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Comedy/Performance: Joe DeRosa Speaks On Everything He Hates About Being In A Hospital (Video)

Comedian Joe DeRosa asks: “Where did the concept of hot nurses come from?” Maaaan, I don’t know how sheltered an existence he has had to this point but me-myself-I-personally have had some SEXY nurses at my bedside and at my side in be… (oops, haha)!

But for reals, all RESPECT to all hardworking nurses and nurse techs out there, no cap. They are the ones I get real info from when I have been a patient as well as a visitor or concerned loved one.

But Joe is hilarious in this bit; plus he is spot on about the hospital docs, too. I think I get five minutes max with them a day, and I often still have had to loop back and talk to a nurse to make sense of what was said.

(Okay, so there was this one perfectly THICK-A-LICIOUS night duty nurse I had back in ’06. She was the only one who wore a HOT pink uniform. She was in charge on her shift, so that made her the Head Nurse, right? Anyway… I… Nah, I can’t even finish the story out of respect. Nothing happened that time. I was hella sick with tubes all over me everywhere. Night and day, the nurses and techs (okay and doctors) all got me back on my feet. RESPECT due. RESPECT paid. In full!)


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