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J. Cole – “1985” (DJ Premier 1966 Remix)

Preemo honors the young lion J. Cole by refixxing his “1985” jawn. The resulting dopeness is something DJ Premier has dubbed his “1966 Remix.” Enjoy!

I bought J. Cole’s “KOD” LP as soon as it dropped with no warning to the fans; which I too am a fan. ‘1985’ resonated with me immediately, so I asked Cole if I could get the acapella and do an underground DJ version just for fun. He sent it and I just pieced some stab samples to keep it on some boom bap shit. Here it is!
DJ Premier


J. Cole Stops His “1985” Live Concert Performance To Spit Acapella To ‘Mumble Rappers’ (Video)

… you having fun and I respect that. But have you ever thought about your impact?

Wooooo! Take a few and WATCH this. Score for Montreality for sharing this jewel from J. Cole on Facebook. Carefully walking the line between giving guidance and ‘talking down’ to so-called ‘mumble rappers’ out here, J. Cole brings an argument that my folks and I subscribe to… Rappers who really want to be great should not just ‘make a hit’ but strive to make a lasting impression. Not all music (or music artists) has to have a ‘message,’ but it should matter. I submit that ANY rapper wants to be well thought of in at least some way when ‘the industry’ is done with them. NWA, Nice-N-Smooth, Uncle Luke, Juvenile, Craig Mack (RIP), Sean Price (RIP)… whether I felt they were ‘saying something’ or not, their classic music had impact on my life then, and still does NOW (I still bump their old joints 20+ years later).

So, do you think ‘mumble rappers’ or their fans will (1) sit still and really understand that Cole is not dissing them, but challenging them to be better; and (2) do you think they will be as excited in 21 20 years about that music as they [apparently] are today (e.g. that their music has lasting impact)?

Also, if there was a particular rapper Cole was going at… think they got the memo [to make good music, to save their money, and to NOT mess with Cole]?


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Flashback June 1985: 17-Year-Old LL Cool J Performing In Maine (Video)

Spotted this video of LL Cool J & his DJ Cut Creator performing at Colby College in Waterville, Maine at the age of 17. LL Cool J was about to release his Def Jam debut & soon-to-be classic “Radio” album later that year & this performance could have been a possible promo tour he was on back then. Back in the early 80s hip hop was still expanding commercially so I’m not surprised at the crowd’s modest reaction in Maine at the young upstart who may have been unknown to most of the audience. Some may say hip hop in 1985 was largely popular in cities like NY, Philly, L.A., & Chicago as it was still expanding throughout the country to smaller towns like Waterville Maine. I love vintage video clips like these. Shout out to PHMB & Kodiak Star who uploaded this rare vintage video with this message….

““My dad organized the show and i just digitized the VHS” – Kodiak Star
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