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DJ Scratch Declares Nas’ “Illmatic” The Best Hip-Hop Album Ever (Video)

DJ Scratch says “Illmatic” was the best complete Hip-Hop album ever! It is not a unique stance, but watching the video above will give you the sense that he’d take a strong stance against anyone who’d say otherwise.

#DJScratch selects #Nas’ #Illmatic for his #BestAlbums selection. The #Brooklyn #DJ-#producer explains how Nas’ first album changed rap & why the production from #DJPremier #LargeProfessor #QTip #PeteRock was so groundbreaking. Hit us up in the comments section and let us know what you think.

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Bronzeville: Executive Producers Laurence Fishburne And Larenz Tate Speak On Their Audio Drama (Video)

Okay, stop me if you’ve heard this one: Furious Styles & O-Dog started up this podcast years after… Nope! You could NOT have heard of it. They (Lawrence Fishburne & Larenz Tate) are just really getting started with it.

Bronzeville is a scripted (audio only) drama executive produced by and starring Laurence Fishburne and Larenz Tate, set to premiere on multiple digital audio platforms Tuesday February 7th 2017.
Michael Belcher

The 10-Part weekly audio series about Chicago’s Black Mecca of yesteryear stars Tika Sumpter, Tracee Ellis Ross, Wood Harris, Omari Hardwick, Lance Reddick, Cory Hardict, Lahmard Tate and Brittany Snow.

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DJ Rhettmatic Speaks On His Friendship With J Dilla & Learning When He Got Sick And More (Video)

Cerritos (California, USA) producer DJ Rhettmatic talks about how he linked up with and befriended J Dilla. Caution: You might get a little misty-eyed. Dude was with Dilla on his last tour. Man!

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Mack Wilds & Pete Rock Speak On Artist-Producer Chemistry, Working On The “New York: A Love Story” And More (Video)

A R&B version of “Illmatic” though? That’s how Mack Wilds describes New York: A Love Story …DOPE! Interesting convo above. So interesting, you will ache realizing how fast the time flies while watching.

Sway meets up Mack Wilds (DeeVee) and Pete Rock at Platinum Studios to discuss structuring a song, the experience of recording in a studio, and the importance of chemistry between recording artist and producer.

This is a great look for ‘The Breaks’ series on VH1. RIP to Heavy D and Trouble T-Roy, too. This is Hip-Hop!

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Rhythm Roulette With Thelonious Martin (Video)

Thelonious Martin is nice with the beat work. You’ve likely heard that. But is the Chi-town producer ready for the Rhythm Roulette challenge? Ha! They threw a blindfold on him, had him pick from the stacks at A-1 Record Shop (New York, NY, USA), and let dude work! The Pointer Sisters, Hott City and Maxine Nightingale… Okay, let’s see… and hear what happens!

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Beat Battle: Swizz Beatz Vs. Just Blaze (Video)

Okay, so the objective is to put on a dope show; not so much smash the other guy to bits. Guaranteed you will be no less pleased. Settle in. It’s going down for a while in this clip. And keep your eyes/ears open for some unreleased had-to-be-there ish in this ‘battle’ video. Nice!

Swizz Beatz and Just Blaze hit the studio impromptu late in NYC and go head-to-head in a “Battle Of The Beats” from our live stream. Special guest appearance from Busta Rhymes.

Bussa Buss got them expressions that tell the story. Hahaaa!

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Rhythm Roulette With Gensu Dean (Video)

Gensu Dean been ’bout the beat work. So who wouldn’t want to see him wash the Rhythm Roulette challenge like a champ? Shid, if you don’t you are reading the wrong blog, ’cause it’s…about…to go…down! At D.I.T.C. Studios no less.

Did Dean do a double cook-up for this session? Dope! Get you some of these good veggies (BEATZ)!

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Salaam Remi, Amy Winehouse’s Main Producer, Speaks On Her Artistic Influence, Dying At 27 And More (Video)

Ohhhh! Amy Winehouse’s main producer was Salaam Remi? That’s one of Nas’ go-to producers. Wonder if that is what put them in contact (e.g. both working with and trusting Remi), allowing them to grow their friendship. Or was it that those two were friends… and one introduced the other to Salaam Remi.

Salaam Remi is one of the producers who worked heavily with the late Amy Winehouse. The producer discusses meeting Amy, and how they would come together to produce jazz music. He goes on to speak about her issues with love, her sense of humor and how that affected her music. Despite producing a majority of Amy’s work, Salaam reveals he did not get a Grammy alongside the songstress. Salaam talks, Amy’s legacy after the troubled singer died at just 27 years old.


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Focus… Speaks On Chasing Destiny, Producer Credits & Checks And More (Video)

Shout to the homie Eff Triple Dot! Aftermath Records’ producer Focus… The music making pedigree is there: his pops was the bassist for Chic (they did that song “Good Times” …these are the good gimes …keep it going)! Focus… speaks on his dad’s desire for a strong legacy, his work producing and ‘ghost producing’ and more.


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Rhythm Roulette With Salaam Remi (Video)

Solid bet that this Rhythm Roulette ep is gonna be dope. By now, if you’ve kept up with the series, you know that only the best producers make the cut to get on the show to make bangers from a blind record pull. Salaam Remi is at the tippy top of most ‘best of’ lists.

After hitting up A-1 Records, Salaam ends up with George Faith’s “Soulful,” Danny La Rue in London, and The Who’s “Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy.” Putting his faith in George Faith, he finds the backbone of his beat and then pulls some samples from the others. Joell Ortiz also makes a short cameo to comment on the work-in-progress beat. Watch the full creation process above.

And Joey O in there with the co-sign. Ha!

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Snoop Dogg feat. Shirley Ceasar x Battle Cat – “U Name It” (Video)

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Rhythm Roulette With Jake One (Video)

Jakey Uno with the homemade blind-picked beat batch of the day we have come to know and love as Rhythm Roulette. Going in with some Gospel this go-round, too. Alright now. Prepare for this praiseworthy episode.

Very few artists can traverse the constantly shifting borders between the underground and the mainstream like Jake One. The Seattle producer is respected, and rightfully so, in both worlds for his work with 50 Cent and G-Unit, De La Soul, E-40, DOOM, and more. He’s also worked on complete projects with Freeway and Brother Ali. Then with Mayer Hawthorne, he put out a feel-good album under the Tuxedo moniker. Basically, his production credits weigh a ton.

From Spin Cycle to his studio in Washington, Jake lucks out with The Best of Herbie Hancock, The Manhattans’ Forever By Your Side, and a Reverend E. Stanley Branch record. Jake One’s sampling methods kick in immediately as he skips around the records, finding a “Yeah!” from Rev. Branch and some drums from The Manhattans. He hears something worth taking from the choir on Rev. Branch’s record then drums from Herbie. The Manhattans also helped provide a snare. As the beat comes together all on his keyboard, he goes back to the choir to find some shouting to fill out the beat. Jake tinkers around with a bass line and before you know it, he’s sequenced a beat fit for the church and the club.

Another dope session. Amen!

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Rockwilder Shares Beats And Wisdom That Will Make Your Head Nod In Agreement (Video)

“If the song don’t got a groove, you don’t got a song.”

Wow. Rockwilder speaking on wisdom from Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis back when he was there when they were making the world fall in love with Janet Jackson. Beatminerz, Pete Rock, and several other big-name mentors’ names and lessons getting dropped off in this clip. Great episode!

In association with DITV, DITC Studios presents ‘Beats Per Minute’ featuring Rockwilder.

Protect your neck though, as there will be lots of head nodding to banging beat flips in the beginning!

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What You Really Need To Know About Producer “Focus…” (Video)

Point blank: You really need to know that the dude Focus… is the truth on beats! Aftermath-stamped producer official, with work put in on the Hip-Hop unicorn project (Dr. Dre’s “Detox”) and “Compton”; yeah, he has the pedigree. Learn about his career background, musical instrument acumen, when he started making big money and more. We KNOW him. You will get to know him with a quick clip play above.


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Making Beats With Hezekiah (Video)

Producer/singer/songwriter Hezekiah discusses his creative process above. Watch, and look at an example of him making some beat heat from scratch.

Sample chopping + Live instrumentation = Magic. Welcome to Little Africa Studio.

Check out more of the good stuff at

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DJ Premier, Kareem Biggs And Beef Jones Talk Roc-A-Fella History, Jay Z And “Reasonable Doubt” (Video)

Beef Jones hosts a sitdown with DJ Premier & Roc-A-Fella’s Kareem “Biggs” Burke. They discuss Jay Z’s classic “Reasonable Doubt” album. The video starts with a lot of prelim (some setup is going on); as this is a live online discussion forum while. The meat of the discussion is set out around the 11-minute mark. Check it out.

Interesting insights on Preem’s production process and some early history at The Roc (like who was the label’s first signee).

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Rhythm Roulette With Da Beatminerz (Video)

Da Beatminerz (Mr. Walt and Evil Dee) looked like they had fun the whole way through. Even when they felt they were Shanghai’d by their own record picks. Haha! But watch how the dynamic beatmaking duo saves the day in this ep of Rhythm Roulette.

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Rhythm Roulette With Havoc (Video)

Yeah, he ain’t “The Silent Partner” now. Watch Havoc bang out a bangin’ azz beat to meet the Rhythm Roulette challenge most def! Blindfold, please. Let’s get to it, Havoc.

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Havoc Speaks On Making “The Silent Partner” With Alchemist (Video)

Straightforward commentary and revelations about the conception and execution of the HavocAlchemist collabo effort “Silent Partner.” Usually the least vocal in most Hip-Hop partnership situations, here in this vid Hav has his say.


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The Making of J Dilla’s “The Diary” (Video)

Some things just sound cluttered as soon as you say them – like the making of J Dilla’s classic work “The Diary” – right? “The Diary” is by J Dilla. Heads KNOW it’s a classic. Heads KNOW that J Dilla did work. Heads check for J Dilla work off mention. So check out the clip above with the appropriately terse title.


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