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45 King & Kid Capri DJ’ing Out The Back Of A Car (Video)

Scored this 45 King ‘Making The Beat’ episode for you. DJ lifestyle to the extreme. Now… you know you can record that live DJ mix to CD (or MP3 or whatever you kids have nowadays) and boom out the back of the vehicle… BUT… What if you knew a DJ cool enough to have the live mix setup in the back of the vehicle? Well, DJ Mark The 45 King did that in the coolest way. And DJ Kid Capri was more than happy to jump on the new playset and take the thing for some spins!

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Here’s ‘The Thing’… Marco Polo Might Have REALLY Messed Up His Picks Playing ‘Rhythm Roulette’ (Video)

Uh ohhhh. Polo picked three 12″ records. Just three SONGS, not ALBUMS, to sample. Will our hero be able to win Rhythm Roulette after blind-picking such slim pickings at Brooklyn’s The Thing record store? Well, back to Marco Polo’s personal studio to find out!

“When you have no melodic samples, a bass line can save a beat.”
Marco Polo

We’ll see, Marco. We’ll see. We’re rooting for you. Watch this, y’all.

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Ras Kass Assassinates ‘The Backroom’ with Apollo Brown Backing Him Up (Video)

“I put a rapper in a wheelchair like Degrassi.”

Several subtle jabs landed in this Backroom Freestyle off a recent 106 & Park. But before you get all anxious about whether those “hit” will figure ‘em out and respond… Remember this is Ras Kass. So … um … not coming up with any on “the list” who’d risk taking that L. But enjoy the Ras flow tactics intro’d and produced by a long time fav on this site: Apollo Brown.

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Cardiak Attacks The Stacks To Pick 3 And Play ‘Rhythm Roulette’ (Video)

Cardiak somehow found his way to the Def Jam Recordings section of Amoeba Records in Los Angeles to make his blindfolded picks for the records he would be attempting to flip for this ep of ‘Rhythm Roulette.’ Gripe, gripe, gripe he did about his picks! Hey, man, that’s how the game goes…

So what do you think? Can Cardiak make hot sh!t out of bullsh!t (his words, not ours)? Click play above and see.

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Greg Nice And J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League Clowning In The Studio (Video)

So want to be there, don’t you? Greg NICE! His life is like a fairy tale isn’t it? Still on the scene 20+ years in. Here in the cut with the cutting edge of Hip-Hop production, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, as seen above. Love, P*ssy, and Sleep – that’s Greg’s 3 digs. Yeah, he digs ‘em all. But the love J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League showed while they were together in this clip; probably dug that the most. So will you. Watch.

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DJ Babu Picks ‘3’ And Plays A Li’l ‘Rhythm Roulette’ With The Beats (Video)

In and out. Make a hit and give your shout outs. That’s the mission. So, off to the Record Jungle with Dilated Peoples’ DJ Babu; so he can pick his three records…blindfolded. Then back to the Drug Lab! Can he do it? Are you seriously doubting the beat guru Babu?

Just watch and see how well he’s gone do. Ha!

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Jake One Takes Us ‘Behind The Beat’ For Rick Ross’ “3 Kings” feat. Jay Z And Dr. Dre (Video)

Hmmm… Kendrick Lamar had a shot at the “3 Kings” beat first, huh? Interesting. Well, it wasn’t like the music was wasted. Rozay did the work (listen here). Jake One beats should never be. Check him out as he explains how the beat came to be for the Behind The Beat series.

I finally show you how I made Rick Ross feat. Jay Z and Dr. Dre “3 Kings.” The drum sounds for this song and many others from my personal library are available on
Jake One

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M.O.P. – “187” (Video)

“This whole place emotional, wake up & find out some dude Frank Ocean’d you!”Lil Fame

That line from Lil Fame aka ‘Fizzy Womack’ is hilarious! Hahaaaaaa! One of my favorite hardcore hip hop duos of all-time hailing from Brownsville Brooklyn release some lyrical murder over a classic ‘Tears For Fears’ sample. We’ve been banging this new ‘187’ single produced by Lil Fame on the Beatz & Lyrics radio show, but now we have the new visuals to accompany the new banger featuring a brief cameo from Treach of Naughty By Nature, Smif-N-Wessun, & a number of other brothas reppin’ those Brooklyn blocks.

Be on the lookout for Billy Danziene & Lil Fame’s upcoming project “Street Certified” executive produced by DJ Premier that’s dropping October 31st.   Just in time for Halloween…..Now ‘Ante Up’ suckaz!!!



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Diamond District – “First Step”

Well it’s about COTDAYAM TIME!!! One our favorite hip hop groups representing D.C. is back! I’ve been a fan ever since their first album dropped & have been waiting for the trio to regroup & drop some new bangers! With everything going on in the world right now Oddisee, yU, and X.O.’s next album ‘March On Washington’ due October 14th is an appropriate title of what’s to come. For now your ‘First Step’ should be to peep the bangin’ new single.

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DJ Jaycee x Michael Jackson – “Remember The Time” (Eargasmic Re-Fixx)


Oh yeah. Sir, yessir! DJ Jaycee does the best impression of an insane person on mixes like this. Check out his crazy dope Eargasmic Re-Fixx of one of those don’t-even-touch-it songs – “Remember The Time” by Michael Jackson.

A quick sample of crack from my upcoming mixtape “Long Live The King” that drops on MJ’s birthday, August 29th.
DJ Jaycee

Wait…this is FREE?? Go. Go get a copy NOW!


Apollo Brown Plays ‘Rhythm Roulette’ With Mass Appeal (Video)

On this episode of Rhythm Roulette, Mass Appeal meets up with Apollo Brown in his town (Detroit, MI, USA) to make some music. Challenge: Get blindfolded, get in The Record Graveyard, get 3 records out of the stacks, get to work making a beat out of those random blind picks.

Is Brown down for the game? Click play above and see.

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‘The Art Behind The Tape’ Welcomes Guest J Period (Video)

DJ Mars travels to Brooklyn (NY, USA) to talk with DJ J Period and Designer Fuse Green to discuss the process of creating some classic mixtape art. Click to play this webisode of “The Art Behind The Tape.”

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Making The Beat: The 45 King Welcomes Large Professor And Operator EMZ (Video)

Great talk with Large Professor and Operator EMZ on the latest Making The Beat episode. Producing, DJ sets, 45s + other vinyl gems and more get touched on in the on-cam at-the-mic discussion with The 45 King. Looks like there’ll at least be a ‘part 2′ to this goodness, as this is ‘part 1.’ Watch and enjoy.

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The Boiler Room: The 45 King Outtakes (Video)

A real DJ applauds the work of others. In case you’re not knowing, DJ Mark The 45 King is worthy of a standing ovation…whether you are a DJ or not. It should be enough of a cue that this is recommended viewing, per tweet from the DJ Premier.

The Boiler Room is visiting The 45 King in his New Jersey castle. Click play… then hold your applause till the end so you don’t miss anything. And this is outtake video. Dope!

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Statik Selektah ft. Action Bronson x Royce Da 5’9 x Black Thought – “The Imperial”

Statik Selektah does it again with another banger! Showoff and Duck Down Music labels teaming to release “What Goes Around” (LP) to the teeming masses of Statik Selektah fans on August 19, 2014. But Stat Diddy went ahead and let “The Imperial” (featuring Action Bronson, Royce Da 5’9 and Black Thought) fall off the promo wagon. Pick it up below.  This ill track got some quality spitters on this jawn. ‘Imperial’ is a perfect name for this joint right here. Superior lyricism & production. Dayaam! Be on the lookout for the new album ‘What Goes Around’ when it drops August 19th on Duck Down Records.


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Behind The Beat: Jake One On The Making Of 50 Cent’s “The Funeral” (Video)

Seattle producer Jake One aka ‘Snare Jordan’ is a beast with the beatmaking. We’ve posted on him before. Did you know his work was on one of those monster singles from 50’s “Animal Ambition” LP? Well, here’s visuals on his making of the “The Funeral” beat. Daughter with him, at the house, kind of like a take your kid to work day.

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Producer D.R.U.G.S. Speaks On Digging In The Crates, His History And Process And More (Video)

OHHHHHHHH! How did this sneak by me? Older video to be sure, but THIS… this is so worth the ‘late pass’ – especially with the action we’re getting from the “Childhood Gold” he produced for 6 Rings Music. In this 3-parter, the beat beast D.R.U.G.S. said his MOM ‘taught’ him how to crate dig (having a deep record collection, recognizing Hip-Hop samples and playing source music) from the start. And listen in Part 3 at 9:14… Wooooo! VERY FAMILIAR!!! Like last Saturday’s Beatz & Lyrics show familiar. ‘Where My D.R.U.G.S. At?’ Above. Great video through and through. Check out Part 1 (Parts 2 and 3 after the jump). Shout to 6 Rings Music. Respect to D.R.U.G.S.!



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Mark Ronson TED Talks About Sampling (Video)

How apropos for Hip-Hop Appreciation Week! Producer Mark Ronson shows and proves… lectures and moves the crowd at TED with his sampling/mixing demo and talk about the history of such. A very enlightening way to spend 15 minutes; learning from a musical scholar!

(You can study more on Mark here.)

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Mtume Gives The ‘Juicy’ Details To DJ Evil Dee (Video)

The Mtume classic tune “Juicy Fruit” has been sampled by way more artists than B.I.G. over the years.  It’s a Hip Hop music go-to-source, so it’s only right for beat:repeat NYC to get insights from Mtume. In this episode of the series, Mtume talks a bit about boxing (relating the sweet science to music making), about the making of the “Juicy Fruit” tune and then some. Then, Da Beatminerz’s DJ Evil Dee does his own thing with a “Juicy Fruit” sample on the old school SP-1200.

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RADIO: AB+L Welcomes DJ Jo Def To Atlanta (Audio)

ArtbyOdell. Radio Host (shout to Beatz & Lyrics). Music Journalist. ATL insider. When you got ‘juice’ you leverage that. Case in point: The homie O-Diesel sat down and got dialed in with Producer/DJ Jo Def of the Soulection crew for an exclusive interview on behalf of the great folks over at The interview covers the Vibes 2 event where Jo Def will be making his Atlanta debut! Will Edmond of the WERC Crew (promoters of the event) sits in on the ArtbyOdell/AB+L interview, too.

The Vibes 2 event goes down May 29, 2014, at the Sound Table on Edgewood (Atlanta). Stay tuned for a live mix by Jo Def on the day of the show (all this brought to you by New Rules New Radio)! But for now, check out the interview audio…including some VERY dope mixing and blending!


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