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BLITZ – 8/1/11: Summer Shock

Yeah we had the same shocked look on our face too when we realized the weekend was over & it’s officially back to work, and for some of you, a back to school Monday. Well hopefully we can help smooth things over for you with today’s edition of the BLITZ! News & information from around the world in just a few clicks. Snap outta of it! Now ‘Get A Grip!’


President Obama & Congressional Leaders Reach Debt Ceiling Agreement

President Obama Facing Serious Political Consequences With Compromises On Debt Deal

Debt Battle Leads To Layoffs In Aviation & Beyond

Jay-Z & Kanye West Allegedly Beefing Over The “Watch The Throne” Tour & Album

Jay-Z & Timbaland Sued For The Hit Song ‘Big Pimpin’

Jay-Z Album Deal Irks Independent Retailers

Amy Winehouse Was In The Process Of Adopting A Black Child Before Her Death

1 Person Killed & 3 Injured Following A Shooting At A George Clinton Concert

NBA & The NBA Labor Union Will Meet Today Regarding Possible Lockout

Stephon Marbury Says Carmelo Anthony & Stoudemaire Wouldn’t Make It In China

A Look At The NFL’s New Practice Rules

Plaxico Burress Decides To Roll In The Green; Signs With NY Jets

Protests In Israel Mount Over High Housing Costs

Chinese Counterfeits Go To New Level As Products & Entire Stores Are Copied

What Can We Expect To See As Drones Evolve?

Jennifer Lopez Seen Shooting A Movie In Atlanta

Doctors Say Hot Dogs Are As Dangerous As Cigarettes?

Newly Authorized Trips To Cuba Sell Out Fast, But Spark Controversy

Is Cuba Changing? What You Need To Know

Bishop Eddie Long’s 5th Accuser Revealed In A Fox 5 Atlanta News Investigation

U2’s upcoming ‘360’ Tour Will Gross Over $736 Million Dollars

Def Jam To Publish 300 Page Label History

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