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Rhythm Roulette With Jake One (Video)

Jakey Uno with the homemade blind-picked beat batch of the day we have come to know and love as Rhythm Roulette. Going in with some Gospel this go-round, too. Alright now. Prepare for this praiseworthy episode.

Very few artists can traverse the constantly shifting borders between the underground and the mainstream like Jake One. The Seattle producer is respected, and rightfully so, in both worlds for his work with 50 Cent and G-Unit, De La Soul, E-40, DOOM, and more. He’s also worked on complete projects with Freeway and Brother Ali. Then with Mayer Hawthorne, he put out a feel-good album under the Tuxedo moniker. Basically, his production credits weigh a ton.

From Spin Cycle to his studio in Washington, Jake lucks out with The Best of Herbie Hancock, The Manhattans’ Forever By Your Side, and a Reverend E. Stanley Branch record. Jake One’s sampling methods kick in immediately as he skips around the records, finding a “Yeah!” from Rev. Branch and some drums from The Manhattans. He hears something worth taking from the choir on Rev. Branch’s record then drums from Herbie. The Manhattans also helped provide a snare. As the beat comes together all on his keyboard, he goes back to the choir to find some shouting to fill out the beat. Jake tinkers around with a bass line and before you know it, he’s sequenced a beat fit for the church and the club.

Another dope session. Amen!


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