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History: Rare Footage Of Famed Scientist George Washington Carver (Video)


My Grandpa (T. C. Cottrell) actually knew Dr. Carver. In fact, he gave Grandpa several of hair tonic treatments… right there on the Tuskegee Institute (way before it became Tuskegee University) campus back, back in the day! A bit of Carver & Cottrell history for you.

Now, I have been to the Museum several times. I even worked as a student research assistant for the Carver Foundation on Campus over several summers back in my teen years. But this footage, showing a bit of the LEGENDARY scientist/inventor as he lived, gives me chills… and swells of pride.

After all, I am Tuskegee, through and through. And so is this!

Originally shared on the US National archives website, this appears to be some of the only surviving color footage of famed inventor George Washington Carver (1860s-1943). Photographed here in and around his home at Tuskegee University by Dr. Cornelius Allen Alexander.
– reelblack



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Wow! Hollywood Made This About ‘Trump’ And His Wall Idea In The 1950s (Video)

They knew about it in 1958. What? About Trump… the Wall… it all. Think it’s a joke? Maybe. But watch this eerily foreshadowy clip, and ask yourself what the protagonist asked the ‘authorities’… What are YOU gonna do about Trump?!

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Matt Maxey Brings Hip-Hop To The Hearing Impaired Using Sign Language (Video)

Alright, aaaalright. Get past the use of “Deaf Jam” as the title. This is actually a really cool story. Side note: Gotta be something to the whole Chance The Rapper being associated with stories that matter to the Hip-Hop Nation. Just an observation.

Although he’s had profound hearing loss his entire life, Matt Maxey didn’t learn to sign until he was 18 years old. He began to practice his ASL by signing along to the lyrics of his favorite artists and uploading videos to YouTube. Now, as the CEO and founder of DEAFinitely Dope, he’s translating hip-hop music alongside artists like Chance the Rapper and D.R.A.M.
– Great Big Story


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Western History Vs. African History (Video)

Hmmm… How deep can deep get? Africans did not even see themselves as Africans, or being tied to the African continent… and even the name “Africa” is derivative of what Westerners / Europeans imposed. Watch Dr. John Henrik Clarke drop serious science and knowledge on that, and more, above.

An analysis of the history of Africa as compared to Western civilization. European scholars asserted that the so-called ‘Egyptians’ were non-African until C. Diop’s melanin pigmentation test on Pharaohs proved otherwise.
– InfoWerm

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African History: Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan Tell It “Like It Is” (Video)

African History is WORLD History! Africa MADE history, not just as the Motherland for all humanity; but for all kinds of advances. Evidence of an astronomical observatory, calendars, advanced husbandry and metal works… way in advance of when man supposedly first ‘discovered’ them… Yeah, this is vintage footage of Black scholars telling us – and offering strong arguments to support – that Africa had all that on lock.

The scholars even speak of the cultural character of ancient African civilizations. When Africans invade, they do not wipe out others’ civilizations. But when others invade…

Well, just watch. Wonder. Learn. SHARE!

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Dr. Charshee McIntyre Lectures On The History & Science Of Afrikans and Native Americans (Video)

Strength, beauty, honor, AND knowledge! Pay attention as Dr. Charshee McIntyre breaks it down in spite of diagnoses that would have many think she is ‘diseased’… Nah, she is in a constant state ‘dis ease’ (as in, “ill at ease”). Through her lineage, Afrikan and Native American (Cherokee-Choctaw in her instance), she speaks truth to her (read: our) existence and how we have diminished our humanity.

Dr. McIntyre gets deeper in depth in her lecture above. Rep. Maxine Waters popularized ‘reclaiming my time’… Dr. McIntyre implores us all to ‘claim our heritage’ and reclaim OUR humanity!

Yes, OUR humanity – Black, Red, White – all coming out of Africa… all intermingled genetically now. Traced back many, many millennia to The Motherland.

(Oh, and several historical myths are getting blown up in here. Sorry, not sorry, Columbus!)

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An Anti-Facist Film’s Message We Need To Hear… Today! (Video)

“When that first minority lost out… everybody lost out.”

At the risk of piling on… Michael Moore said it so right in our post on here: If you are not going to say that what went down in Charlottesville was wrong (not on both sides, Mr. President; the NEO-NAZI side), you are pretty much on the wrong side! Turn it around. Don’t support racists, Neo-whatevers… none of that. Do the right thing: Stand with the right. The right side of the aisle, if you like; but at least be on the right side of HISTORY!

And speaking of history, watch the above clip. And by all means… DON’T BE A SUCKER!


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Flasback 1954: The Secret Of Selling The Negro (Lifted From The ‘I Am Not Your Negro’ Documentary) [Video]

You just have to watch this and take it in. It is from a bygone era, so do not terminology totally get you in your feelings. Realize though, that this was a way the ‘market opportunity’ the Black consumer segment was presented.

Film commissioned by the Chicago-based publisher of Negro Digest, Ebony, and Jet to encourage advertisers to reach out to African American consumers. The Secret of Selling the Negro depicts the lives, activities, and consumer behavior of African American professionals, students, and housewives. A Business Screen reviewer noted that the film focused on the “bright positive” aspects of the “new Negro family.”

NOTE: The sponsor issued a companion booklet offering the “do’s and don’ts of selling to the Negro.”

– Reelblack

Wow. This explains why we MUST have those sneakers or fly jewelry or whatever… Not bad, all things considered. Actually really insightful.

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Redman – “Who Shot Ya” (Freestyle)

Reggie Noble with seemingly limitless spit for that “Who Shot Ya” beat! Oh yes, let’s take it back to ’95!

Redman goin in with a legendary freestyle over Notorious B.I.G’s Who Shot Ya back in 1995 in New York on the Rap Xchange with Westwood & Funkmaster Flex.
Tim Westwood TV

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Snoop Dogg – “Moment I Feared” feat. Rick Rock (Video)

So… a couple of things off top… This is a music video for The DoggFather’s “Moment I Feared” off that “Neva Left” album (that’s one). And yes, that is Rick Rock (The Hyphy-Father) in it smoking a forest and actin’ a damned fool in the ‘Beast Raider’ jersey, homie (for two).

Trust. It starts like a GGN ‘sode… but it goes music video mode before you know. All that, plus a hella sexy Stormy Fronts model doubling up in this as a video vixen.


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Bruce Lee Showing The Martial Arts Skills In Real Life (Video)

That’s right. You read the headline right: Bruce Lee and Ted Wong (his student) square off for a match. Both covered by protective gear, no arrangement made to allow us viewers to see the fighters’ faces. This is that real! Footage from 1967 above showing far less movie magic; and far more real setups, kicks, and punches. Good stuff!

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Camp Lo – “On The Way Uptown” (‘Uptown Saturday Night’ Demo)

This is it… what? For real. WHAT! This is why I stay on the homies’ list over at BadMagics. Beyond behind the scenes, this music speaks to how dope the Camp Lo duo was before the execs greenlit the label to let us all know. See, kiddies, back in the day, dope artists put together music bundles (e.g. demos) like this and ‘shopped’ them (e.g. begged out-of-touch weirdos) to listen and help get the music out to the masses.

Then the Interwebs… then here we are.

So, this is kind of full circle, right? Camp Lo has been dope for decades, before the World Wide Web, but they started with a demo run like this. Now, we get to run the demo on the Web. Nice. Pay your respect! Long overdue, and still due.



Nina Simone Speaks On Her Fashion Making A Statement, Black Pride And More (Video)

Great interview audio compiled by PBS Digital. Nina Simone wowing listeners right from the start: Did she say she hit the stage in an outfit that made her appear NUDE? WHOA! Talking about her baby girl and the world she will grow up in, music inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. So much in such a short clip.

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Comedy: The Hizzistory of Bizzasketball with Snoop Dogg (Video)

Hahaaaaaa! This is genius captured in visual form. This Jimmy Kimmel Live clip featuring Snoop’s hizzistorical commentary is hizzsterical!!

The NBA has been around for a very long time. The game has obviously changed a lot over the years, so we invited basketball historian Snoop Dogg to share some insight on how things have transformed over the years.

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Prince Actually Playing Basketball… Wanna See? (Video)

Maaan, would somebody LOOK at this? Did you think Charlie Murphy wasn’t telling TRUE Hollywood Stories on Chappelle’s Show? This is a video for “The Daisy Chain” but…

At the end of the video at the 5:37 mark there are some clips of us playing basketball.

And by ‘us’ David Schwartz is talking about himself and Prince (RIP). That’s right. Game…Blouses. Hahaaaa!


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Unexplained: Was Someone Recording The Tyson Vs. McNeely Fight With A Smartphone… Five Years Before The First One Was Introduced? (Video)

Instead of noon candy, here’s a little something for your mind’s eye perhaps.

Don’t you just hate when folks would rather whip out their smartphones and record a primo live event instead of just enjoying the moment? Could you imagine being at this Tyson fight and some guy is just hand-up phone camming the beatdown instead of… WAIT! There was no such tech back then!! Then what in the fudge-flavored candy is this???

Did the TV camera catch a time traveler or something? Could smartphone tech have been introduced from the future?


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Candid Camera Classic: Ali Meets the Kids (Video)

If it is possible to run across an ‘Ali hater’ in this time of remembrance of The Greatest, SHOW THIS VIDEO!

Muhammad Ali made several appearances on Candid Camera. In 1974 he visited a school and allowed kids to “discover” him. Allen Funt narrates.

The Louisville Lip had no chill…larger than life, but accessible and obviously not shy about cutting up for the kids. Incredible classic TV clip that you may have seen. Worth watching [again].


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Darth By Darthwest (Short Film)

BRILLIANT! Are you seeing the classic mashup of classic cinema stories on display (above). “North By Northwest” (starring Cary Grant) meets “Star Wars” on deck. The works of Alfred Hitchcock and George Lucas… together at least.

Close encounters of the third kind for Cary Grant!
Darth by Darthwest: when Hitchcock meets Lucas…

Produced by Alfred Lucas. Because ‘why not?’ That’s why.

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Angelo Casimiro Shows How To Build A BB8 Droid Like The One In “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (Video)

Prepare for full on nerdgasmic fascination! This kid just built a full-size, smartphone-controlled BB8 – just like in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” But that’s not all. He’s telling YOU how to build your own in the above video.

(Angelo’s a DIY genius! Hope he got some sponsor bucks from Ace or some of those product makers though. C’mon…Kick it in billion-dollar businesses. This is pure dopeness.)

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Al Elliott Shares His Story: Reasons For Rap

Really proud to say I know Al Elliott, and that I fondly remember his days with Chip Records, and another thing… well, I’ll save that for after the jump.

But peep this perspective he gives on Hip-Hop and his reasons for rapping, then and now. Wow. I’ve used the music for therapy. So have you, I’ll bet. But for speech therapy… not to mention for teaching and bonding with his son. Check out the audio stream above in which Al gives a talk for Arc Stories.

Al Elliott tells of overcoming his childhood stuttering through discovering rap music. The theme for the night was “Out with the Old: Stories About Change.”
Arc Stories (

Love Hip-Hop maaaan! And I will always have love for Brother Elliott (hit the jump).


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