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Sean Price – “S.E.A.N.”

One of my favorite emcees from Brooklyn, Sean Price is back freestylin’ over the beat from the classic Beanie Sigel song “The Truth” that Kanye West produced.  It’s STILL ‘The Truth’ but it’s all ‘S.E.A.N.’ !  It’s a definite appetizer to get heads ready for his upcoming project ‘Songs In The Key Of Price.’ I can dig it! P!!!!!!!!


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Classic Clips: 12-Year Old Kanye West Recites Poem Dedicated To Martin Luther King, Jr (Video)

Any of you have to do that MLK Jr. Day poem… in front of the school? Were you nervous? Got it on video? Did you go mega-platinum and marry a Kardashian later in life? Good for you: So did Kanye! Aww, watch li’l Yeezy give his very important reading in tribute to a very important man.

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She Broke The Internet: Kim Kardashian Speaking With ‘Sway In The Morning’ On Being A Divorcee, Relationships With Beyonce & Kanye And More (Video)

WHOA! Have you seen it? What broke the Internet? Check after the jump. Say what you want: Kim K got dat azz (or, nowadays, Kanye got dat azz… put a ring on it)! But she did a lot of chit chat with Sway on his morning show a while back, too. Above and after the jump.

Kim swung by ‘Sway in the Morning’ to state the facts.

Check it out.

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Classic Clips: 19-Year Old Kanye West Holding His Own In A Cypher Back In The Day at Fat Beats NYC (Video)

Yeezy as a teen on a track running wild on it… and if you owe him money betta find that sh— hahahaaa! Talk about nostalgia. Hip-Hop’s self-proclaimed savior rocking the mic in a cypher at Fat Beats (NYC) back in the day. Not bad, not bad. Watch for yourself.

UPDATE: Kanye West, Al Tariq, Butter Lee & Black Attack @ Fat Beats Aug 96 (Extended Clip)

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Lord Jamar Speaks On Kanye West Wearing The Confederate Flag (Video)

Yeezus, Lord Jamar doesn’t get it? Could you please explain what you’re doing? With your rebel flag tee shirt and such?

‘I don’t know what that sh!t is all about. I would never wear that sh!t Know what I mean? And I hope no Black people would wear no shit like that…’

Lord Jamar

Oh yeah. That was just the start of the clip… packed with opinions and orneriness from the Brand Nubian member.

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Justin Timberlake Makes His Debut Appearance On ‘Sway In The Morning’ (Video)

Justin Timberlake makes his debut stop-through with the Sway In The Morning show. Discussion included Michael Jackson, Kanye West, marriage… but that’s not all. Watch the clip above.

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Mannie Fresh Speaks On Working With Kanye West, Lil Wayne, & Diversity In Hip Hop (Video)

‘Whilst in New Orleans for Essence Festival 2012, SoulCulture TV sat down with DJ and prolific former-Cash Money producer Mannie Fresh at the House of Blues to discuss his hometown, commercial Hip-Hop’s need to diversify, his thoughts on the Southern scene, what it’s been like working with Kanye West and the crew on “Cruel Summer,” and Lil Wayne’s work ethic. He had a lot to say.’

SoulCulture Media

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The Throne invades ATL (Video)

From all reports I’ve heard this show is basically a Kanye show featuring Jay but then again that’s what their LP together is too right?

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Behind The Scenes: Kanye West Rhyming in the Studio in 2002 (Video)

Unreleased behind-the-scenes footage of Kanye West in an impromtu studio rhyme performance of verses later crafted into “Last Call” off the Grammy-winning album, “The College Dropout”. Shot on location inside R. Kelly’s Chocolate Factory recording studio in Chicago’s former Cabrini-Green neighborhood, we offer a glimpse of Kanye in early 2002 as he prepares for his Roc-a-Fella records debut. Shot and chopped by: Danny Joe Sorge


Producer S1 recreates ‘Murder to Excellence’ from Watch the Throne (Video)

Producer Symbolic One, who we had on our radio show about a year ago, takes us through his process when he created the Murder to Excellence track for Jay and Kanye. Dope beat!

RZA talks ‘Watch the Throne’ Production

Rza talked to Rolling Stone about his contribution to Jay-Z and Kanye’s Watch the Throne collab album and how he became apart of it. Read the rest of this entry »

BLITZ – 8/1/11: Summer Shock

Yeah we had the same shocked look on our face too when we realized the weekend was over & it’s officially back to work, and for some of you, a back to school Monday. Well hopefully we can help smooth things over for you with today’s edition of the BLITZ! News & information from around the world in just a few clicks. Snap outta of it! Now ‘Get A Grip!’


President Obama & Congressional Leaders Reach Debt Ceiling Agreement

President Obama Facing Serious Political Consequences With Compromises On Debt Deal

Debt Battle Leads To Layoffs In Aviation & Beyond

Jay-Z & Kanye West Allegedly Beefing Over The “Watch The Throne” Tour & Album

Jay-Z & Timbaland Sued For The Hit Song ‘Big Pimpin’

Jay-Z Album Deal Irks Independent Retailers

Amy Winehouse Was In The Process Of Adopting A Black Child Before Her Death

1 Person Killed & 3 Injured Following A Shooting At A George Clinton Concert

NBA & The NBA Labor Union Will Meet Today Regarding Possible Lockout

Stephon Marbury Says Carmelo Anthony & Stoudemaire Wouldn’t Make It In China

A Look At The NFL’s New Practice Rules

Plaxico Burress Decides To Roll In The Green; Signs With NY Jets

Protests In Israel Mount Over High Housing Costs

Chinese Counterfeits Go To New Level As Products & Entire Stores Are Copied

What Can We Expect To See As Drones Evolve?

Jennifer Lopez Seen Shooting A Movie In Atlanta

Doctors Say Hot Dogs Are As Dangerous As Cigarettes?

Newly Authorized Trips To Cuba Sell Out Fast, But Spark Controversy

Is Cuba Changing? What You Need To Know

Bishop Eddie Long’s 5th Accuser Revealed In A Fox 5 Atlanta News Investigation

U2’s upcoming ‘360’ Tour Will Gross Over $736 Million Dollars

Def Jam To Publish 300 Page Label History

Jay-Z & Kanye Snub Indie Stores

Record Store Day penned a letter to Jay-Z and Kanye asking them to provide independent record stores the same opportunity to sell the Watch the Throne album as Best Buy and iTunes have. These big chains get the exclusive right to sell the album 4 days before the physical release of the album and the indie stores can’t compete with that advantage.
Best Buy has the exclusive deluxe edition of the album for 10 days before anybody else can sell it. People hoping to buy the album are made to buy the album from only these big chains and the mom and pops suffer.
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Jay-Z x Kanye West – “Watch The Throne” (Mini-Documentary)

Peep how the Watch the Throne album came together and some unheard verse from the duo.

Q-Tip Brings Out Kanye West at The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival (Video)

Sooooooooo I literally fly to NYC this weekend but wound up spending more time hanging with family in NY, NJ, & Philly so basically I missed the BK Hip Hop festival. Q-Tip had mentioned on twitter than he had a special surprise, but we don’t think anyone expected Kanye to come out on stage. From what I heard even the on-duty cops were taking pictures when Kanye came out on stage.

Kanye x Jay-Z – Watch the Throne (Tracklist & Studio Pics)

Pre-orders for the Jay-Z and Kanye West collab album are available at iTunes and I’m EXTRA skeptical about this project because of each of the two artists most recent releases and the first track they released H.A.M. .
Tracklist and more pics under the hood
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Kanye West x Jay-Z – Watch the Throne (Artwork)

Jay-Z and Kanye have chosen a release date for their joint project entitled Watch the Throne. The EP will be released August 2nd and the pre-orders are already being taken at Jay-Z’s LifeandTimes website.
Artwork under the hood
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Kanye West Gets Intimate With The Essence Music Festival Crowd (Video)

It seems like damn near all of Atlanta went to the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans. A number of people I saw on twitter talked about Kanye West’s performance. Some people were dissing it, but after I watched this video it was clear to me that Kanye was just amongst family. If you’re touring all over the world you can’t get intimate with fans like this who don’t really know you. I guess that’s why Kanye also explained why he also doesn’t talk to the press anymore. Can’t knock the brother for trying to do something different by playing with the crowd who knows good black music & probably knows him best. Plus the Essence Music Festival organizers probably couldn’t afford Kanye’s million dollar performance fees & he may have wanted to participate in some capacity for his core audience.

Prodigy Speaks On Kanye West & His ‘MBDTF’ Album (Video)

Young Guru Interview During The SXSW Festival (Video)

Talks about the Roc and even mentions Atlanta’s own Stanza!!!! He talks about the Kanye and Jay-Z projects coming also