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Activism: Sad Truth…The Homeless Are Invisible, To All Of Us. This Proves It! (Video)

In America, the homeless are invisible to us. That’s a problem; because we cannot (or will not) address a problem we do not acknowledge. Like most problems, we (Americans) believe that homeless will have to hit closer to home before we find the will to truly do something about it. Well, New York City Rescue Mission has conducted a social experiment that showed me… that will show YOU… that even if the problem hit home we would would walk right by it.

In this social experiment, unsuspecting people walked by relatives pretending to be homeless. Would they notice their family members? Or have the homeless become invisible?

Wow. Just wow. You SAY you wouldn’t leave fam on the streets… but you (and I) probably wouldn’t even know them if we encountered them in that situation. POWERFUL commentary. I was convicted by this video. I will admit it. I also admit that change will be hard, but necessary. First step: Stop laying all the blame on the 1% (e.g. the uber-wealthy in the U.S.) and check myself… (at least) looking people in their eyes when I walk by. And before I move on, like it’s someone else’s problem, know that that person could very well be one of MY loved ones out here!

Compelling mini-documentary. A must watch! And to find out more about the New York City Rescue Mission visit



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