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Black Milk – “I Guess”

Detroit is known for their Soulful Acts who make Soulful music.  This testament is not only for the Motown days you could attribute it to the current acts making Hip Hop from that 313.  Black Milk is a MC/Producer who is keeping up this tradition I guess?  Okay there is no reason to guess that is just the name of this new hot track Black has dropped “I Guess” that exhibits his skills as a dope emcee and producer.  Right now Black Milk is on tour with the live band Nat Turner and he will be in Atlanta March 23rd be sure to check back to the site for some exclusive material & footage!

“No Room for Actors, Coons, or Rap Vultures.  No room to act, I’m giving you back dosage of bedroom walls with rap posters.” – Black Milk


-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Wu-Tang Clan x David Bowie – “C.R.E.A.M. vs. F.A.M.E.” (Produced By Ryan Stinson)

FameCanadian producer Ryan Stinson who is the owner of the independent hip hop label Phonographique out there in the land of the great maple leaf, dropped this very dope mashup/blend featuring Wu-Tang Clan & David Bowie. This ‘C.R.E.A.M. vs. FAME’ joint is pretty ill from the the label owner who also happens to be a part of the production duo ‘The Dirty Sample’, who created the soundscapes to that dope ass Three Sixty Five joint’ for Roc Marciano that we posted weeks ago.  This ‘C.R.E.A.M. vs Fame’ joint is going to get much run from me on the radio show & at any other event I just so happen to be spinning at.

Jaden Smith x TA-KU – “BeastMode”

Jaden Smith continues to impress me with his music. It’s not just the lyrical wordplay & flow that’s impressing me with each single or project he releases, but often times its the type of soundscapes he chooses to use. One very important element to a good emcee is being able to choose the right beats to convey the mood of the song you’re trying to create. It was a pleasant surprise for me to see that the son of Will & Jada collaborated with very dope producer TA-KU who’s music & production I’ve been following for quite some time now. Peep this #BeastMode mix that Jaden & Ta-Ku put together & if you weren’t already impressed, this should definitely do it for you. Artwork via

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Behind-The-Beats with ‘Nottz’ (Video)

Virginia producer Nottz is one of my favorite beatsmith’s crafting quality hip hop music. Whenever I see a song produced by him I usually listen to it right away because I just KNOW it’s going to be some authentic hot ish! His track record dictates that urgency.  Surprisingly most of the general public may not be aware of just how deep his catalog is & I’m sort of surprised more in the media haven’t done more interviews with him in the past. The people over at DrumBroker, Scratch Magazine, & RawKoncept got together for this ‘Behind The Beats’ series with the focus on the grossly underrated music producer. Check it out above….

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Rapper Big Pooh – “Stop” feat. Steve Roxx (Prod. By Apollo Brown)

“North Kakalaka” & the “Motor City” connect as Rapper Big Pooh & Detroit producer Apollo Brown drop this powerful new single, inspired by true events, called “Stop” from their appropriately titled project “Words Paint Pictures” due March 24th.



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DJ Premier Presents ‘Bars in the Booth’ |Session 7 | featuring Skyzoo x Torae [Video]

The legendary DJ Premier continues his ‘Bars In The Booth’ series this time inviting Skyzoo x Torae to get busy over some his production. The Barrel Brothers over another DJ Premier track. Gotta Love it! On a side note DJ Premier’s legendary D&D Studios just closed down. Check out some more info from his ‘PremierWuzHere’ site.

PREVIOUS: DJ PREMIER Presents ‘Bars in the Booth’ |Session 7 | featuring Bumpy Knuckles [Video]

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ArtByOdell Welcomes Atu & Dpat of the ‘Soulection’ Crew To Atlanta (Audio)

ArtByOdell sat down with local Atlanta promoters HomeTown Heroes to discuss their first ATL event. On the bill they had Dexter Brandon of Kolossus Records along with Thrice Groove of WERC Crew.  To headline the event was Dpat & Atu of Soulection who made their Atlanta debut.  Like past Soulection DJ’s (LAKIM, Jo Def & Sango)making their first trip to ATL Dpat & Atu spoke with ArtByOdell. The discussion talks music what inspires them and their international backgrounds.  Odell also speaks with Dexter Brandon 7 Thrice Groove both DJ/Producers telling him what they have planned for listeners in 2015.


-ArtByOdell Twitter / SoundCloud
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House Shoes Presents: “The Gift” Volume 10 (Prod. By DRUGS BEATS)

Drugs is back at it again with the final installment of “The Gift” series; with episode 11. This time the tunes go ’round with @D_R_U_G_S_BEATS.


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He Got Game: Oh No Plays ‘Rhythm Roulette’ With Video Game Sounds (Video)

You know how Rhythm Roulette goes… goes to local record store, searches endless stacks of wax blindfolded, picks three and makes a beat from them. But in this episode, Mass Appeal Media has producer Oh No throwing in a curve ball… rather than find samples out of old vinyls, he samples sounds from three Nintendo 64 video games. Wowwww!

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Raiders Of The Lost Art (Part 3) [Documentary]

Here we go with Part 3 of the ‘Hip-Hop-umentary’ – “Raiders Of The Lost Art” featuring PRhyme (DJ Premier and Royce Da 5’9). And hey, you can catch up on Parts 1 & 2 below before playing Part 3 above… below. Did you get that?

Okay well get this: the self-titled PRhyme album is out now! Great nuggets of wisdom on ‘the business’ dug up and polished up and laid out for the viewers. Must watch.


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Fokis – “Produced By Dr. Dre”

Fokis. Engineer, emcee, producer. Rapping with the likes of Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz… sitting in production with Ty Fyffe, Focus…, Jake One and more. Yeah, dude has got the pedigree. Okay, so Fokis runs indie label Loyalty Digital Corp. (credited for executive producing projects for Skyzoo, Antman Wonder, Torae and Sadat X). As an engineer, he has recorded and mixed for Slaughterhouse, Fat Joe, N.O.R.E, Pharoahe Monch, Bun B, Kool G Rap, and others. But check out this suggestively-titled jawn “Produced By Dr. Dre” for his upcoming project “Underground With Commercial Appeal” (due out February 3, 2015).


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Beat Royale On December 11th (Event)


In Hip Hop you have the emcee and the DJ that get most of the recognition.  The producer is someone who can’t be ignored in this conversation though.  What has you nodding your head or moving your feet?  It’s the beat, and on December 11th Beat Royale goes down in Atlanta GA at the Basement in East Atlanta.  What is Beat Royale you ask?  Well it is the premier Beat Battle competition a sonic experience of Beats and Beyond brought to you by Dynamic Producer & Savage Fam Pro entertainment.

This will be a 16 producer Beat Battle showcase with live performances, celebrity appearances, major label execs & industry managers in the house.  If that is not enough to entice you well how about super Grammy award winning producer Needlz whose credits range from 50 Cent, Drake, Busta Rhymes, Young Jeezy and many many more. If that is not enough how about Big Rec on the rise emcee who has been wrecking stages left and right with his new album Doomsday which is entirely produced by the legend Diamond D! Still not enough you say?  Okay well Diamond D himself will be in the place legendary producer/emcee DITC crew need I say more?

So be in the place on December 11th at the Basement 1245 Glenwood Ave SE Atlanta GA 30316 show starts at 8pm!


Odell | Soundcloud

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Fashawn feat. Evidence – “Dreams” (Video)

The Cali emcee Fashawn releases a brand new video to prep fans for the upcoming release of his upcoming EP with Alchemist called “FASH-ionably Late” that’s due December 18th. The single & video features Evidence who also directed the clip. Fashawn is ‘FASH-ionably late’ in finishing 2014 strong but he’s gearing up for an even better 2015 now that he’s signed to Nas under the Mass Appeal Records label where he’ll release his next full-lenth project entitled ‘The Ecology’.



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Daytona – “Walk Around” (Produced By Harry Fraud) [Video]

Ever since I heard this new joint from Daytona produced by Harry Fraud I’ve had it on repeat in my itunes at various times. I’ve been banging the song out on the radio show as well. Could it be the hook? The production? The way Daytona flips his verses over the tracks? It’s not any one of these things… it’s ALL of the above.  Check out the new visuals for the song above… dope joint!

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Raiders Of The Lost Art (Part 2) [Documentary]

Having a Part 1 implied at least a Part 2, right? And with as monumental a happening as the formation and release of PRhyme is… you didn’t think we would leave you hanging with just a piece of the story they have to tell…

Did you? C’mon now!

Is your rhyme dope? If it ain’t, it don’t mean sh!t. That’s the bottom line.
DJ Premier

Bonus: Adrian Younge’s contributions to “PRhyme” are highlighted. Catch up with the first part before hitting play, if you need to (below). Link to the pre-order follows, too.


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Raiders Of The Lost Art (Part 1) [Documentary]

I’m gonna keep boom-bappin’ it…
DJ Premier

Damn right. Preemo spends every day in the studio. Royce da 5’9 getting it in in the gym [nearly] every day to keep his body, mind and rhymes tight. Grown men do grown things. Grown men in Hip-Hop… might just save this thing. Pay attention to part 1 of this docu-series narrated by Bun B (of UGK) about the lives of the duo behind PRhyme and their giving life to their self-titled project giving new life to old school Hip-Hop style!

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Producer Spotlight: Boi-1da Gives His Tips On Production (Video)


Sh!t. You could stop right there, sir. Amen. But listen. Watch and listen to Boi-1da give out five crucial do’s and don’ts for other producers out there.

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45 King & Kid Capri DJ’ing Out The Back Of A Car (Video)

Scored this 45 King ‘Making The Beat’ episode for you. DJ lifestyle to the extreme. Now… you know you can record that live DJ mix to CD (or MP3 or whatever you kids have nowadays) and boom out the back of the vehicle… BUT… What if you knew a DJ cool enough to have the live mix setup in the back of the vehicle? Well, DJ Mark The 45 King did that in the coolest way. And DJ Kid Capri was more than happy to jump on the new playset and take the thing for some spins!

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Here’s ‘The Thing’… Marco Polo Might Have REALLY Messed Up His Picks Playing ‘Rhythm Roulette’ (Video)

Uh ohhhh. Polo picked three 12″ records. Just three SONGS, not ALBUMS, to sample. Will our hero be able to win Rhythm Roulette after blind-picking such slim pickings at Brooklyn’s The Thing record store? Well, back to Marco Polo’s personal studio to find out!

“When you have no melodic samples, a bass line can save a beat.”
Marco Polo

We’ll see, Marco. We’ll see. We’re rooting for you. Watch this, y’all.

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Ras Kass Assassinates ‘The Backroom’ with Apollo Brown Backing Him Up (Video)

“I put a rapper in a wheelchair like Degrassi.”

Several subtle jabs landed in this Backroom Freestyle off a recent 106 & Park. But before you get all anxious about whether those “hit” will figure ‘em out and respond… Remember this is Ras Kass. So … um … not coming up with any on “the list” who’d risk taking that L. But enjoy the Ras flow tactics intro’d and produced by a long time fav on this site: Apollo Brown.

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