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Eye Candy: Serena Williams Surprises a Wedding Party In A Leopard Print Swimsuit (Video)

So damn hot she is on fiyaaah! The world’s sexiest tennis player, Serena Williams, went to the beach with her buds and…

… Oh look, girl … a wedding! Wanna go?

Maaaan… Serena can go anywhere she wants; dressed like Wonder Woman wants to dress when she grows up. Serena’s athletic Amazonian physique has always featured an azz heard [talked fondly about] around the world. But wowwwww.

So, imagine. You and [insert her name here] are having this amazing wedding, and Serena falls through. And she brought a gift. That aaaazzzz! And… the groom… BETTER… NOT… LOOK! Bwaaaahahahaaa. Poor brother. You KNOW he wants to look down. You KNOW he wants a pic of him looking down (to swap chuckles and elbow nudges with his boys; maybe later, with his son when he’s old enough)…but he cannot. His boo will walk out on him. Best to let her enjoy the celebrity surprise, so he can get some ‘enjoyment’ on the honeymoon.

Fortunately, TMZ has us covered with in-depth booty analysis. Watch and learn (above).

(Side note: Fox Sports says Williams’ buddy Caroline Wozniacki was there. She’s cute, too. Plus you know The Woz got jokes, too. Remember her Serena imitation? Wonder what she will come up with to ‘commemorate’ this happening?)


Don't look. Don't look‘Keep crashing weddings, Serena.’

10366307_10152150051290794_2385435117331664659_nOkay, maybe the groom had a decent angle to get a peek, but wifey still kept an eye on him…even while hugging a sports icon (hahaaa).

BAM!Bla-dow!! 100% USDA Grade A booty meat.

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