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Swizz Beatz Speaks On What’s Wrong With Hip-Hop Producing And How To Do It Right (Video)

YES! There is a DIFFERENCE between a beatmaker and a PRODUCER! Swizz is a producer. Understand? Watch and you will…

Producing. The somewhat lost art that Swizz Beatz, born Kasseem Dean, has specialized in since he was 20 years old dishing beats to Jay-Z and DMX. It isn’t just about pairing drums with snares or dancing in the back of the videos. It’s a curation process that’s earned the Yonkers native millions of dollars, more plaques than he can count on two hands, and a reputation that stretches across the seven seas.
– Mass Appeal


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DJ Premier Recreates The “10 Crack Commandments” Beat Live (Video)

WOW! If you were there to see Preem doing this live, I know you LOST it! This is Hip-Hop, even if the stage setup isn’t. Haha!


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The Alchemist Speaks Praise On Jean Plum’s Music & Samples He Lifted (Video)

A compilation of 22 soul songs sampled by the biggest producers of American Hip-Hop. Lean in a catch The Alchemist’s contribution to the musical convo. Major takeaway: If you like the sample, give the whole source song a chance… you might like it!

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Quincy Jones’ Documentary Debuts On Netflix September 21st (Trailer)

Count on this being a good one! Of course, his daughter (Rashida Jones) is gonna do right by Q.

Beyond his own acclaim as a trumpeter, producer, conductor, composer and arranger, Quincy Jones’ inimitable gift to discover the biggest talents of the past half of the century is unprecedented. He has shaped the pop culture landscape for 70 years, mentoring and cultivating the careers of young talents, from Lesley Gore and Michael Jackson to Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith. Directed by Rashida Jones (Angie Tribeca and Hot Girls Wanted) and Alan Hicks (Keep On Keepin’ On), QUINCY seamlessly threads personal vérité moments with private archival footage to reveal a legendary life like no other.
– Netflix

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Rhythm Roulette With Supah Mario (Video)

Just saying. Rhythm Roulette is a blindfolded record pick type of thing. Seems a bit much to claim cred for the selection. But what Supah Mario did with them joints though… give him ALL respect for that. Dope!

“I think I really did my thing picking these records dawg,” says Columbia, South Carolina producer DeMario Priester, aka Supah Mario, who recently pulled up to NYC’s Good Records and took the Rhythm Roulette challenge. Digging through the crates blindfolded, the producer behind hits like Young Thug’s “Wyclef Jean” and “Ice Melts” a standout track off Drake’s ‘More Life’ stumbled onto some heat from James Taylor, GangStarr, and some old-school dancehall courtesy of the Dillinger vs. Trinity ‘Clash’ LP. “I told y’all this was gonna be some Jamaican vibes!” he exclaimed after the needle drop. But he ended up skipping the reggae together and finding some ill breaks on the James Taylor and the Original Flying Machine disc, adding some of his own keyboards to complete the beat. Check out the latest episode of Rhythm Roulette right now.
– Mass Appeal

– @ojones1

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Producer Ron Browz Declares That He Gave The ‘Ether’ Beat To Jay-Z Before Nas Back In The Day (Video)

Man. Just think back to how hard the ‘Takeover’ came in for that JiggaNas battle back a good while ago. That was an ouch hit, definitely leaving a mark and making Nasir wobble. But then came ‘Ether’… that KNOCKOUT!! And Nas wins hands down with the Hip-Hop ‘hands’ that song put on Jay. But what if Jay was the one that dropped fire on that beat? Would Nas be the one that history records got ‘Ethered’ (hmmm)?

Harlem producer Ron Browz has produced for some heavyweights in the industry. He sat with Sway In The Morning to talk about his career and production credits for iconic songs like ‘Ether.’
Sway’s Universe

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Producer Teddy Walton Speaks On The Making Of Kendrick Lamar’s “LOVE.” (Video)

So, in this video we hear from the man standing next to the man (RIP comedian Robin Harris) on the single “LOVE.” off Kendrick Lamar’s album ‘DAMN.’

Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DAMN.’ was one of the most acclaimed album releases of 2017, with all 14 tracks hitting Billboard’s Hot 100. With each song placing on the charts, it’s hard to deem any one track the major standout. But “LOVE.” feat. Zacari was a favorite for many Kendrick fans, as the song’s lyrics became the third-most-viewed ‘DAMN.’ track with 2.9 million views on Genius.
– Genius


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Rhythm Roulette With Tom Misch (Video)

Ah! A J Dilla disciple is on deck to play ‘Rhythm Roulette’ huh? This should be more than interesting!

Tom Misch is a devotee of Dilla who’s been putting in work for years as a lo-fi SoundCloud producer. The South London singer and beatmaker self-produced most of his recent debut album ‘Geography,’ which features a rare lyrical cosign from Native Tongue OGs De La Soul. The last time he was in NYC, Misch accepted Mass Appeal’s Rhythm Roulette challenge, pulling up to Norman’s Sound & Vision in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to tie a T-shirt over his eyes and go groping for vinyl. His random selections included ‘El Sabor De Gene’ by Gene Hernandez, as well as albums by the Panamanian vocalist Basilio and Hells Kitchen’s own Lisa Lisa. Wasting no time, Misch pulled the vinyl out, dropping the needle until he struck gold. Before you knew it, he’d isolated and chopped a funky break and started laying down keys and electric guitar over top. Check out the latest episode of Rhythm Roulette right now.


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Rhythm Roulette With Dame Grease (Video)

Thinking we’ve blessed you with footage of Dame Grease putting it down in the studio, but not of dude doing the do for Rhythm Roulette though. Check, check. Soundcheck. Okay… time to let Grease get his blind picks and production on!

“I gotta get Funkadelic on em,” says Dame Grease, producer of crucial tacks for Mase, The LOX, and the whole Ruff Ryders camp. When Dame accepted Mass Appeal’s Rhythm Roulette challenge, we knew we were in for a treat. Although he and his protege Swizz Beatz are known for a mostly sample-free sound, the Harlem-born and Bronx-raised producer can chop with the best of them. “Every producer knows you can look at the grooves and see where they thin out at,” Grease said while surveying three randomly selected vinyl albums. “That’s where the breakdown’s at.” Working his way through ‘Spinners Live,’ Jose Feliciano’s ’10 to 23,’ and ‘Romantic Swing’ by Eugen Cicero, Grease zeroed in on Feliciano’s 1969 version of ‘By the Time I Get to Phoenix’ because he used to live in Phoenix. “Let’s go straight to that,” Grease said, dropping the needle. “Groovy! That’s the one.” Check out the latest episode of Rhythm Roulette to find out how Dame Grease flipped that joint like it was meant to be.
– Mass Appeal


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Rhythm Roulette With Carnage (Video)

Maaaaan… kinda feel like somehow Carnage got spotted a huge advantage with the records he blind-picked. How could he not come up with something with wax picks that powerful?? Watch.

“Vinyl & guacamole!” That’s how Carnage gets his creative juices flowing. Born and raised in Guatemala, Carnage grew up fascinated with producers like DJ Khaled and DJ Drama. He would go on to become a major player in the fusion of EDM sounds with vocals by Hip-Hop artists like Lil Uzi Vert and Young Thug. But don’t get it twisted—Carnage can chop samples too, as he demonstrated when he accepted MASS APPEAL’s Rhythm Roulette challenge. Working with randomly selected albums by The Jacksons, Rick James, and Gladys Knight & The Pips, he got down to work chopping and cooking, pitching and reversing. Carnage even hopped into the vocal booth to sprinkle some of his own special hot sauce. Check out the latest episode of Rhythm Roulette right now.
– Mass Appeal


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Rhythm Roulette With Chuck Inglish (Video)

Ahhh! Chuck Inglish (of Cool Kids) with a different strategy for the blind pick… dancing a jig to catch vibes from the wax. Must be something to it; seeing as how he declares that he “lucked up” with his picks, and produced a banging azz beat from them.

Enjoy this ep of ‘Rhythm Roulette.’

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Robert Glasper Examines The Work Of Pete Rock & J Dilla (Video)

Whoooose world is this? Well, for the purposes of this clip, it’s Robert Glasper; but only because he is bringing the world of music making in Hip-Hop closer to you. Those sample sounds… where do the great producers get them and how do they use them so adeptly. Yep, Glasper is giving up some game.

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Fat Joe And Dre Talk About Coming Up With ‘All The Way Up’ And What Else They Have Going Down (Video)

So, this year’s Summer Jam could feature all kinds of ‘squashed beef’ on the menu… Fat Joe, 50 Cent, and Ja Rule all getting along and doing Hip-Hop. The beat goes on. Joe and Dre talk about that and more in this sit-down.

Fat Joe and Dre (from Cool & Dre) stop by Ebro In The Morning to talk their new album, possibly having a feature with Jay-Z, 50 Cent and Ja Rule at Summer Jam TOGETHER and being the greatest rapper ever.
– Hot 97

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Quincy Jones Talks About Music History And His Craft And Offers Advice (Video)

Music is art. Quincy Jones (“Q”) is music AND music history! Watch the clip above of the living legend answering questions and dropping gems soaked history and wisdom.

(Haaa! Q is tripping on his interviewer being born in 1998. Youngster!)

Maaan, Uncle Q is like that cool uncle you love to go visit; just to hear him talk and to talk with you. Dope content. Enjoy and be enriched.

No fear! NOTHING scares me, man.
Quincy Jones

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Jermaine Dupri Speaks On Outkast & Janet Jackson (Video)

Who was more influential to Hip-Hop culture in Atlanta, Jermaine Dupri or Outkast? Now that’s a good question! The answer has got to be nuanced, but Jermaine’s got his own answer to share… and more… during his sit-down with The Breakfast Club.

Start with the clip above. Hit the jump for more (another dope sit-down).

(Keep forgetting about him linked with Miss Jackson for the score. Salute to JD!)

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Irv Gotti Does Not Smoke Much. But When He Does, It’s With N.O.R.E. And DJ EFN (Video)

I’ve come here to get drunk… and high… with my guy N.O.R.E.
Irv Gotti

Will you admit to wanting to watch this just to see who gets the Murderrrr shade from Tha I-N-C Boss? It’s okay, it’s more than that, but hands up. Drink Champs welcomes Irv mf’n Gotti!

The Murder Inc. co-founder talks ruining his friendship with J.Lo, making music with Bobby Brown, and Suge Knight beefs. He also calls Drake a genius and compares him to Eminem.
– Drink Champs

And whatcha’ll know about DJ Irv!?

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Kaytranada Speaks On His Coming Up As A Music Maker (Video)

We post stuff from and on super-producer Kaytranada whenever we can. So you know he’s dope. But the how’s and why’s behind that: that you might not know… until now. Y’all gone learn today! Hahaaa!

Kaytranada — the Haitian-born, Quebec-raised DJ and producer — started out messing with music on the family computer in his basement. Using production software, and posting his music online, Kaytra’s use of technology helped him bring his unique sound into the real world. Years later the high school dropout’s music can be heard on dance floors around the globe.
– Complex

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DJ Premier Speaks On His And Jay-Z’s Musical Partnership (Video)

Jigga knows what he wants in a beat, and Preemo always knew how to deliver it. That’s what’s up. And that’s why the two always made beautiful music together!

There have been a million and one producer and MC combinations over the years, but none are quite like JAY-Z and DJ Premier. The Marcy legend and Gang Starr icon have produced nothing but fire over their brief stint of collaboration, first exploring their chemistry in 1996 for ‘Reasonable Doubt’ (“D’Evils,” “Friend or Foe,” “Bring it On”) and again for Hov’s sophomore LP, ‘In My Lifetime,’ Vol. 1. That album’s multi-part opening, “Intro/A Million and One Questions/Rhyme No More,” is a favorite—a song that Premier broke down in the latest installment of MASS APPEAL’s new series, “Off The Record.”
– Mass Appeal

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Shannon Sharpe Says, “Let Me Celebrate!” So Remix God Suede Dropped This Beat And It Was On (Video)

For some reason, this does not seem to have gone as viral as the “Evaculation” mash. But please believe that this “Milds & That Yak” clip flip is just as much a trip.

Remix God Suede went HARD and brought out them Sharpe BARZ for Shannon! Hahaaaaa!


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Watch The Hatchfund Campaign Video For “Yasuke: Birth Of A Samurai” (Trailer)

Dude. DUDE! It’s legend meets line-and-ink in this animated Black Samurai joint in development. Gotta make this happen! If Tom Cruise can be “The Last Samurai,” can we please get the first Black Samurai project greenlit & funded… please?

(Watch above and see how YOU can help, too.)

Lionsgate has put into development, a feature film based on Yasuke’s life, with “Highlander” creator Gregory Widen on board to script the project which they are currently calling “Black Samurai.” Described as an action drama, Mike De Luca and Stephen L’Heureux are producing, and the film is a co-production between Solipsist Films and De Luca Productions.
– Shadow and Act

Good feeling about this. Lionsgate Films AND the dude that brought the Kitana blade-swinging, head-decapitating ‘Duncan MacLeod Of The Clan MacLeod’ to life (Gregory Widen) are already attached. Dope!

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