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Apollo Brown – “Grandeur” (Album Stream)


The Motown music-maker Apollo Brown has dropped it – his 19-track album, “Grandeur.” Featuring the likes of Freddie Gibbs, Sean Price, Evidence, Oddisee, M.O.P., Rapper Big Pooh, Ras Kass, Your Old Droog, you can stream for FREE and cop via the link below.


Rapsody Drops “Lost Ones” Freestyle On Dr. Dre’s Beats 1 Radio Show (Video)

So official! You see and hear it above. Rapsody in the studio with Dr. Dre, who declares her his “new favorite female MC. Check for her!” Maaaan, if 9th Wonder (with Jamla) has your back AND Dr. Dre is giving you massive respect (no fronting)… you got both coasts locked down! You have the game on SMASH harder than The Hulk. So shiiid, there is nothing left but to listen to Rapsody turn green (literarily) and go BEAST MODE; emceeing over one of the BEAST MODE tracks (Lauryn Hill’s “Lost Ones”) ever!! Listen.



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Rhythm Roulette: New Beat From Old Vinyl? Marco Polo Can Do That Blindfolded (Video)

One day I will spruce this b!tch up and a song will be born from it but for now enjoy the raw version I made that day.
Marco Polo

Watch him make the “Music VS Gunz” beat from blindly selected records below in the Rhythm Roulette episode above.


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Georgia Anne Muldrow Picking And Flipping Vinyl On ‘Rhythm Roulette’ (Video)

Man, not even sure if we need to hear the finished product, the way Georgia Anne Muldrow (and the audience behind her) was nodding and bopping to the beat she was banging out from those blindly chosen records. Check out the magical music making above.

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Just Blaze Chopping Up Beats In His Head And Playing Them In ‘Rhythm Roulette’ Live (Video)

That’s pretty much it… I can make another one…
Just Blaze

Creating album-worthy joints on the fly; it’s what Just Blaze does. Easy work!

After listening through three randomly selected records and deciding only one of them was good enough to use, Just began to create a soulful and hard-hitting beat with sped-up choir vocals weaving in and out of the track. In the end, he thought the beat sounded so good he wanted to dip from The Sprite Corner to finish it up at his studio.

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Mannie Fresh Digs Deep on “Rhythm Roulette” Creating Beats For A Live Audience (Video)

Ha! Is Mannie Fresh showing off? Smooth picking his three records blindfolded (like everyone else). Then he builds a beat to rep the NOLA like no one else can… at the record shop… with an audience!

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Freddie Joachim x Gyrefunk – “Ex’pressed” (Video)

Excellent find by the folks at OKP! This jazzy “Ex’pressed” instrumental is just… wow! The audio stream is embedded and linked below. Watch the visual above for behind-the-scenes insights offered by Freddie Joachim.

San Diego based DJ/Producer Extraordinaire Freddie Joachim came by Ex’pression College Emeryville while in town for a show. Freddie was able to work with local musician/producer Gyrefunk and add some acoustic touches to some of his production. Check out the track and the Artist in Residence video on our youtube channel to see inside the session!
– Ex’pression College


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Sean Price Music Video Tribute Mix (Video)

This is so dope! Respect to Deejay Irie for doing justice to the Hip-Hop giant Sean Price. Rest in Peace shout to P!

8-8-2015 the Hip hop community lost Sean Price a.k.a. the brokest rapper you know. Like many I’m shocked to hear this. Sean P is one of my top 5 all time favorite rappers. For this reason I decided to pay homage to him by creating a video mix with only Sean P spitting those crazy, funny, clever and real rhymes that we all love.
Deejay Irie

FREE download of the audio linked below.


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Jahlil Beats – “The Blessing” (EP)


Crunk devastator beat creator Jahlil Beats is hitting us off with “The Blessing” (EP). FREE download!


Cover Story: Canadian Producer “Elaquent” Speaks On His New Album “Good Karma”

Plenty of good music is coming out of Canada right now.  When you talk Hip Hop of course Drake is an obvious choice but also artists like Rich Kidd, Tona, making quality music. The producers are also making noise like Kaytranada, and today we speak with his HW&W label mate Elaquent who just released a new album titled “Good Karma”.  It’s eleven original beat tracks that you can groove to.  He exclusively spoke with about his new project.  Enjoy the track Far Away posted and click after the jump to read full interview.

  • ArtByOdellCongratulations on your new project Good Karma, how long were you working on the album?
  • ElaquentMuch appreciated my man! Glad it’s out now. The bulk of the record I did in a 2 week, insomnia-filled period a few months back.


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Large Professor Names His Top 5 Producers Of All-Time (Video)

If anyone can speak to a top 5 all-time list for Hip-Hop producers, it’d have to be a stalwart like Large Professor. Google-research it for yourself sometime if you need convincing (you don’t; take our word)… Large Pro is WORTHY! So who makes the cut? DJ Mark The 45 King, Easy Mo Bee, Marley Marl, Rick Rubin, DJ Premier and Pete Rock.

Wait… isn’t that SIX? Haaa! C’mon, give him one. Enjoyable sit-down with Sway In The Morning’ (above) that includes more good Hip-Hop convo (including talk about his “Re:Living” release).


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Producers ‘Christian Rich’ Bring out Vince Staples during their DJ Set @ Mixmag Lab LA (Video)

When it comes to Chicago, Kanye is not the only producer out here making consistent heat.  Taiwo & Kehinde Hassan are Chicago born but of Nigerian descent who are blood brothers who make up the production duo Christian Rich.  If you are not familiar with the name sure you will know the siblings’ resume.  They have hits they created for Drake’s ‘Nothing Was The Same’, J.Coles ‘Born Sinner’, Childish Gambino’s ‘Because The Internet’ and Earl Sweatshirt’s ‘Doris’.  Recently they were invited to play a live set in LA for Mixmag Lab that consisted of Hip Hop, House, Dance and Electronic music during the mix.  During their set they brought out current XXL freshman and West Coast emcee Vince Staples who is making a lot of noise right now.  He performs on a new track that the duo produced with Vince rapping on it.

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Iman Omari Speaks On His Music & His Debut Performance In Atlanta (Video)

Recently Iman Omari was in Atlanta to perform for the first time.  ArtByOdell talked with the talented Singer, Producer, DJ about his music making process and how he feels about music right now.  It’s a great conversation that also reveals the name of Iman’s new album coming out later this year.  Did you know that Iman is from a talented musical family and his father worked with some legendary R&B groups?  Well after watching this interview you will learn a lot about the singer.  SoundCloud link below for extended interview and live audio from his ATL performance.

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Oddisee Talks ‘The Good Fight’, Opportunity To Work with Dr. Dre’s Aftermath & Being True To Himself (Video)

In today’s scope of Hip Hop most artists seek out the limelight and love talking about how well they are doing. The Artist/Producer Oddisee is quite the opposite is he dedicated to his craft and concerned with being the best performer he can be absolutely.  Does he concern himself with the fact he might not get certain props or being tracked down by certain rappers for beats negative.  Oddisee has a new album out “The Good Fight” and it is a self produced album exhibiting some of his best work (my personal opinion).  He recently sat down with Rosenberg at Hot 97 to discuss what he has been up to.

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud


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Legends+Pioneers: Just Blaze And Rick James (Video)

For this episode of Legends+Pioneers with Opiyo Okeyo, we get Just Blaze speaking about the cool funk genius of Rick James. An inspiration to Blaze, the two (Blaze and James) got to hang out a couple of times. Watch Just Blaze reminisce and appreciate the times with late great; and check out the caricatures.

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Black Milk – “I Guess”

Detroit is known for their Soulful Acts who make Soulful music.  This testament is not only for the Motown days you could attribute it to the current acts making Hip Hop from that 313.  Black Milk is a MC/Producer who is keeping up this tradition I guess?  Okay there is no reason to guess that is just the name of this new hot track Black has dropped “I Guess” that exhibits his skills as a dope emcee and producer.  Right now Black Milk is on tour with the live band Nat Turner and he will be in Atlanta March 23rd be sure to check back to the site for some exclusive material & footage!

“No Room for Actors, Coons, or Rap Vultures.  No room to act, I’m giving you back dosage of bedroom walls with rap posters.” – Black Milk


ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Wu-Tang Clan x David Bowie – “C.R.E.A.M. vs. F.A.M.E.” (Produced By Ryan Stinson)

FameCanadian producer Ryan Stinson who is the owner of the independent hip hop label Phonographique out there in the land of the great maple leaf, dropped this very dope mashup/blend featuring Wu-Tang Clan & David Bowie. This ‘C.R.E.A.M. vs. FAME’ joint is pretty ill from the the label owner who also happens to be a part of the production duo ‘The Dirty Sample’, who created the soundscapes to that dope ass Three Sixty Five joint’ for Roc Marciano that we posted weeks ago.  This ‘C.R.E.A.M. vs Fame’ joint is going to get much run from me on the radio show & at any other event I just so happen to be spinning at.

Jaden Smith x TA-KU – “BeastMode”

Jaden Smith continues to impress me with his music. It’s not just the lyrical wordplay & flow that’s impressing me with each single or project he releases, but often times its the type of soundscapes he chooses to use. One very important element to a good emcee is being able to choose the right beats to convey the mood of the song you’re trying to create. It was a pleasant surprise for me to see that the son of Will & Jada collaborated with very dope producer TA-KU who’s music & production I’ve been following for quite some time now. Peep this #BeastMode mix that Jaden & Ta-Ku put together & if you weren’t already impressed, this should definitely do it for you. Artwork via

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Behind-The-Beats with ‘Nottz’ (Video)

Virginia producer Nottz is one of my favorite beatsmith’s crafting quality hip hop music. Whenever I see a song produced by him I usually listen to it right away because I just KNOW it’s going to be some authentic hot ish! His track record dictates that urgency.  Surprisingly most of the general public may not be aware of just how deep his catalog is & I’m sort of surprised more in the media haven’t done more interviews with him in the past. The people over at DrumBroker, Scratch Magazine, & RawKoncept got together for this ‘Behind The Beats’ series with the focus on the grossly underrated music producer. Check it out above….

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Rapper Big Pooh – “Stop” feat. Steve Roxx (Prod. By Apollo Brown)

“North Kakalaka” & the “Motor City” connect as Rapper Big Pooh & Detroit producer Apollo Brown drop this powerful new single, inspired by true events, called “Stop” from their appropriately titled project “Words Paint Pictures” due March 24th.



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