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Now, Maybe You Can Have A Secret Passage In Your Home (Video)

You know how Wayne Manor has the secret sliding library shelf door to the bat pole that Bruce Wayne slides down to the Bat Cave on? So, it looks like this company, Creative Home Engineering, could do something like that.

From revolving fireplaces to hidden bookshelf doors, this service installs secret passageways in your home.
– Your Future Home

Posted on Creative Home Engineering before. Saw another vid on them recently. Looks like it is more ‘doable’ now. Just saying…


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Ever Dreamed Of Having A Secret Passageway Built Into Your Home? Well, Dream No More! (Video)

Massive cool! Imagine the level of boss assigned to you by visitors to your home when you stand in front of the fine china and tell them, “Let’s go to my new boom-boom room and watch the game,” AND THE DISH CABINET WALL SLIDES OPEN TO REVEAL A SECRET DEN!!! Big screen, dope leather couches, snacks, drank… all set out!

Hey, snap out of it! You don’t have it like that… yet. Who do you think you are Bruce Wayne?? Well, Steve Humble and his company Creative Home Engineering can hook up your home so you could be. Watch and see. Sweet!

(But, if you’re gonna be Bruce Wayne, you really cannot floss having a secret door to your man cave, can you? Ha!)


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