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RADIO: AB+L Welcomes DJ LAKIM To Atlanta (Audio)

Yessir! The homie ArtbyOdell, Radio Host/Music Journalist you can hear on every Beatz & Lyrics show here (follow @BeatzLyricsATL), had an exclusive sit-down (at Atlanta’s recent Sound Table event) with Soulection member and Producer/DJ LAKIM on behalf of the great folks over at The interview also includes Will Edmond (Marketing & Event Mgr with the WERC crew) who was responsible for bringing LAKIM to Atlanta. ArtbyOdell speaks with LAKIM about his musical inspirations, his debut LP “This is Her” and more. Edmond also discusses what he and the WERC crew want to do for the Atlanta party scene and why it was important for them to bring LAKIM to spin in Atlanta.

Listen to the interview. And make sure you stay tuned into for more. Download the AB+L radio free mobile app (at and take the music with you wherever you go.


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And The Next Contestant On ‘Rhythm Roulette’… Erick Sermon (Video)

So, you probably know how the E Double gets down with some Parliament or Marvin Gaye samples. But what about three random a$$ records he pulled from the Mass Appeal stacks… blindfolded. Can he make a beat from his collections? Can the Def Squad El Jefe make a beat from his selections? Click play and see.

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RIP Frankie Knuckles, Legendary DJ And Godfather Of House Music

BkH-GitCUAAr0nMSenator (now President) Barack Obama, pictured with First Lady Michelle (left) helped declare August 25, 2004, Frankie Knuckles (right) Day in Chicago.

The psalmist wrote, “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the mourning.” Often, mourners gain comfort from these words; because they remind them that the pain of losing a loved one will not last. But the memories, legacy and love… those should. But first the respect due, demands we take a somber moment, family.

For House heads, dancers, and fans worldwide, it is not ‘breaking’ news so much as heartbreaking news that the
The Huffington Post reported yesterday: “Frankie Knuckles… Godfather of House Music… dies at 59 in Chicago.”

Bronx, New York (USA), native DJ Frankie Knuckles died unexpectedly on Monday afternoon; his cause of death not officially disclosed as of Tuesday morning. Having started DJing in The Bronx in 1972, Knuckles moved to Chicago in the late 1970s and played regularly at major venues through the late 1980s. His sets laid the groundwork for electronic dance music culture — his best known tracks, crossing and puling in fans from many genres, included “Your Love,” “The Whistle Song,” “Tears” and remixes of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Janet Jackson, Pet Shop Boys, Chaka Khan, Depeche Mode and many others. Knuckles won a Grammy in 1997, had a stretch of Jefferson Street in Chicago (where the famed Warehouse venue once stood) named after him in 2004 and was inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame in 2005.

Knuckles remained active until his sudden passing, playing a show just two days before his death.

For the legend, the set has now moved to another venue. Yet, we have much to celebrate and celebrate with here. Take your time, fam. Join the party when you’re ready… after the jump.


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Hip-Hop Wired Gives DJ Premier Some Time To Wax Nostalgic About NYC’s D&D Studios, Guru Memories And More (Video)

Wow. DJ Premier sharing something special with us via sit-down with Hip-Hop Wired. Yeah, take it personal. And we personally give credit to OkayPlayer for the scoop.

Primo spoke to the grand influence and presence of the studio and former of house of D&D Records in the golden era, the late, great Guru’s writing method, all of NYC’s golden-era luminaries that graced that janky booth on West 37th with their greatness–i.e Nas, Biggie, Hov, KRS, Jeru amongst countless others – as well as how their classic Nice & Smooth collaboration “DWYCK” came together. So go ahead and get learned to the legacy of D&D with DJ Premier.”

- OkayPlayer

A fist fight? Guru and Primo? WHAT??? Watch the clip!

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Black Milk Picks 3 And Makes Music On “Rhythm Roulette” (Video)

For this episode of Rhythm Roulette (you know, the show where a producer blindly picks three joints and makes a new one), Mass Appeal Media selects Black Milk to select records from its massive stacks in the blindfolded challenge.

“I done heard, at least, five beats on this one album here.” – Black Milk

Hmmm… Sounds like Milk’s got this. Ha! Watch the vid and see.

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!llmind – “Narcotic Nautilus”

522868_10151119616767914_1941787656_nOne of my favorite producers in recent years & the creator of the ‘Boom Trap’ sound, !llmind, drops a dope ass instrumental gem that samples the Bob James jazz classic ‘Nautilus’. Check the track & peep what the ‘ill’ producer had to say about this beat below…..

“This was one of the 1st “BoomTrap” beats I’ve ever made (created almost 3 years ago).

Since then, it’s gone through many transitions, different song ideas with a handful of different artists. The only other person who has this beat is my homie Just Blaze. You may or may not remember him playing this beat for Blackthought to freestyle over, on the Combat Jack Show last year.

I wanted to finally put this beat out, in its rawest form, for the masses to hear.

Why? Because, f*ck it.
Let’s keep this in the streets of NYC.”!llmind

Hi-Tek – “Where U Been” (Video)

Hi-Tek-Zilla… Where you been my n!gguhh?”

Hi-Tek brought us the beat (and a verse on) that Talib Kweli (Reflection Eternal) classic, “The Blast.” Solid enough pedigree, agreed? Well, dude is back with a vibing track (good for riding and/or chilling, as demonstrated by the video above for us. Nice.

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Sango – “Pôr Do Sol Parte 2″ (Instrumental)

Okay. Dope. We posted on Sango’s album “Da Rocinha 2″ on here earlier, but…

Pay attention. You can stream this “Pôr Do Sol Parte 2″ (here) or get the LP on VINYL… and hurry up if you want that vinyl. Follow the link below if you want to [literally] get your hands on a limited edition joint “Da Rocinha 2.”

Sango’s self released “Da Rocinha 2″ finally sees a vinyl release via Jakarta Records. 444 numbered copies, limited edition, no repress. “Pôr Do Sol Parte 2″ is an exclusive & unreleased bonus track.


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Tall Black Guy – “Sade’s Taboo” (Sweetest Taboo Blap-Up)

Detroit producer ‘Tall Black Guy’ always has some dope ass remixes & original compositions that we continue to support on the radio show & also on the website here. Check out this smooth & jazzy rework of the beautiful Sade’s timeless classic song ‘Sweetest Taboo’ that only Sir Tall Black Guy could do. You can download the joint too for free too!

“As a thank you to my fans, I thought that it would be a good time to put up a track that a few have been asking for. Good things come to those who wait! Enjoy”Tall Black Guy

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Showbiz (of DITC) – Rare Breaks 3 (Mixtape)

Whew! How dope is it to have a break beat tape curated by one of the DITC crew? Can’t measure in terms of numbers. But if you know, you feel what we are saying. Play this “Rare Breaks 3″ from Showbiz, and you’ll know.


Ekundayo feat. Boog Brown – “Everything” (Prod. By Illastrate)

a1156852434_10Atlanta based lyricist Ekundayo links up with female emcee Boog Brown for this special collaboration called ‘Everything’. The jazzy track produced by the talented beatsmith Illastrate is inspired by the work of photographer Roni Nicole & serves as an answer to the, at times rhetorical, question ‘What Is Love?’.  The answer for anyone who knows better & everyone involved with this project is…. ‘Everything.’


Jake One Speaks On Beatmaking And Doing Business With Drake (Video)

In the Behind The Beat video above, the beast mode beat king of Seattle (Washington, USA) recreates a hot track (Drake’s “Furthest Thing”) and talks about how he ended up sending beats to Drake (thanks Twitter). Worthy. Very. Enjoy!

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Pete Rock – “Roy Ayers Tribute” (Mixtape)

Pete Rock aka Soul Brother #1 – the Hip-Hop Golden Era go-to producer – has put together a tribute to the legendary Roy Ayers (Soul and Jazz  musician and go-to Hip-Hop sample-source for producers). And it is ni-iiii-ice!

Stream the mix ASAP so you can be among the cool folks who have been there, done that, and got the t-shirt. Yeah, the Soundcloud has a link to cop t-shirts commemorating this!


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Hazewerth – “JugLife Too”

Hazewerth of the production duo The Dynamite Bruhz waited 2 years before releasing the sequel to his seminal album JugLife, his musical interpretation of big jugs of liquor and good times. The new project JugLife Too is a combination of R&B vibes and hip hop blaps featuring Substantial, Willie Evans Jr, Sha Stimuli, Scottie Spitten of H.I.S.D., Yamin Semali, Phene, Civil Writes, Know:juander, Chosen, and Dj Deliver.

Phife Dawg – “Dear Dilla” (Video)

If you missed the Atlanta & Detroit debuts of this special song dedicated to the late great James Yancey aka J Dilla then as of now your wait to is over. Without further ado, here’s the brand new video from Phife Dawg called ‘Dear Dilla’ produced by DJ Rasta Root & directed by Konee Rok.

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Slum Village – “Yes Yes”

artworks-000070107451-13gqkh-t500x500J Dilla would have been 40 years old today February 7th. As people around the world celebrate the greatness of the Detroit producer & emcee James Yancey aka Jay Dee aka J Dilla, his brother Illa J & the remaining members of Slum Village (T3 & Young RJ), let loose this joint appropriately titled ‘Yes Yes’. ‘Yes Yes’ is fitting as fans are happy to know Slum Village has a new album coming featuring more J Dilla production from the period when he was going by the name Jay Dee. Black Milk & Young RJ are also expected to provide some musical soundscapes as well. Rest in Peace J Dilla Dawg!

Roc Marciano – “Slingers” feat. Knowledge The Pirate (Video)

Slick lyrical emcee & producer Roc Marciano’s banger ‘Slingers’ is one of my favorite songs from his project The Pimpire Strikes Back’. I was surprised to see there was a new video to this joint after I noticed a few tweets via Unkut & writer Byron Crawford. Like the song itself, the video was also co-directed by Roc Marciano & his collaborators R.M.L. & J. Grove.  The video fit the mental picture of what I felt the song would actually look like.  If you haven’t peeped his latest projects “The Pimpire Strikes Back” & “Marci Beaucoup” they are currently available on his site with vinyl to become available February 18th.

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Sango – “Da Rocinha 2″ (Album)


Sango with “Da Rocinha 2″ a follow-up to his original Brazil-inspired beat project. Get it at whatever price you want via the link below.

De mim. Pra você. (From me. For you.) – Sango


DJ Revolution In ‘The Cut’ With Marco Polo: Smoking, Crate Digging & More (Video)

DJ Revolution hangs out with Marco in New York. They go record digging and listen to music from “PA2: The Director’s Cut” on there Journey through New York. They also go through the process of making a beat.


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Havoc With The Breakfast Club Speaking On The Past 20 Years And What He Has Going On Now (Video)

Havoc popped into the Power 105 NYC studios to pop off with The Breakfast Club morning show crew. Not really. Pretty laid back for the most part as you’d expect. But some wild moments in this interview. Watch! The Mobb Deep‘er spoke on his brief beef with partner Prodigy last year, his 20 years in the game, the upcoming Mobb Deep tour, and much more.

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