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Classic Clips: De La Soul’s First Performance On Dutch TV Back In April of 1989 (Video)

Back in March of 1989 the legendary Native tongues affiliated trio of De La Soul dropped their classic debut album ‘3 Feet High & Rising’ on Tommy Boy Records. After an impressive debut on the album charts that year, Pos, Dave, and Mase made an appearance on Dutch television with a live performance & interview.  It also appears that Monie Love is assisting during the performance Gotta love these classic clips from back in the day when they are unearthed. Check out the full 20 minutes above….

Oakland Raiders h/t AFH

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Classic Clips: Questlove Captures Recording Session With J Dilla, Common, & The Soulquarians (Video)

Check out this classic clip that Questlove of the legendary Roots crew unearthed recently in honor of J Dilla.  It’s behind the scenes footage of the recording process for one of Common’s most talked about albums ‘Like Water For Chocolate.’ Crafting the soundscape for the project was J Dilla, James Poyser, & the rest of the Soulquarians who were recording it at the time. Check what Questlove had to say providing some interesting background history on the video, the process, & a few other little known facts…

The Roots & Common were midway recording followup albums to their breakthrough Things Fall Apart & Like Water For Chocolate projects. two unapologetic “Neo Soul” joints. Having formed an unofficial collation sometime in 96, using the Native Tongue blueprint. The Soulquarians were born.


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DJ Tony Touch’s 50 Classic Clips: Big Pun & The Beatnuts Performing At Rock Steady’s 20th Anniversary (Video)

As we mentioned in a previous post about DJ Tony Touch’s upcoming project “The Piecemaker 3 (Return Of The 50 Emcees)” due July 9th, the legendary DJ had stated that he’ll be releasing classic never-seen-before footage everyday leading up until his new album release. In episode 5 above Tony Toca unlocks the video vault to footage of Big Pun performing “Off The Books” with The Beatnuts at Rocksteady’s 20th Anniversary show. In case you missed episode’s 1-4 featuring Onyx, Heather, B, KRS-ONE, Boot Camp Clikk, Guru, Inspectah Deck, Busta Rhymes, & a whole host of other significant cats in hip hop check out the videos & links below. CLASSIC!


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Tony Touch’s 50 Classic Clips: Busta Rhymes & Ol Dirty Bastard Freestyling Back In 1994 (Video)

The legendary DJ Tony Touch is gearing up to release his long-awaited project “The Piecemaker 3 (Return Of The 50 Mcs)” due July 9th.  People still talk about Tony Toca’s original 50 Mc’s mixtapes to this day & I’ve often overheard artists asking why Tony doesn’t start it back up again when people focused intently on who had the hottest bars.  It’s great to see the Brooklyn Puerto Rock get back on it again.  During the 50 days leading up to the release of the new project, Tony Touch will be dropping webisodes of classic & never seen before footage up until the July 9th which is the release date of his new project.  In this first episode Tony Touch captures video of Busta Rhymes, Ol Dirty Bastard, CL Smooth, Rampage, & 8 Off The Assassin back in 1994 at the Gavin Convention in New Orleans.  Classic

Dimelo! Dimelo! Dimelo!

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Flashback 1989: Jay-Z x Jaz-O Rapping In Unearthed Footage (Video)

Shout to the homie @BosNaud for putting me onto this video. I kinda laughed out loud when I saw this from Jay-Z’s gear to the super fast rhyming style he used at the time.
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Flashback June 1985: 17-Year-Old LL Cool J Performing In Maine (Video)

Spotted this video of LL Cool J & his DJ Cut Creator performing at Colby College in Waterville, Maine at the age of 17. LL Cool J was about to release his Def Jam debut & soon-to-be classic “Radio” album later that year & this performance could have been a possible promo tour he was on back then. Back in the early 80s hip hop was still expanding commercially so I’m not surprised at the crowd’s modest reaction in Maine at the young upstart who may have been unknown to most of the audience. Some may say hip hop in 1985 was largely popular in cities like NY, Philly, L.A., & Chicago as it was still expanding throughout the country to smaller towns like Waterville Maine. I love vintage video clips like these. Shout out to PHMB & Kodiak Star who uploaded this rare vintage video with this message….

““My dad organized the show and i just digitized the VHS” – Kodiak Star
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Rare Footage: Notorious B.I.G. – “Warning” Video Shoot (Video)

I love when rare footage gets unearthed & uploaded on the web of because it’s like instant gold for real hip hop heads. Check out this rare footage from behind the scenes of Biggie’s “Warning” video shoot that just popped up on the web yesterday we caught via Missinfo. One of the great things about his video is in the interview is when Biggie keeps things very honest about not being too hollywood by renting out the cribs & things & wanting to do better for his daughter. Later on in the video they also interview a young Sean “Puffy” Combs as well as Biggie’s former business partner Lance “Un” Rivera….
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Classic Clips: MTV’s Late 80s Sampling Documentary (Video)

Check out this late 80s documentary on sampling….

Rewind: Sybil – Don’t Make Me Over (Video)

Classic late ’89/90’s joint that felt good when I heard it again for the first time in years…Alot of great memories back in Philly from the period when this song was out. Wow…Had to post this up for an early Sunday Morning…

Classic Clips: Lamont “Big L” Coleman (May 30, 1974 – February 15, 1999)

This is one of my favorite joints from the late Children of the Corn and D.I.T.C emcee Big L, “Put it On” produced by the ever hype Deejay Kid Capri.It is a bit disheartening that his murder still remains unsolved , as he was destined for mega success as rumors of a Rock-A-Fella signing loomed. In my opinion had Big L singed with “The Roc” Jay Z might not have been what he is now, with L at the time being the more polished and lyrically gifted emcee(check any of the old freestyle with the 2, Jigga is fighting to keep up with Big L most of the time). With all passings of our legends lets focus more on uplifting and appreciating our greats while they are still alive…..


Classic Clips: The Roots and A Tribe Called Quest Freestyle

Illadeph meets QB in this freestyle featuring Rahzel on the beat, with Black Thought, Consequence and Phife Dawg on the mics.  As usual, Rahzel kills the beatbox while Ali Shaheed Muhammed and Questlove chill and groove to the beat.  Would’ve been nice to hear what Q-Tip had to say, though.  Guess time was up on Lorna’s Corner.


Classic Clips: David Bowie finds “Fame” on Soul Train (Video)

Happy Birthday to David Bowie! The Brixton native brought the world a crazy catalog of hits & has been sampled by many hip hop artists over the years from Public Enemy to Diddy. Check out this classic clip of him on Soul Train back in the day….
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Classic Clips: Biggie In The Studio with Lord Finesse (Video)

This is some rare unearthed video of a studio session with Biggie in the studio with Lord Finesse. There’s more conversation in the this video about how wack Biggie thought Red Hot Lover Tone was back in the day. Biggie also mentions how Puffy wanted him to be prepared to rhyme at any time & at any moment.

Classic Clips: The Notorious B.I.G. Performing ‘Big Poppa’ On MTV’s Jon Stewart Show (Video)

Back in the day on MTV Jon Stewart had an hour long talk show in the 90s similar to the David Lettermans, Jay Lenos, etc but the show didn’t last very long.  Although Jon Stewart’s show didn’t last long on MTV, he’s doing very well in 2011 with The Daily Show.  In this rare footage from Biggie’s performance on the show he performs the So So Def Remix to “Big Poppa” along with Lil Cease & Puffy backed by a live back. I love it when vintage clips like these surface.

Classic Clips: Pete Rock on the SP1200 (Video)

Vintage clip of Pete Rock working on beats and talking about his influences. Pete can make dope beats with whatever.

Apollonia 6 – ‘Sex Shooter’ (Video)

Apollonia was bad back in her day….She was probably more beautiful than she was talented in my opinion. Prince always kept some bad chicks around though. In the immortal words of Morris Day in the movie ‘Purple Rain’…..”Let’s have some action! Let’s have some asses wigglin’….I want some perfection!!”

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Classic Clips: Stevie Wonder Plays the Drums

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is Stevie Wonder going “in” on the drums. Although he is mostly known for playing the keys and harmonica, Stevie was a “MONSTA” on the drums.He played most of the drums on his records, and guest featured on the drums on other artists records. Stevie and others of the like, is a constant reminder that no matter the limitation, you can still become a master of many things. Drummers get your weight up!

Classic Clips: Biggie On Rap City In Toronto 1995 (Video)

Check out this recently unearthed interview of Biggie on Canada’s hip hop video show ‘Rap City’ from 1995. The video is believe to have been taped in April of 1995 prior to the beef with Tupac & the Death Row feuds & featuring some live performance footage from his show in the T.Dot! Part 2 under the hood…..
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Classic Clips: Biggie Throws Water Bottle At Big Kap During Summer Jam Show In California (Video)

From Fader Magazine’s Icon Issue featuring Biggie:
“I’m throwing the records and it’s like, alright, cool we’re going through it. But it’s so hot the heat is actually warping the records. The records is melting! So the records are warping right before me and it’s just like woooommp. And Big looking at me. We had this thing like, every time you make a mistake on stage during the show, you get fined $100. So during the show, Big heard the first womp, and he was like “A hundred dollars!” The record is crumbling up right before my eyes. Then it’s getting bad and Cease is like, “Two hundred dollars!” And then Big, he just stopped everything and was like, “Yo! What the fuck is going on?!” I’m looking and my records look like a piece of bacon back there. Big is tight! He had a water bottle, he threw the water bottle at me, and just walks off the stage” – Big Kap

Classic Clips: Bob Marley Interview In Atlanta December 1979 (Video)

Back in 1979 Bob Marley was in Atlanta for a show at the iconic Fox Theatre on Peachtree Street. Gary Anderson ( Yeah…I don’t know who he is either) is stiff as hell in this interview. Most likely because he couldn’t understand a word Bob was saying. Haaahaa! It’s still a classic clip in Atlanta history & Bob Marley continues to drop some knowledge for the people. In the second segment of the interview, the interviewer didn’t really overstand when Bob Marley said he wasn’t trying to reach strange people, but reach OUR people. It wasn’t anything coded or meant solely for black people. OUR people means anyone who is on the same path of righteousness regardless of race. At the end of the segment the interviewer shakes Bob Marley’s hand & then wipes his hand like George Bush meeting Haitian earthquake victims. Check out part 2 under the hood…..

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