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Griselda – “Fire In The Booth” (Freestyle) [Video]

When Conway, Gunn, and The Butcher come through… Is it not ‘Fire In The Booth’ by default? ‘Fire’ like BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM!

Rappers Benny The Butcher and Conway The Machine alongside Westside Gunn make up Griselda from Buffalo, New York and are in the studio for their first Fire In The Booth.

🎤Artist » @Griselda Records
🎼Producer » Beat 1 – @daringer_ + @beatbutcha_soi



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Fabolous – “Fire In The Booth” (Freestyle) [Video]

Charlie, I feel like rapping today…

Fabolous to hopped The Atlantic Pond to it on! And dude was on one. Pain don’t last forever, but Fab’s legacy in Hip-Hop though… that just might #Perfect

Rapper Fabolous from Brooklyn, New York US in the studio for his first Fire In The Booth.


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Unknown P – “Fire In The Booth” (Freestyle) [Video]

Bwaaaahahaaaa! Okay, this is hilarious. But Unknown P got barz and wordplay. Think about a Brit-nifty Lil Dicky while watching this. And Charlie gets into the mode to sell the funny in this clip, too.

Unknown P, the UK’s first ever posh drill rapper, is in the studio for his firth (and only) solo Fire In The Booth.

If you haven’t realised yet, this is Fire In The Booth Comedy episode with presenter/comedian Munya Chawawa.

Fire In The Booth is a Charlie Sloth original freestyle Rap format on Apple Music’s Beats 1 Studio recorded in London, UK.

It really is VERY different now.

Charlie Sloth


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Stefflon Don – “Fire In The Booth” (Freestyle) [Video]

Well, goodness gracious! If it ain’t the buxom brown Brit in The Booth! Let’s see what that DonStefflon Don – do!

Waited three and a half years for this Stefflon Don Freestyle. Finally got her… Stefflon Don, reppin’ Clapton, East London… on the mic for her first Fire In The Booth.
Charlie Sloth


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Stetsasonic At The Jazz Cafe London (2019) [Live Performance] (Video)

Our homie DJ Majestik is the official DJ for Stetsasonic! Check out the most recent show they did in London.

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JAY1 – “Fire In The Booth” (Video)

HARD! There is a bitterness to JAY1’s spitting. It’s cold, but dude is FIRE in that booth. Watch him get grimy for the Great Isle. And for real Hip-Hop!

JAY1, rapper from Enfield now living in Coventry UK, took time out from taking your Mrs for his first Fire In The Booth.
Charlie Sloth


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Ty x Rodney P x Blak Twang aka Kingdem – “Fire In The Booth” (Video)

Respect your OG’s London!

A ‘Fire In The Booth’ special featuring UK rap legends Ty, Rodney P, and Blak Twang aka ‘Kingdem’… Let them gentlemen speak on it. Not scared to get a little controversial in there. Get ’emmmmmm!

The shots in here though! Daaaaayummmm!


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Comedy: “Kevin Hart: Irresponsible” Coming To Netflix This April (Trailer)

Okay. So it looks like Kevin is gonna talk about his marriage scandal… pretty bold. But then again, when he got a grip on things he talked about his first marriage’s end candidly; on and off stage. Being able to speak on what most would think should be ‘too personal’ kinda makes a comedian ‘bulletproof’ right? But I remember his cheating and getting caught on tape was off limits (re: his friend Michael Blackson’s comments on the scandal hitting Kevin too close to home when word first got out).

Back on stage. Back to business. On April 2, Kevin Hart brings his sold-out comedy tour, Irresponsible, to a global audience for his first original Netflix standup special. The one-hour special was filmed in front of a sold-out audience of over 15,000 people at the O2 Arena in London, England. Hart touches upon his friends, family, travel… and a year filled with Irresponsible behavior.
– Netflix

Trailer looks funny. Get that Netflix paper then, Kev!


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Tunde – “Fire In The Booth” (Part 1) [Video]

Okaaaay, respek on the name Tunde. Did he even take a first breath before around the 4-minute mark though? That’s Fire In The Booth (Hadouken! Perfect!)!

Tunde from Manchester with his first Fire In The Booth on The Charlie Sloth Rap Show from Apple Music’s Beats 1 Studio in London.
Charlie Sloth


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Throwback/History: Nikki Giovanni Interviews James Baldwin (November 1971) [Video]

The world does it to you long enough and effectively enough… You begin to do it to yourself. You become a collaborator, an accomplice of your own murderers…

Just reading the title, you must know that the convo here is about to get deep-deep-DEEPER in depth. Even the context of this clip is deep. Nikki Giovanni, at this point in her life, is interviewing an idol of hers (James Baldwin). And before the talk really gets started, her idol declares that he is PROUD of her… that he needs and depends on her.

If only we strived to live to make our forerunners proud; for them to be able to truly pass the baton to us and trust that the race will continue to be well run… WHEW!! #Chills #NoChill #BlackHistoryMonth

Original video from SOUL! and then shoutfactorytv. All rights and love to Soul! and shoutfactorytv for broadcasting this. Taped in London, November 1971.

Yolande Cornelia “Nikki” Giovanni, Jr. (born June 7, 1943) is an American poet, writer, commentator, activist, and educator. Giovanni gained initial fame in the late 1960s as one of the foremost authors of the Black Arts Movement. Influenced by the Civil Rights Movement and Black Power Movement of the period, her early work provides a strong, militant African-American perspective, leading one writer to dub her the “Poet of the Black Revolution.”

James Arthur Baldwin (August 2, 1924 – December 1, 1987) was an American novelist and social critic. His essays, as collected in Notes of a Native Son (1955), explore intricacies of racial, sexual, and class distinctions in Western societies, most notably in mid-20th-century America. Some of Baldwin’s essays are book-length, including The Fire Next Time (1963), No Name in the Street (1972), and The Devil Finds Work (1976). An unfinished manuscript, Remember This House, was expanded and adapted for cinema as the Academy Award-nominated documentary film I Am Not Your Negro.

Baldwin’s novels and plays fictionalize fundamental personal questions and dilemmas amid complex social and psychological pressures thwarting the equitable integration of not only African Americans, but also gay and bisexual men, while depicting some internalized obstacles to such individuals’ quests for acceptance. Such dynamics are prominent in Baldwin’s second novel, Giovanni’s Room, written in 1956, well before the gay liberation movement.

Soul! or SOUL! (1967–1971 or 1967–1973) was a pioneering performance/variety television program in the late 1960s and early 1970s produced by New York City PBS affiliate, WNET. It showcased African American music, dance, and literature.

Ellis Haizlip was born on September 17, 1929 (to January 25, 1991). He was a pioneering broadcaster, television host, theater and television producer, and cultural activist. Often host of Soul!

– thepostarchive


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Food: Get Ready To Experience Mac ‘n’ Cheese Mania! (Video)

Ooey gooey good! Oh… oh this is so wrong… but oh so RIGHT!! Why hasn’t someone thought of starting an ice cream parlor-type business for macaroni & cheese like this before? Dunno, but I gotta get out there to try this now! You know, for research.

This London restaurant sells six different variations of mac ‘n’ cheese.
– Cheese Insider


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London Based Fitness Expert “Kemo Marriott” Speaks on “Living Life in Motion” by Odell Simmons

Each year millions of people say they are going to get fit, eat better, and a host of other things.  To make matters more complicated every year new fads and diets hit the market claiming to make miracles happen. I wanted to help cut through the nonsense and speak with someone who could give sound advice.  This brings me to Kemo Marriott a fitness expert, trainer, and music lover who travels the world sharing his knowledge.  Based in London, England yet Kemo can be found across Europe and when we spoke he was residing in Bangkok, Thailand.  So check out interview below where Kemo gives some tips on nutrition, fitness, and his nomadic lifestyle.

Odell: I came across your profile while reading a UK version of Men’s health magazine then started following you on Instagram. Your page is one of the highlights of my day. Full of fun videos of you working out shopping at the market or just doing a dance while enjoying music. What’s your main goals on how you use social media?

Kemo: Haha thanks so much for the kind words!  For now, Social Media- Instagram in particular is an outlet of creativity.  It’s a no holds barred insight into my life.  I know that for the most part, I’m portraying an active, healthy lifestyle but want to do so in a loosely entertaining way. It’s a continually evolving process, but I’m hoping that my following continues to grow so that I can work with interesting brands, whilst continuing to travel the world.

ArtbyOdell Twitter/Instagram

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Nigerian Tribal King Takes Shell Oil To Court (Video)

Lawsuit for millions and millions of dollars. Think that even makes an oil conglomerate blink? Hardly! Real question is… Where is the humanity?! If you got it for the clean-up, when the courts force you, why not spend the money PROTECTING the people?

(Wait. Don’t answer. I think I already know. Sickening…)

A Nigerian tribal king has taken oil giant Shell to court in London. Here’s why.
– Al Jazeera English

Long Live The Chief! Watch him work. Shame on you Shell! Immeasurable amounts of oil spilled. Land made wasteland. Militarization and the killing of Ken Saro-Wiwa. On you (and the Nigerian government)!


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Sideways Elevators In London (Video)

Thyssenkrupp Elevator CEO Andreas Schierenbeck has declared this concept as one that could “undoubtedly change the face of London’s transport network, and reinforce the UK’s position at the head of global innovations.” No cables; magnetically driven; able to move up, down and sideways… to eliminate street glut by streamlining the ‘mid-commute’ (travelers exiting subway cars, walking out of stations via mazes of underground to top-bound pathways, onto the street, into tall buildings and packed elevators to get to their destinations…only to reverse that madness to get home). Here’s the idea.

Thyssenkrupp MULTI elevator technology, rope-less and moving sideways, increases passenger shaft capacity by 50%. Originally designed for tall buildings MULTI can also open up new possibilities for underground metro stations, set to make metro hubs true centers of human interaction.

Imagine a futuristic George Jetson meets Star Trek car-and-lift system that takes throngs of passengers from subway car to in-building destination; eliminating ‘people traffic’ in much the same way that an underground rail system reduces the amount of traffic on surface roadways. Dope! And they are testing in the UK in 2017.

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UK Artist Little Simz – “Atlanta Show Debut” (Concert Review)

Photo By

A Curious Tale of Trials & Persons tour made it’s stop in Atlanta, GA March 21st at Vinyl (Center Stage).  A curious tale is the debut album from rapper Little Simz who hails from London, England making her Atlanta debut.  I have been a fan of her music ever since I heard the track “Mandarin Oranges” which features Grand Rapids emcee Waldo.  Mandarin Oranges immediately pulled me into her music and had me seeking to find out more about her.  I have had the pleasure of interviewing Waldo and he expressed how talented Simz is and happy to see her gaining much success. So I was very excited to see that she would be making a stop in ATL to perform live!

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Run The Jewels In Concert At Boiler Room London (Video)

Confession and evidence of Hip-Hop arson captured right here in 360° video. Killer Mike told the crowd that he and his partner El-P came to burn the UK Boiler Room set to the muthaph#kin’ ground! An hour strong of Run The Jewels on stage getting it in. You know, we’ve seen so much of Mike giving political commentary and stumping for Bernie Sanders for U.S. President, we might have forgotten about his emceeing…

Nah, that wasn’t ever gonna happen. Ha!

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eSports Is Real, Really Big, And Serious Business Worldwide (Video)

Okay, so we thought we were talking big sporting with the earlier post on ‘Fantasy Football’ but DAMN…

Today, there are more people in the world who play the online multiplayer battle game League of Legends than there are people who live in France.

Wowwww. More folks playing one game than the number of folks that live in a country! We have slept; but VICE is going to wake us up and hip us to the world of competitive gaming — also known as eSports. So real, and really exciting. Really lucrative, too… but really brutal at times.

Start with Part 1 above. Continue after the jump. A deep, multi-part story from VICE.

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R&B/Soul: DanI – “New Day” feat. 7even Rich (Video)

Alabama, as the home state, stays on my radar. New music from Birmingham. Yeah B’ham, Alabama, not England…although DanI (aka DanI Musiq) has made a second home in the UK. Boom! She’s got 7even Rich featuring on this “New Day” jawn, a bonafide weekend cookout chill jam. Good background for whatever your summer celebration. Linked the song below. Check after the jump for info on the dynamic DanI.



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World Soccer Pioneer ‘Paul Canoville’ Speaks On Being 1st Black Player Signed to ‘Chelsea FC’ (Video)

When it comes to Sports being the first or a trailblazer can be good and bad at times.  It’s great if you are the first to set a world record or obtain hall of fame for having the most championship rings.  Well when you are the first to break the color line it can be a difficult process and Paul Canoville knows exactly how that feels.  The first black player ever signed to Chelsea FC (Soccer Team based in London, England) Paul experienced harsh treatment from his own fans and people associated with the team.  His love of the sport helped him push through and he helped the team secure championship silverware and now he is an advocate for the club speaking to kids  about pursuing their dreams and dealing with racism.  On his first trip to Atlanta I got a chance to speak with him for a few minutes about his experience at Chelsea and his foundation.  With Atlanta getting a MLS Soccer team in 2017,  we can expect more visits from Soccer legends across the pond!

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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VICE: Fresh Off The Boat With Eddie Huang In London (Video)

Ah, Great Britain. Ye old country. So much to do there, and Eddie is ‘Straight Off The Boat’ trying to do it. Another 3-part video episode. Above (part 1), we start in Brick Lane – where the Middle East meets the West. This East London community is now home to Turks, Jews, Bengalis and the food they eat… Cricket anyone (to play, not to eat… blechk)? Then there’s breakfast you can’t refuse and some sexy photography (in part two); and to wrap, some community involvement and more food (in part three).

That’s the short version. Check after the jump for parts two and three to view the rest of the story(ies). Eddie Huang does it again!

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