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Could Ant-Man Be The Most Powerful Avenger? (Video)

This one is more [theoretical] science than science fiction, and I will tell you in advance… I did not get it (even after the second watch) totally. But that last ‘outtake’ point that Kyle makes… I got that the first time! In fact, me and @RealSuperKing were talking about the ‘mass problem’ on “Ant-Man” in a different way while back: When he gets super-tiny, but retains his mass, wouldn’t he crack anyone’s arm he ran up?? SCIENCE!!

When you think of powerful Avengers, you probably think of Hulk or Thor, but should we be considering Ant-Man too? Kyle has the quantum realm science on this week’s “Because Science”!

This ep is awesome to watch. Now, do NOT let all this ruin your movie-watching experience. I won’t. In fact, I’m hoping to see an ‘easter egg’ in the “Ant-Man And The Wasp” movie that hints at Ant-Man giving Thanos the business… and saving the world #InfinityWars #HelpUsScottLang #MaybeOurOnlyHope


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“Avengers: Infinity Wars” Just Hit Theaters, And Now Marvel Drops An Extended Teaser For “Ant-Man & The Wasp” (Trailer)

Is Marvel trying to take DC out? Asking for a friend (who may or may not be worried about DC’s survival in the coming months). Check it. “Black Panther” was the Spring face smash across the movie industry… Then “Avengers: Infinity Wars” followed up with the heart stomp… and they still have “Deadpool 2” and “Ant-Man & The Wasp”. Plus all the Marvel TV series coming back and coming soon this summer and fall AND the Netflix game Marvel is killing.

Oh wait, I’m sorry. DC had a good debut season for “Black Lightning.” Respect. But that about it.

Just watch the trailer. And somebody tell DC to step it up over there!

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Marvel’s “Ant-Man And The Wasp” Movie Hitting Theater Screens This July (Trailer)

Wow. So they are gonna slip this Marvel Universe movie in right quick. Okay. The last one was good. Wonder if T.I. will make an appearance somewhere in this sequel, too. Either way, Pym particle power-packed fun for everyone. Check out the “Ant-Man And The Wasp” trailer.

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Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’ (Trailer)

Captain America was the “First Avenger”… but this “Ant Man” (with Paul Rudd as the lead) is going to be a whole other kind. Marvel may have landed another established Hollywood name who pulls off the role like you’d never expect. Sure, looking back you can totally see Robert Downey, Jr., as Tony Starks. But were you sure he could be the “Iron Man” you’d accept?

Now, Marvel is a franchise. A Marvel Universe is developing in film and TV. Think: Will this Rudd “Ant Man” fit? Is this trailer what you’d expect (or come to accept)? Watch and see – the trailer and the movie coming to theaters July 17, 2015.

Wise ‘old man’ (Michael Douglas) giving the pep talk and power to the unassuming hero assuming the save-the-world role… a little Captain America style set up. Great visual tech (Rudd is riding an ant!) and the not-corny costume… Looking good so far. Let’s go Marvel!

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