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50 Cent ‘Reviews’ Jay-Z’s Album “4:44” (Video)

50 Cent called Jay-Z’s album “4:44” golf course music? Felt ‘Carlton Banks’ ish about it. Bahaaaa!

(C’mon, the album was good; but so is Fiddy’s comedic jabs. It’s okay, you can laugh.)

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Method Man To Host ‘Drop The Mic’ On TBS (Trailer)

TBS got Snoop for a show (you saw that posted here). How about some love for Method Man though? Bring it back East a bit.

Yep. TBS did that. And for the trailer, toss in the DoggFather… just because.


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Snoop Dogg To Host The Reboot Of The Classic Game Show, “The Jokers Wild” (Trailer)

Okay, I’m thinking TBS might really be onto something. Snoop Dogg on TV as a game show host; not a cook or coach. And this reboot of “The Jokers Wild”… Wow! I would never have seen that coming (but now we know it’s coming, October 24th).

I remember the original game show hosted by Wink Martindale. Trust that this version will be waaay more ‘G’ (pimpin’)!


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Cee-Lo Throws Out The First Pitch at a Dodgers Game & Fields Questions About the New GooDie MOB’s LP & Upcoming Reality Show (Video)

The opening pitch from Cee-Lo. Not bad – better than some. What’s important… his GooDie MOB brothers (T-Mo, Big Gipp, & Khujo) are there to applaud and get his back for the interview. All at Dodger Stadium on the day of their album (“Age Against The Machine”) release. During the interview, Cee-Lo also talks about the group’s upcoming TBS reality show The Good Life, as well as the album.


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Comedy: Adam Sandler Explains On ‘Conan’ About How He’s Obsessed With Seeing Shaq’s Junk (Video)

Watch this interview clip of Adam Sandler appearing on Conan. Just to see. Then watch it again, and see where his hands are most of the video! I’m just saying. Sandler is kinda obsessed. But at least he put Shaq in his movie “Grown Ups 2.” Time to pay up Diesel… hit the showers. Hahaaa!

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