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Eye Candy: Maliah Michel’s ‘Na Na’ (Video)

Oh my damn. Maliah Michel… look what you done started. Whew! Y’all look with me, again, at the eye candy’s HOT visuals above. Some thick honey caramel for your eyes to chew on. Have mercy. You’re welcome. You’re welcome. I know.

Want more? Follow Maliah on Instagram at @IamMaliahM.


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DJ Blakmagic – “The K.A.K.E.” MIX

One of the hardest working DJ’s in Atlanta, DJ Blakmagic drops a brand new specialty mix featuring blends of popular & classic joints to keep the party moving. Known for his diverse ear & the ability to rock variety of different crowds regardless of the demographic, DJ Blakmagic always represents the Kulture, Art, Kool, & brings the Energy to his mixes. It’s only right to call this joint the K.A.K.E. mix.  Check out the trailer above featuring model Valore St. Charles then download or listen to project below. Now go get you some!

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Eye Candy: Runa Lucienne (Video)

Runa Lucienne at the photoshoot with Blackmen Magazine… looking all sexy. It’s what she does. She does it for me. I admit it. But I can share. Click play above …and you’re welcome!

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Eye Candy: Erika Mayshawn (Video) [NSFW]

Have mercy on me!! This eye candy Erika Mayshawn is so delicious… in jeans and out! Y’all enjoy this one. I put the NSFW (Not Suitable For Work) stamp on this one because there is HIGHLY suggestive frontal nudity at the end of the clip (got milk?).

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Eye Candy: Sincerely Ward (Video)

Mm mm mmph! Claude Hammercy! This woman, Sincerely Ward, is so damn HOT! Now, of course, we don’t post bucket nekkid videos here, but behind the scenes at a lingerie photo shoot is close enough, right? Trust me. I have saved your job once again possibly (NSFW = Not Safe For Work). You may not get fired for watching lingerie video at work…then again you might…and Sincerely Ward might be worth the risk. But instead of risking it, why don’t you just, um, take a break, and go to some special tucked away area…where you can be alone with Ms. Ward. When you get there, click the “Read the rest…” link and watch and… you’re welcome! More video below….


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Eye Candy – “Curves at the Palace” (Video) [NSFW]

So by now you are thinking, @ojones1, what’s ‘NSFW’ about this pic? It’s just… like… a still shot.” C’mon now. You KNOW that I look out for you. I did it this way this time because 1) the still is still HOT, and B) this is another one of THOSE videos that would get you FIRED if you clicked and played it immediately! So, as the NSFW stamp indicates, this should not be viewed at work (at least not in front of someone who can fire you… or around someone who can/will SNITCH on you to someone who can fire you)! So, take a break. Go somewhere “safe.” Then click the “Read the rest…” link and watch “Curves at the Palace”… featuring the THICKNESS!


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Sexy Kizomba Dance (Video)

I don’t really know what Kizomba really is, but one of my homies sent me this video & there is so much beauty in watching this clip I was compelled to post it. The name of the female dancer in the clip is Sara Lopez & after watching her doing her thang in this video I had to do the quick fast google search on the Brazilian dancer. The song used in this clip is called “Não me toca” by an Angolan singer named Anselmo Ralph from what I understand. None of that matters at this point. Fellas just keep you eyes on the these very fluid culo movements. Cotdayaammm!

Eye Candy: Tamara Amador

Some Eye Candy for the fellas (and some of you ladies) to get you going the Monday morning courtesy of IMFMAG. The model’s name is Tamara Amador & the video was directed by Jahrue

Eye Candy: Diana Levy (Video)

It’s Monday so instead of sipping copious amounts of coffee, 5 Hour energy, or any other caffeinated products to get you through the rest of your day how about some hot salsa. Check out this short tastefully done video montage of Miami based Dominican model Diana Levy courtesy of IMFMAG. Check out some of the final pictures from the photoshoot under the hood. Video directed by Jahrue & the photographer on the flicks was Joel Alvarez of VENGEMEDIA.
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Eye Candy: Sophia Christina

Rosa Acosta Plays ‘Wifey’ With ‘Two In The Shirt’ (Video)

T.I.T.S. (Two in the Shirt) releases their 2012 video photographed by renowned Los Angeles photographer Estevan Oriol and featuring Dominican model Rosa Acosta. The video features Rosa Acosta modeling their 2012 line of “Wifey” shirts. On the TITS blog they have a contest where you can vote on your favorite Rosa Acosta photo that will be on an upcoming shirt….

Eye Candy: Viantha Fox (Video)

Eye Candy: Princess Miraj (Video)

Eye Candy: Kristal Solis

N.O.R.E Speaks With British Model “Carmel Candy” (Video)

N.O.R.E interviews British model Carmel Candy & does a very good job in the interview of getting beyond the fluff questions that most people throw at these model types. The interview is very upbeat & informative with N.O.R.E asking the real questions most people want to know about the british beauty of Jamaican & white heritage.

XXL Presents Who Dat?: Eye Candy Edition With Joe Budden (Video)

One thing about Joe Budden is he’s always been able to pull some dime fine ass women. Who better for XXL magazine to get for their ‘Who Dat?: Eye Candy Edition’. He’s dated every person on this segment except one person at the end.