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Comedy: Rob Haze Says Don’t Blame Millennials For ‘Being Millennials’ (Video)

We have so many words we watch spelling bees.

Rob Haze gets all his news from Cardi B, like a real millennial. So deal with it!

Rob Haze appreciates Cardi B’s political rants and wonders why new words are still being added to the dictionary.
– Comedy Central Stand-Up


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Open Mike Eagle x Percy Miracles – “Heaven Application” (Video)

If you haven’t gotten around to catching The New Negroes on Comedy Central, put that on your to-do’s soon. Baron Vaughn, Open Mike Eagle & Phonte (aka Percy Miracles) are doing some good (and funny) work over there.

Even if you’ve been a great person your whole life, Mike and Percy Miracles are here to tell you why that’s not enough to get you into Heaven.
– Comedy Central Stand-Up

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Comedy: George Wallace Doesn’t Like Morgan Freeman Because He ‘Stole’ All His Movie Roles (Video)

Don’t be laughing… This sh!t is true I’m making up!

This performance clip by the oldest of the New Negroes, George Wallace, is HILARIOUS!

George Wallace admits to being jealous of Morgan Freeman, admonishes the people of Los Angeles and talks about bumping into Fetty Wap and Waka Flocka Flame.
– Comedy Central Stand-Up

Cinnamon and brown sugar on it… on ANYTHING… and you gone eat it! Amen, Brother George. Women, y’all better add cinnamon and brown sugar to that grocery list ASAP.


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Open Mike Eagle x Phonte – “Woke As Me” (Prod. By Bionik) [Video]

Proper combo of silliness and superb lyricism. The wordsmithing and witticism from Phonte and Open Mike Eagle come through on this. Good look for Comedy Central and for Hip-Hop!

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Anderson .Paak – “Anywhere” (Live Performance) [Video]

If you saw ‘The Daily Show’ with .Paak on it you will get why Trevor Noah was speechless. Ha! But this performance was dope on that level regardless.

(The crowd certainly was not ‘speechless.’)

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Comedy: Deon Cole Admits To Having To ‘Manage His Blackness’ In Public (Video)

Shhhhh… Deon Cole. C’mon son! You telling ’em all the keys to the Culture. Facts though, especially in DC, where even though there are lots of Black folk we cannot always be ‘Black folk’ (yanadameen?). And Deon pointing out that thickness ’round town and in the crowd is 100% factual, too. Bet both pockets that memes like ‘Thicker Than Cold Peanut Butter’ are out there now if not soon, too (haha)!


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The Black Character Dies First In Every Horror Movie. But When All The Characters Are Black… (Video)

Ha! Yeah, they play with all kinds of mostly-true trends in horror movie-making… not just “the Black guy gets off’d immediately”… but the “White woman always stumbles when chased by the killer” gag.

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Trevor Noah Tells ‘The Daily Show’ Audience How Pusha T & Drake Are Beefing On A New Level (Video)

Trevor said Robert Mueller needs Pusha T’s investigators on his team for the White House probe, the way Push got after Drake in that last diss track. Daaaayum! Bwaaahaaa!


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Hasan Minhaj (Of The Daily Show) Gives An Roast Epic Speech At The White House Correspondents’ Dinner (Video)

Ohhhhhh shhhheeeeeeeiiiit! I wanted to categorize this as comedy, but this is more. This is even more biting than mere satire; plenty of BITE. Don Rickles (RIP) level roasting of an entire room AND of The President… you know, at the WHITE HOUSE Correspondents’ event that they have EVERY year.

Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj took full advantage of Donald Trump’s absence by taking aim at The President and his administration during his monologue at the White House Correspondents’ dinner.
Global News

I’m sure it was on his calendar. But hell, I cannot blame him. Some of this sh!t BURNED, but it seems like everyone took it in stride. And I do mean everyone, because ‘The Daily Show’ Correspondent Hasan Minhaj gave a taste to EVERYONE: Not just the POTUS, but key officials in his Administration, with shots for Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, even C-SPAN (who broadcasts the event annually)!

You HAVE to watch, but strap up and sack up. Hasan is hella funny, but his speech hits hella HARD! Whew.


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Larry Wilmore Talks With Ice Cube And Common About Their New Movie, Racism And More

A little barber shop talk about the new ‘Barber Shop’ movie, racism and so-called Black-on-Black crime, and more with Comedy Central’s Larry Wilmore for The Nightly Show.


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‘Key & Peele’ Present Their Own Bowl Line-Up (Video)

OMG get ready to LOL your A-S-S off! Caught this Super Bowl weekend replay on Comedy Central yesterday. Key & Peele are fools for those football names… but’cept some of those names in there are REAL! Hahaaaa! Shout out to Ha Ha Clinton-Dix from The University of Alabama. Champs again, Alumni! #RollTide #EastWestBowl


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‘The Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah Makes Fun Of His Very Serious Emergency Room Experience (Video)

So, the host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, had to have an emergency appendectomy just days ago. See his comical recount of what was a f#cked up emergency room experience. Besides the ‘waiting room’ shot, this was my fav quip from the above clip: Asked for more info to fill out endless forms while in excruciating (near blackout) pain, Trevor responds,

“What more information do you need, other than the fact that I’m dying?”

Ever a political hot topic in the U.S., many always bring up the fact the MANY nations abroad provide free/better healthcare than America’s. But you may have wondered if folks from other countries say U.S. healthcare is better somehow. Well, let’s hear from someone who has now experienced both.

Play the clip. Laugh through the pain. Welcome back, Noah. Get better soon.


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Mac Miller Talks About ‘Battling’ Donald Trump And More On ‘The Nightly Show’ With Larry Wilmore (Video)

Mac Miller has his new album “GO:OD AM” out now (linked here). So, it makes since for him to go on some talk shows and talk it up. But for his The Nightly Show appearance, I think only host Larry Willmore mentioned it. That’s alright though, as anyone seeing him on this episode will likely be checking for his “Donald Trump” song and anything of Miller’s they can get their hands on. Twitter beef with The Donald after calling him a d!ckhead – hilarious! Actually, the whole panel discussion above is next level funny. And Mike Yard is a fool!! Must watch now.

(Mac said Trump is like a struggle rapper… bwaaahahaaaa!)


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Comedy: Watch As Key And Peele Take Us To ‘Negrotown’ (Video)

“Negrotown? Like Atlanta??”

Another gut-busting [musical] comedy sketch – ‘Negrotown’ – by Key and Peele. Sure there is a message in this; but don’t let that keep you from enjoying the bold comedy! To be tongue-in-cheek in story-telling; silly with sense. That’s the essence of hilarious satire. Enjoy your guilty pleasure.

You’re welcome.

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Common ‘Keeps It 100’ on Black Women & Fatherhood on ‘The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore’ (Video)

Common recently appeared on the panel revolving around Black Fatherhood on ‘The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore’ that airs on Comedy Central. New York Times columnist Charles Blow, founder of the Center for URban Families Joe Jones and comedian Mike Yard also take part in this discussion that began with the simple statement that ’72 percent of black children are born to unwed mothers.’

Although they tackle serious issues in this discussion, things get hilariously uncomfortable fast as Larry poses questions about whether they’d play in the Super Bowl instead of witnessing the birth of their first child & their opinions on whether or not black women are too domineering in relationships.  Check out more video from the discussion below……

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Comedy: Key & Peele – Obama Meet & Greet (Video)

Comedy Central hit comedic gold with the Key & Peele series; especially evident when the show’s duo does its President Obama spoofs. In this one, hey, you just don’t know…is the President gonna give you a handshake or is he gonna tuck it?

(Well… you kinda know… but that ish is still hella hilarious! Watch.)

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Dave Chappelle Speaks On Turning Down $50 Million, Bouncing Back From Extreme Adversity & More On ‘Late Night With David Letterman’ (Video)

Great clip! Great insights (and laughs). Give it the full 15 minutes of your attention. As David Letterman interviews comedian/actor Dave Chappelle, the two discuss his sudden, astounding, and costly ($50 million he walked away from…50…MILLION) resignation from his Comedy Central show years ago, his memory of a horrible standup experience at Radio City Music Hall (opening for Aretha Franklin) at 19, family life and more.

“Of course I would like to have that money. When you quit, my friends’ll try and make me feel better but no one’s been through that so they’ll say stupid stuff – not stupid stuff, it’s nice – ‘Well, you know what Dave, at the end of the day, you still have your integrity.’ Yeah, that’s great. I’ll go home and make the kids some integrity sandwiches.”

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The Word: ‘Color-Bind’ on The Colbert Report (Video)

President Obama takes the first step in racial dialogue by discussing how it feels to be in a room full of White people who are scared of him.’

– The Colbert Report

Oh, Fox News! Only you would take serious commentary on being Black in America and dismiss the conversation as frivolous. Guess good ole boys will be good ole boys. Right, Bill O’Reilly? Bernard Goldberg? Actually reporting that questions on race are moot because [odds are] Black people are the ones committing violent crimes. Wowwww.

Don’t get mad though folks. Stephen Colbert hits ’em in the head with the brilliant/hilarious skit (above) about black men and racism. Have a chuckle at the Fox chuckle-heads’ expense.

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Jon Cryer, Buckshot, & Pharoahe Monch Perform ‘Jon Cryer Will F*ck You Up’ On The First Annual Comedy Awards (Video)

Comedy Central’s First Annual Comedy Awards aired last night & one of the highlights was seeing Pharoahe Monch & Buckshot help out Jon Cryer with his new rap single since his show ‘2 & A Half Men’ has been on indefinite hiatus with whole ‘Charlie Sheen Gone Wild’ events in the past few months. The title of this skit ‘Jon Cryer Will F*ck You Up’ seems to be a not-so subtle jab at Charlie Sheen too! Hahaa! Check out more video from the First Annual Comedy Awards under the hood…..

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