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‘Mike Tyson Mysteries’ Coming To Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim (Trailer)

I don’t know if you ever did… but back in the day, I actually remember looking around before I laughed at a Iron Mike Tyson impression; wondering if the boxing champ could take a joke or would go off and randomly whupp an azz or three including me. Not saying I’mo just go out like a punk; but back in the day… squaring off with the Baddest Man On The Planet wasn’t good for your general health. Ask any prize fighter he dropped on the ring mat in 90 seconds or less.

But now, with his appearances, movies and stage plays and interviews poking fun at himself and even his past, the world gets a different Mike; less Iron, more amiable. And definitely funny! But who could have known just how funny? Well, Adult Swim on Cartoon Network had a clue; and now there is a series to prove it. Spoofing the ever spoofable “Scooby Doo Mysteries” cartoon show (and its many, many reboots), the “Mike Tyson Mysteries” will be on the Toon tube very soon (due out Fall 2014).

Check out the hilarious trailer above.


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