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Adam Sandler Brings His “The Week Of” Movie To Netflix (Trailer)

Dude. Netflix is a beast out here, ya hear? And Adam Sandler skipped traditional small screens to go online worldwide costarring with his homie Chris Rock for “The Week Of” too? Major!

The comedy tells the story of a devoted, middle-class father (Adam Sandler) determined to pay for his daughter’s wedding despite the prodding of the wealthier father of the groom (Chris Rock). A series of calamities forces the dads (and their families) to come together and endure the longest week of their lives. “The Week Of” premieres April 27 on Netflix.
– Netflix

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Sandy Wexler (Netflix Trailer)

Wowwwww. This has got #NetflixAndChill all over it. Please call up that special someone and get some heartfelt laughs going over some hot buttery popcorn on the couch tonight (or whatever night this weekend is good). Chuckles beget silly snorts, silly snorts become snuggles, and one thing, leading to the bada-bing… aaaand who’s making breakfast *wink*

In the 90’s one man ruled Hollywood with an iron fist. Sandy Wexler was not that man.
– Netflix

An ‘Iron Fist’ huh? Clever, Netflix, clever. And kudos, Adam Sandy, that Jennifer Courtney is some serious Eye Candy!

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The Cobbler (Trailer)

“It’s a privilege to walk in someone else’s shoes. But it’s also a responsibility.”

Adam Sandler. Dustin Hoffman. Steve Buscemi… and Method Man. At the very least, this should be interesting.

(On the other hand, what is it with Sandler and gadgets in movies? Didn’t he already do “Click” with the ‘remote control of life’ thing?)

But yeah, besides the interesting cast. Discovering you could become anyone whose shoes you stepped into – as “The Cobbler” – whose shoes would you choose? Watch Sandler’s character’s choices (and lessons). Trailer promises a thought provoking, touching film.

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Comedy: Adam Sandler Explains On ‘Conan’ About How He’s Obsessed With Seeing Shaq’s Junk (Video)

Watch this interview clip of Adam Sandler appearing on Conan. Just to see. Then watch it again, and see where his hands are most of the video! I’m just saying. Sandler is kinda obsessed. But at least he put Shaq in his movie “Grown Ups 2.” Time to pay up Diesel… hit the showers. Hahaaa!

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