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Children As Young As Four Work 12 Hours A Day To Make Your Smartphone Work (Video)

Damn. And while the States stay distracted by whatever the f*ck the President is up to or not, and whether we care if Nicki will clap back at Remy or not, THIS deplorable despicable sh!t is going on. Watch above and read on… and prepare to get MAD!

‘Slavery is alive and well’ is no metaphor, people. We’re talking about miners in The Congo who are worked near death daily in unsafe conditions for nowhere-near-livable pay. And many of the miners are MINORS, some as young as four f*cking years old! All this to dig up as much cobalt as the developed world can buy to make smartphone and electric car batteries.

Regulate the mines? Yeah, right. Read more about the tragedy and challenges of this situation by following the link below.


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  • Dawn Niemi:

    I just saw a friend of mine post this on Facebook from sky news. I am shocked! Why I never thought of something like this before….But I”m struggling with the part of “how to help”. On one side, you have the human screaming, yes, you have to help, this is not right and it’s obvious that something has to be done. Exploiting children is illegal. And we should hold these companies accountable. However, we are dealing with an area of the world that is very difficult to enforce any kind of laws, plus you have very poor people; a country with financial and economical struggles to overcome and have to be addressed.
    Then with the companies themselves, you can address that side, here in the U.S. and other parts of the world, get the word out, but if there is not interest, motivation, emotion, care from the consumer, people are still going to buy and the companies are still going to produce. I mean think about here in the U.S.A. We are are spoiled, self centered, one minded people. I learned that when I lived overseas for many years. I know people that don’t even know where Mexico is, let alone where the Congo is? So how do we get them to be interested, let alone even care?
    What plan or ideas do you have so far? What other celebrities, or people that are famous can help get the word out? That is a key for educating the public and generating interest-I think so anyway…young people listen to you guys…. What motivation is there for a regular teenager to get involved? not buy another phone for awhile? sign a petition? get a box or something started at a AT&T store or other big company asking for them to stop accepting cobalt from Congo. Just like the diamond market has requirements and restrictions of No blood diamonds. These companies could do the same thing. But can’t these companies also give back to the Congo and start schools for these kids? How about funding or people to help start home based businesses? These big companies should give back something for the work these people have all ready done all these years? If they just up and leave, the black market can take over- or worse yet, another company could take over and exploit the children again. These are some suggestions. I’m happy you have this on your site. Thank you for caring. – Dawn Niemi, Virginia, Minnesota

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