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BLITZ – 4/13/12: Friday The 13th …I’mma Play Jason

Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – “Nowhere To Run”


Atlanta Falcon’s Roddy White Catching Heat Behind Anti-Gay Tweet

Newark, NJ Mayor Cory Booker Rescues Neighbor From Their Burning Home

Beyonce Writes Open Letter To Michelle Obama For Publicity

Only 35% Of White People Think Trayvon Martin Was Unjustly Killed

G-Dep Confesses To His Involvement In A 1993 Murder

Facebook Will Give Complete Detailed Printout Of Your Activity To Police

Honduras Arresting Women For Using Birth Control

Cable Station Accidentally Broadcasts Porn Instead Of Good Morning America

How Colleges Really Make Admissions Decisions

Mars, Inc Ends Support Of ALEC

High Oil Prices Are Killing Gas Stations

North Korea Rocket Launch Fails Just Moments After It’s Launch

Senior Citizens Get Pornographic For Safe Sex PSA

Meet The Playboy Sports Star That Might Be Pakistan’s New Prime Minister

Judge Blocks Execution Of Cat Ordered By Deceased Owner’s Will

When Hazing Goes Wrong

Man Fired For “Liking” A Page On Facebook Promoting Gay Rights

The Man The State Department Wants Silenced

Foreclosures Reach Their Lowest Levels Since 2007

Watch An iPad Being Assembled At The Controversial Foxconn Factory

Female Workers In The White House Make Less Than Their Male Counterparts

In Japan, You Will Soon Be Able To Access ATM’s With Your Palm and PIN

Lil Wayne Writes All Love Songs For His New Album “DEVOL”

13 Awkward Engagement Photos

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