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Quelle Chris – “Straight Shot” feat. Cav x Bilal Salaam x Eldar Djangirov x James Acaster

Before you say, ‘Okay Quelle Chris got impatient and just loaded the box so he could get the sack (read: bag) with this “Straight Shot” Hail Mary play’… Read how it all came together in his mind… and how he then set out to make it a reality. Then listen to the stream. Artistry!

“Straight Shot” is one of those ideas that reached out to me, we got along and I simply showed it around town. The chorus, poem at the end and basic piano progression literally came to me in two separate dreams. My first thoughts were “I gotta introduce you to Bilal Salaam and James Acaster. Though I’m not sure just how to yet.” Then as we hung out I knew I needed to first introduce the idea to Chris Keys. Now initially I thought it was an interlude but quickly realized while hanging with Chris it was a song. After writing the first verse I knew I needed to invite Cavalier over to meet our new friend and felt it was time to also introduce it to Bilaal and James. And, just as I’d imagined, everyone got along with the song swimmingly. Finally, Chris called on his friend, Eldar Djangirov, who tied everything together with a piano solo that seemed to effortlessly say as much as, if not more, than I can put into words about the entire song and our time together. The rest, as they say, is today.
Quelle Chris



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Guinness World Record Holder Twista Stills Spits Fast As Sh!t (Video)

I remember when Twista was going for the rap speed record… and being astonished that there was even such a Guinness World Record for that. No need to try to guess my age, but I was watching the ep. of him on Yo! MTV Raps when he spoke on it. Long time ago. Think dude’s still got the sniping skills?


Twista opened up to VladTV about being considered one of the first rappers to come out of Chicago, as he explains that he and Common released their albums the same year. Moving along, Twista detailed setting himself apart from other rappers with his fast rhyming skills, which got him into the Guinness Book of World Records. During the sit-down Twista spit a line from the record-winning rap that got him the high distinction of fastest rapper, which you can hear more about above.
– Vlad TV

Great clip! Twista is speaking on a lot of rap history of his time coming up, too. Not just about him, but of the Era. Respect!

(Haha! Twista shouted out the ‘Microsoft commercial guy’… he meant ‘Micromachines’… I remember that dude. Hit the jump to see him and some throwback Twista footage, too.)


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Cavalier – “Bywater Blue” (Produced By Iman Omari) [Video]

So often we want to capture the moment in life.  We can use a camera, a microphone, or a musical instrument to help detail moments and bring them to life.  Cavalier captures beautiful moments in his latest visual for “Bywater Blue”.  Over the Iman Omari produced track he delivers his rhymes that blend well with the choppy style of the beat.  This video is shot in New Orleans and they actually have footage from a New Orleans style funeral.  Credit to the family for giving permission to shoot and hats off to Cavalier Iman Omari & director Vashni Korin for doing the ceremony justice.

CLICK HERE FOR PREVIOUS POST: CAVALIER “Heavy Crown” Prod By Iman Omari (Video)

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Cavalier – “Heavy Crown” Prod. By Iman Omari (Video)

After watching Cavalier’s new video for “Heavy Crown” I want to travel to somewhere tropical yet still a little gritty.  The visuals directed by Vashni Korin match the track which is produced by Iman Omari for the collaborative Lemonade EP.  My only complaint with the song or EP is I wish it was longer so that’s not a bad problem to have. So check out the new video and remember Heavy is the Crown.

Im trying to make it all across the board, King me!

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Cavalier – “Watch And Learn” (Video)

I’m just trying to live. Y’all just die trying…

Did you like that jawn Cavalier had with Raekwon off the “Chief” LP (we posted here)? Sure, you see the smoke in this “Watch And Learn” video (produced by KFB Productions), but play it again for the feel. The kid’s there, lounging with the grown folks fixing the greens, in the midst of the smoke; probably more nothing-wrong-with-the-herb commentary than shock attempt. No smoke ‘n mirrors either way; in your face. Credit director Ruby Flores for that mode of visual delivery.

Hit the jump for some insights on the new-to-our-radar Cavalier. You can follow the following link to get that “Chief” album, too.



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Cavalier – “Bitter Truth” feat. Raekwon

I’m high. I ain’t never coming down!

The single’s lyrics and lyricists (Cavalier welcomes Raekwon to this cipher) rolled tight on this track. Rolled tight like that good piff to puff. Check out this piff entitled “Bitter Truth” off Cavalier’s “Chief” (out now on iTunes).


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