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Cavalier – “Watch And Learn” (Video)

I’m just trying to live. Y’all just die trying…

Did you like that jawn Cavalier had with Raekwon off the “Chief” LP (we posted here)? Sure, you see the smoke in this “Watch And Learn” video (produced by KFB Productions), but play it again for the feel. The kid’s there, lounging with the grown folks fixing the greens, in the midst of the smoke; probably more nothing-wrong-with-the-herb commentary than shock attempt. No smoke ‘n mirrors either way; in your face. Credit director Ruby Flores for that mode of visual delivery.

Hit the jump for some insights on the new-to-our-radar Cavalier. You can follow the following link to get that “Chief” album, too.



Watch the vid above featuring BGG members, Suahd ‘Good Guy’ Morris, Fresh Daily, and Suede Jury as they share some insights on the project and the artist behind it, Cavalier.

You become known for who you roll with. On the “Chief” album, Cavalier aka The Chief is rolling with the likes of Raekwon and Quelle Chris on the features…impressive lyrical company. And the commentary from his cohorts, Brooklyn Good Guys (BGG) above, speaks to the the culture and character of the man. BGG has nothing but good to say… and before you ask, “Who is BGG?”

We are a cultural collective of artists, musicians and educators, who seek to provide social, musical, and artistic events for the purposes of spreading love and cultural enrichment. We believe that no one’s existence is insular or meaningless; we are all connected, integral, and beautifully unique threads in the tapestry of humanity. We each have the power and potential to build for others or destroy for self. The Good Guys choose to build: will you build with us?

So, if you want to build with The Chief (@CavWins) and BGG, keep an eye and ear to the Interwebs… their web site and Facebook page and cool places like the one you’re at now (!

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