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Stetsasonic At The Jazz Cafe London (2019) [Live Performance] (Video)

Our homie DJ Majestik is the official DJ for Stetsasonic! Check out the most recent show they did in London.

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Stetsasonic’s Daddy-O Says Rakim Lied (Video)

Rakim…Is he the greatest emcee? No.

(Insert that disturbing record scratch sound here.)

Now, I am Stetsa Crew loyal for LIFE! Love Stetsasonic. So, I can admit to being torn about this. But not so much; need to hear who Daddy-O is thinking is #1. Besides, the throne is not truly the throne if it cannot be challenged. Word to Wakanda. The title of ‘greatest’ or ‘best’ or whatever MUST be able to be called into question if we are going to acknowledge or crown any royalty in Hip-Hop.

And that’s not even the controversy here. It’s the allegation that the G.O.D.M.C. lied. Watch and see exactly how Stet frontman Daddy-O says Rakim Allah lied…


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The Legendary ‘Daddy-O’ Shares A Few Memories & Rare Stories About The Notorious Biggie Smalls (Video)

There is a reason I love to hear from the OG’s in the game and this interview with Daddy-O is a prime example of why.  LiveHipHopDaily invited legendary Daddy-O (emcee, producer, Stetsasonic) to the studio and he shares some rarely heard stories about Biggie Smalls.  I can’t remember watching a 3 minute interview packed with this many jewels and gems about the late great Biggie.  First Daddy-O explains how they lived blocks away from each other and how Lance “Un” Rivera (producer) would tell him about Biggie & Jr. Mafia but Daddy-O explains they were just kids in the neighborhood at the time.  He goes into the origin of Jr Mafia and how Big walked into a studio with no pen and paper but crafted timeless rhymes.  He explains Biggie’s thought process when he played his verse for Player’s Anthem & Real Love remix both recorded at Daddy-O studio.  Enjoy this gem of an interview and Pt.2 is after the jump!

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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