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Young Justice, Season 3 Tease: Batman, Black Lightning, And Green Arrow Quit The Justice League (Video)

United Nations Secretary-General Lex Luthor???? Duuuuude!!!

And… and that was Black Lightning in there?? And did you SEE Green Arrow right there shoulder-to-shoulder with Batman in the clip (on even keel, finally acknowledging what the Arrowverse on The CW has done to SAVE the DC franchise at least in some way)?? Okay, DC Universe, NOW you are on the right track!

I have got some cartoon watching and RE-watching to do!

Whew! That’s a LOT of resignations. Gonna leave a mark, or hole, in the League. Who’s going to shoulder the load going forward? Who’s gonna take the weight? #YoungJustice #Outsiders


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DC’s “Young Justice” Series Continues With Season 3… Finally (Trailer)

Don’t know how deep y’all go into the whole DC cartoon thing, but Cartoon Network had a good thing going with “Young Justice” (then dropped it). The series focused on the young’ns in the Justice League. You’d get dashes of Batman, Green Lantern corpsmen (plural, because Hal Jordan and John Stewart were on there) and others… but most of the time was spent on the likes of Nightwing, Aqualad, Artemis, and Connor Kent.

Sidebar: We REALLY don’t get enough Connor Kent in the DCU storylines. Hopefully, the coming “Titans” and “Young Justice” eps handle that problem.

Anyway, here’s a trailer for the long-awaited return of “Young Justice”. Out now on DC’s streaming service.


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