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Styles P & Dave East Discussing If Lyricism Still Matters In Hip-Hop ‘For The Record’ (Video)

Does lyricism still matter? In a word, YES! Whether you believe it is ‘necessary’ for a joint to be called ‘real Hip-Hop’ to have it… that discussion being a thing, even today, lets you know that lyricism is still a thing.

Although Yonkers MC Styles P and Harlem rapper Dave East represent two different generations of Hip-Hop, each artist is known for his lyrical prowess. The duo recently teamed up for their joint project ‘Beloved,’ which densely packs vivid street tales throughout its 13 tracks. On the latest episode of ‘For The Record,’ the New York natives sat down with Genius’ Head of Artist Relations Rob Markman to discuss the collaborative album as well as the decline of lyricism in Hip-Hop.
– Genius


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Styles P Is Dave East’s Favorite Rapper, Styles P Deems Dave East Torch Worthy, And Their Album Will Be ‘Beloved’ (Video)

Wowwww… Sway’s interview intros are always fire! Though they’d never admit it, Styles P and Dave East (and Heather B) had to be GASSED with the setup to start this interview. Talk about the greatest rappers, their collabo project and recording process and more.


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Dave East x Styles P – “Feels Good” feat. Kehlani

Soul ain’t for sale. Ain’t none of these n!ggas buying me.

Dave East & Styles P get down on a track again. And do the work right! And the result… It “Feels Good” (track featuring Kehlani on the hook).


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Snoop Dogg x Dave East – “Cripn 4 Life” (Prod. By My Guy Mars)

Snoop Dogg & Dave East. Street cred verified. Certified gangsta and not afraid to rep. So why not get a single like “Cripn 4 Life” (produced by My Guy Mars) recorded, out, and heating the streets? East meets Westside Snoop, and the result is dopeness.


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Dave East – “NYCHA” feat. Nas

Likely get into that “Rapture” on Netflix later. But now, gotsta get into this new jawn from Dave East and Nas off the soundtrack. Because… BANGER!

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PRhyme (DJ Premier x Royce Da 5’9) – “Era” feat. Dave East

So wait… there’s gonna be a “PRhyme 2” now? DOPE! Doper still, we get to check out the lead single off the project, “Era” (featuring Dave East).

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Nas x Dave East x Lin-Manuel Miranda x Aloe Blacc – “Wrote My Way Out” (Video)

Wow. The song for “Hamilton: An American Musical” (salute to Lin-Manuel). So they made a video for this joint? Makes sense. With Nas, Dave East, and Aloe Blacc joining Lin-Manuel Miranda… this kind of Hip-Hop was meant to be theatrical! Plus, when the track is a banger, folks ought to get a visual (esp. when there’s a Broadway hit attached).

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Dave East – “The Hated” feat. Nas (Prod. By Joe Joe Beats) [Video]

Dave East talk that talk! Streets need that.

A real benefit to being on a label where Nas is a bigwig… you get them co-sign features from the G.O.D.M.C. Not saying this is not dope beyond that; but Nassir’s contribution helps Dave East take this beyond (it’s the little things)! Get this banger on the “Paranoia” LP out now.


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Emeli Sandé – “Soon” feat. Dave East

Coming straight out of the United Kingdom with her “Kingdom Coming” EP, Emeli Sandé got a li’l something popping with her homie across the water, Dave East, for the promo. This is their joint “Soon” from the EP, which is out now.


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Dave East Is Happy For The New Generation, But They Do Not Do It Like He Does (Video)

Always a good interview when East is in the house.

Hard Knock Tv’s Nick Huff Barili sits down with Dave East for an in-depth interview at Truth Studios. In part 3, Dave shares what conversations were like early on with Nas when they first met and later what advice Nas, who signed him in 2014, has given him. Dave East also talks about there needing to be subgenres in Rap because what he and Lil Uzi Vert do are not the same. Dave said he is happy for the new generation of rappers doing their thing but lyricism and storytelling is more his thing.
– Hard Knock TV

No doubt! Dave is a different breed, a thoroughbred emcee. And for our end, we will be thorough enough to include Parts 1 & 2 of this interview after the jump.

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Kairi Chanel Is The Apple Of Dave East’s Eye, And The Center Of His World (Video)

Getting a real look at the real lives of these emcees nowadays. Just saw 50 Cent speaking on fatherhood (here) and now here’s Dave East talking about beasting it out… for his daughter. Now, THAT’S dope!

“I know how it feels to ask for something and your mother be like, ‘nah,’” the Harlem rapper tells MASS APPEAL while buying clothes for his 17-month-old daughter, Kairi. “I don’t want her to not know how to accept ‘no,’ but I want to make sure it’s there, regardless. So if I’m telling her no, it’s because of a reason, not cause I ain’t got it.”

East’s daughter, Kairi Chanel, is the namesake of his 2016 mixtape and the center of his world.

– Mass Appeal


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Dave East Declares That People Are Not Having Enough Public Sex (Video)

Ha! Dave East the mic beast rates VR dating, Air Jordans, public sex (yep), brass knuckles, cold showers, deep-fried Kool-Aid, and more in this episode of Over/Under.

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Paloma Ford – “Waves” feat. Dave East

Wowwww, Paloma Ford is really channeling Miss Jackson – mainly because she’s NASTY – on this track! And all that stuff she’s singing about doing that she’s offering to ‘make a movie’ about… Dave East (with the feature bars) seems to be volunteering to ummm… co-star with her. Ha! Check out “Waves.”

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Dave East – “What Is The Hold Up” (Video)

And anotha one from Dave East. Props to the director (Max Comfort) for this “What Is The Hold Up” shoot. Nice style and format. Oh… and shouts to East… and to whomever cast the model on the car (sweet Eye Candy)!


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Dave East – “Party Monster” (East Mix)

Yeah, dude went off into the ethers with this EastMix. “Party Monster” is lyrically loaded, and that beat is fire! Dave East is the weapon on here letting them thangs go!


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Method Man x Dave East x Max B x Joe Young x Hanz On – “Eviction” (Video)

To the booth! Method Man, Dave East, Max B, Joe Young and Hanz hopped on that Dame Grease beat and rode it the f#ck out into the street. Don’t know if the video was always part of the plan, but it had to be for a joint like “Eviction.” You hear it. You feel it. Envision it in your mind. Gotta let ’em see it. This track just wanna be… free!

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Tory Lanez x Dave East – “Out Of Center” (Prod. By Triple A)

This joint is the answer to “Damn, where the REAL Hip-Hop at??” Laid back boom bap with nuff smoove ruff sh!t talk over the Triple A track. Check out Tory Lanez & Dave East “Out Of Center” but definitely on point!


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Freeway – “Hold The Fort Down” feat. Dave East (Prod. By DJ Skizz)

Don’t gotta tell you that it don’t get much more East Coast than Philadelphia Freeway and Harlem’s own Dave East, do we? ‘Cause it don’t! Boom bappage on the track that got damaged provided by DJ Skizz.


Tito Montana – “Must Be Crazy” feat. Dave East (Video)

Tito Montana threw the switch and brought a monster to life with this one. Dave East on the feature. Featuring an audio sample from Dick Gregory schooling fools (once again) on America’s fear of the young Black male… You know a joint with all that “Must Be Crazy” (iTunes link to single below)!

Animated visuals, huh? A’ight let’s see ’em.


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Dave East – “Stretched Out” (Statik Selektah Remix)

Okay, you don’t have to; but you ought to go listen (here) to the original “Stretched Out” off the “A3C VOLUME 4” LP first. Then you can twist up your lip with disdain at the very notion of remixing a dope azz Dave East jawn like that. THEN you can scrunch your face up when you hear the Statik Selektah Remix like deeeeem! Stat Diddy = No Joke folks!


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