoot for XXL Magazine’s 15th Anniversary issue…just being sexy as always. Rosa wishes XXL a Happy Quinceanera. That’s like a “Sweet 15” celebration (yeah… I know a li’l something about Spanish culture). It’s Rosa Acosta! Like she says in the video: The camera turns her on!
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Rosa Acosta Plays ‘Wifey’ With ‘Two In The Shirt’ (Video)

T.I.T.S. (Two in the Shirt) releases their 2012 video photographed by renowned Los Angeles photographer Estevan Oriol and featuring Dominican model Rosa Acosta. The video features Rosa Acosta modeling their 2012 line of “Wifey” shirts. On the TITS blog they have a contest where you can vote on your favorite Rosa Acosta photo that will be on an upcoming shirt….

Rosa Acosta Is Very…. ‘Flexible’ (Video)

Not listening to anything said….just watching

Behind The Scenes: Snoop Dogg & Rosa Acosta’s BLAST by Colt 45 Photo Shoot (Video)

Back in the day Billy Dee Williams was the ultimate pitchman for Colt 45. In 2011 I couldn’t think of any person more perfect as a pitchman for their new Bolt 45….uh I mean BLAST product than Snoop Dogg. Whoever thought to get Snoop involved must have had their thinking cap on from a marketing perspective. The lovely Dominicana Rosa Acosta appears in this behind the scenes shoot as well. The finished commercial is set to air in April.

Rosa Acosta Wishes You A Happy Valentines Day (Video)