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Atlanta DJs The Focus Of New “Started From Scratch” Documentary (Teaser #2)


What’s that DJ scene like in ATL? What’s the story there??

Creative Protest Films looks to be up to something good. “Started From Scratch” is underway, but they are not finished yet. Take a look at the latest teaser by clicking the pic above. You can follow the link below if you want to get involved. Got a feeling this project will be well worth the wait… and the work.

More after the jump.


(Shout to DJ Rasta Root in there. We post much goodness on here on that brotha!)

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Kanye Keeps It Real With Ellen (Video)

Kanye West went School Of Life professor on Ellen’s audience. Teach! As much as clips show up across the ‘webs of Yeezy going loose cannon, from Kanye’s canon (delivered in clips like this) folks could really learn to live life with passion. Passion that he speaks AND demonstrates…

I care about people. I care about… My Dad lived in homeless shelters less than five years ago… to find out he’s a psych major. My Mom was the first Black female chair of the English Department of Chicago State University. I was raised to do something; to make a difference!
Kanye West

Check out a clip of Kanye’s sit-down with Ellen. More after the jump.

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Rhythm Roulette With BINK! (Video)

You can’t go wrong going from Dilla’s stash.

So no need to tell you that BINK! successfully met his Rhythm Roulette challenge. J Dilla sampled from Jan Hammer Group, Sly & The Family Stone, and The Headhunters. Now see how well BINK! made it do what it do with the Dilla preferences he blindly picked.

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Do Lyrics Still Matter? Is It All About The Beat? The State Of Hip-Hop Addressed By Flying Lotus And Pharrell Williams (Video)

Interesting esoteric insights provided by practitioners who have floated along the edges, and into and throughout Hip-Hop music.

Flying Lotus and Pharrell Williams with real talk for Scott Vener. So how is Hip-Hop doing on the whole? Are the beats dominating while lyricism lacks? That’s what every generation of Hip-Hop, or music in general, says (e.g. it’s not as good as it once was) vs. real is real and this ain’t it… Several angles of commentary on the state of Hip-Hop covered.

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Rhythm Roulette With Hi-Tek (Video)

Uh oh. Hi-Tek picked Elvis… best case, a real beatmaking challenge (worst case, a LAW SUIT waiting to happen). But this is the game the top producers play. Hi-Tek = Top Producer. Let’s see him try to make lemonade out of these lemons he picked.

(Insert whatever Beyonce reference you like here.)

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Nottz Draws His ‘Rhythm Roulette’ Wax From The Same Stacks J Dilla Did (Video)

Re-read the byline and watch Nottz stylin’ on ’em in this episode of Rhythm Roulette. Upside: You KNOW the pickings should be good since they are the same plates used by the late great J Dilla. Downside: Who’s gonna do it doper than Dilla? Hmmmm….

Rhythm Roulette. J Dilla Edition. Nottz Raw!

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DJ Premier – “Rest In Purple” (Prince Tribute Mix)

Preme, his manager Ian, and DJ Finesse made this last minute mix happen in honor of the dearly departed Artist.

I want to salute one of the greatest artists in the world… the artist known as Prince.
DJ Premier

Jack Daniels salute to Prince Rogers Nelson. May he Rest In Purple.

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Hi-Tek Speaks On J Dilla (Video)

Legendary producer Hi-Tek discusses the first time he connected with Dilla at Electric Lady Studios, what it’s like to play a beat for J Dilla, and how he got involved with “The Diary.”


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Rhythm Roulette With A Big K.R.I.T. Beat… And Rhyme (Video)

Big K.R.I.T. kept it real in every way on this installment of Rhythm Roulette. The session was destined for greatness when he had a phenomenal 3-blind-pick (you’ll see). Lots of meaty gravy to extract and spread all over the tracks. The result was a dope beat; so dope, Shaka Zulu was already mouthing lyrics to it as he and K.R.I.T. listened. But hold up… the beat’s made and laid, and K.R.I.T. is already in the studio, and there is a hot mic right there…

Yeah, you already KNOW what he did!

Plus (on the realness), he shouted out a gang of fam at the end. Never forget from whence you came nor with whom you come up. Salute K.R.I.T.

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Chaz: In Parts (Mini-Documentary)

“Oh yo, this dude looks like Pharrell!”
I got that every day.
Toro y Moi

Watch this look-back, look-within short documentary film about Chaz Bundick (aka the South Carolina-born producer professionally known as Toro y Moi).

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DJ Khaled Gives You The Keys…To Winning (Video)

Now you know… ‘They’ is the hater, the loser… the ones NOT to be entertained. Take your lead (like Kim K and The Bieb) from ‘The Best’ – DJ Khaled. He’s super-serious!

The Hip-Hop producer’s fame has exploded since he started sharing moments from his private life on the mobile app.

Watch the Snapchat King win again (above)… might learn yourself a thing or three about how you can, too. Or just maybe you just enjoy the clip. See? You win either way!

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Karriem Riggins & J Rocc Doing Dilla Recreations: “Lightworks” / “E=MC²” (Video)

In The basement Dungeon at Stones Throw Records, Karriem Riggins and J Rocc get down on some improvisational performing of their spins on the late great J Dilla’s “Lightworks” and “E=MC².” Oh…It’s a 360-Degree video if you got that kind of tech. Click play either way, and here we go!

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Psycho Les (Of The Beatnuts) Plays The Game Of ‘Rhythm Roulette’ (Video)

Okay, The Beatnuts ain’t nobody’s punk when it comes to beat supremacy. But something about the way member Psycho Les glares for a sec when he puts on the lenses and says he’s about to turn into Large Professor on them. Boom! The game is no longer a game. Watch a music maker make more music from music he picked… blindfolded. And it’s gonna be nice. You know this. It’s Rhythm Roulette!

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Lord Finesse At Home In His Studio (Video)

I like that funk. Hahaaaaa!

Nice! Pre-production at the home studio; a different look at the D.I.T.C. representer >Lord Finesse. Probably still nodding to that “16 & Out” he produced, huh? Now you see how such beat beauty gets birthed.

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!llmind Talks Beats And Music Technology (Video)

Team Back Pack hit one out the yard with this interview clip. Always love the work of !llmind; the wisdom that master craftsmen like Young Guru and himself share though. Priceless. Heck, how dope do your words have to be to have Joell Ortiz, in the room and barely speak, and your video is still a keeper?

You could create million-dollar sound music with less than $100. And I love that… It gives the kid… with a huge passion to create music .. it gives that kid that type of platform; to be able to express themselves in that way… But it also gives the f#cking knucklehead… doing it for the wrong reasons, giving that person the opportunity, too.

Yeah. Watch!


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‘Rhythm Roulette’ Live Featuring Exile (Video)

Exile plays Rhythm Roulette to win! Chopping and blending sounds from three randomly selected records… nah, how about Exile flipped one of the records in three different ways, managing to sample Fashawn and work his ‘owwwww’ into the track. Press play above, then shhhhh… genius at work!

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Two-Hour Live Interview With Kanye West (Video)

People’s misunderstanding of me is a misunderstanding of themselves.
Kanye West

Okay, say what you will about Kanye (and you will, just the way it is), but the man is a phenomenon. And as such, we are almost equally blessed and stressed by what we know and think we know about him. And even when so-called ‘craziness’ comes to light related to dude, we’re more likely to run toward it than away. But this low-key live interview interaction with Ye gives us another look at the man, dispelling some myths (letting others ride), talking in the way of a misunderstood legend. Think John Lennon back in the day when watching this (uh oh, might have to do some more Googling, ha).

Good watch. Right under two hours… wow! Full transcript available, too.


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9th Wonder’s ‘Rhythm Roulette’ Beat Was So Dope Rapsody Had To Have It…NOW! (Video)

Rhythm Roulette with a new episode featuring the North Carolina super-producer 9th Wonder. Blindfolded crate-digging at The Record Krate in Raleigh, the back to his studio to watch a master craftsman at work – using Charly McClain, Jermaine Jackson, and The Temprees.

Then… Rapsody stepped to the mic to record to the resulting track! Tested and blessed it. Yes she did! Check it out.

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Monday/Friday – “Right On” (Video)

Yamin Semali & Illastrate a dope emcee and a dope producer and together they make up the group Monday/Friday.  They have brought us another video from their current self titled album Monday/Friday.  The track is Right On” where Yamin delivers meaningful lyrics over Illastrate’s quality production.  Directed by Dazzell Matthews follow Yamin around WestView Atlanta draped in regal gear representing for East Point, GA. CLICK HERE to Download the Monday/Friday Album


ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Araabmuzik – “King” (EP)

Brand new project that Araabmuzik dropped in conjunction with AKAI & Muzik Headphones. Take a listen


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