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“Cobra Kai” Series Premieres May 2, 2018 (Trailer)

YES! YES! And HELL YES! Loving this reboot. The same dudes from the “Karate Kid” original movie we loved them in are back. Grown. Dealing with problems, and they are about to have a problem… again!

But it’s not all the way what you think. Great trailer. Rooting for the series.

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A Touching Documentary On Public Television’s Mr. Rogers (Trailer)

As it should be. This “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” trailer teases a film that might pull a few tears (happy, sentimental) from you. So when you catch it in theaters June 8th, tuck a pack of those mini-tissues somewhere on you… for the guy next to you (of course).

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Mad Skillz Is Turning The Tables, And Kicking The Rhymes, At The Same Time! (Video)

Okay. Please excuse me in advance. Late pass like a mugg, but yoooo this throwback clip I had not seen before now is sooo DOPE! Skillz goes IN on this clip – emceeing AND deejaying!

Mad Skillz dropped by ‘Sway in the Morning’ two days in a row, and blessed us with two live freestyles. Watch above…
– Sway’s Universe


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Dan Aykroyd Speaks On The Scene That Makes “Trading Places” One Of The Best ‘American Business’ Movies Of All Time (Video)

Was watching “Trading Places” a few days ago for the 1,234,678th time. Today while working I ran across this interview with Dan Akroyd about the film that we felt everyone should peep. If you are too young to have seen the classic movie “Trading Places” we posted the full film courtesy of youtube after the jump…..

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Rock/Funk: Prince – “Automatic” (Video)

Ah, old school Prince. Man.

Visuals for “Automatic” by Minnesota’s (and the world’s) own Prince. May the Purple Rocker reign forevermore #RIPPRINCE

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Ice Cube On CNBC Right After Releasing His “Death Certificate” Album (Video)

Ah, so Jerry Heller did make some anti-defamation moves (reaching out to Simon Wiesenthal, Wiesenthal Center) like the character in “Straight Outta Compton” threatened.

Late night call-in talk show, taped right after Ice Cube left NWA and released his solo album called “Death Certificate.”
– X+

Looking at the comments on this vid on the Tube and across the Interwebs, this interview might have been part of the setup… to negatively spin Cube’s views & lyrics. Gotta say, Cube, even as a young man, repped himself and the Culture strong on air; despite the media pressure.

(Reporter/host was kind of thin-skinned near the end, right? Asking. And slipping in that “Man Of Rage” moniker… Really? He never once even raised his voice.)

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Throwback: Corey Holcomb Is ‘Sometimes Married’ And Has Some Relationship Advice To Share (Video)

First off: Corey says go for the ‘cute girls in bad financial situations’ (bwaaahahaaa)! All this is hilarious. But… y’all know how Holcomb do with his brand of comedy. Wonder if he and Kevin Hart spoke on some of the stuff he’s saying in here.

Corey Holcomb discusses relationships, and how men and women can’t be friends. He gets real about how guys and girls cheat on each other, cheating techniques and how in the end, money can fix everything!
– BigBoyTV

Throwback classic Corey Holcomb.


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Throwback: Buckshot Says Sean Price Saved Duck Down (Video)

Ruck saved us. I’mma just give it to you real simple and plain. Ruck saved us.”

Know what… even back then… even when the crew and the Hip-Hop Nation was still hurting from losing Ruck (aka Sean Price), Buckshot did not have to declare that. But in this throwback interview, Buck (Duck Down’s co-founder, mind you) speaks unbridled truth about P! hitting that booth and continuously hitting us all with street HEAT! There was a while when Price was dropping sh!t weekly or more frequently. Keeping Duck Down and real Hip-Hop alive.

Respect to Buck. For saying this, and for paying full respect (watch the whole clip to see how real that statement is) to Sean Price.



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Guinness World Record Holder Twista Stills Spits Fast As Sh!t (Video)

I remember when Twista was going for the rap speed record… and being astonished that there was even such a Guinness World Record for that. No need to try to guess my age, but I was watching the ep. of him on Yo! MTV Raps when he spoke on it. Long time ago. Think dude’s still got the sniping skills?


Twista opened up to VladTV about being considered one of the first rappers to come out of Chicago, as he explains that he and Common released their albums the same year. Moving along, Twista detailed setting himself apart from other rappers with his fast rhyming skills, which got him into the Guinness Book of World Records. During the sit-down Twista spit a line from the record-winning rap that got him the high distinction of fastest rapper, which you can hear more about above.
– Vlad TV

Great clip! Twista is speaking on a lot of rap history of his time coming up, too. Not just about him, but of the Era. Respect!

(Haha! Twista shouted out the ‘Microsoft commercial guy’… he meant ‘Micromachines’… I remember that dude. Hit the jump to see him and some throwback Twista footage, too.)


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Ice-T’s TEDxSingSing Talk On ‘Surviving’ (Video)

Recent throwback TEDx talk from Ice T. Great insights and a very worthwhile watch. In fact, I should not have even mentioned the throwback aspect. Relevant to today. Hear some real life struggles from the former light-skinned, light-eyed little kid named Tracy who had to turn gangsta just to survive growing up.


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Throwback: Full Force On Their Infamous “I Smell Pu**y” Line From “House Party” (Video)

Score for this one! If you were alive when the “House Party” movie came out, you KNOW that “I smell… I SMELL… PU**Y” line. Classic cinema right there. Check out the cats that made it [in]famous speaking on it today.

(And they talk about making great music with Lisa Lisa… who EVERYBODY wanted to ‘take home’ back in the day. YES!)


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Flasback 1954: The Secret Of Selling The Negro (Lifted From The ‘I Am Not Your Negro’ Documentary) [Video]

You just have to watch this and take it in. It is from a bygone era, so do not terminology totally get you in your feelings. Realize though, that this was a way the ‘market opportunity’ the Black consumer segment was presented.

Film commissioned by the Chicago-based publisher of Negro Digest, Ebony, and Jet to encourage advertisers to reach out to African American consumers. The Secret of Selling the Negro depicts the lives, activities, and consumer behavior of African American professionals, students, and housewives. A Business Screen reviewer noted that the film focused on the “bright positive” aspects of the “new Negro family.”

NOTE: The sponsor issued a companion booklet offering the “do’s and don’ts of selling to the Negro.”

– Reelblack

Wow. This explains why we MUST have those sneakers or fly jewelry or whatever… Not bad, all things considered. Actually really insightful.

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Redman – “Who Shot Ya” (Freestyle)

Reggie Noble with seemingly limitless spit for that “Who Shot Ya” beat! Oh yes, let’s take it back to ’95!

Redman goin in with a legendary freestyle over Notorious B.I.G’s Who Shot Ya back in 1995 in New York on the Rap Xchange with Westwood & Funkmaster Flex.
Tim Westwood TV

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Throwback: Run-DMC x Jam Master Jay [Live] (Video)

I remember reading in some Public Enemy album liner notes that when the group was looking for a DJ (who would eventually be Terminator X), they were looking for a ‘Jam Master Jay level’ deejay. WHAT?! You know how all powdered soft drinks are called Kool-Aid, or how all in-line skates are called RollerBlades? Jam Master Jay was like that… the industry standard!

Watch JMJ start the show like a pro, then watch Run-DMC come shut sh!t down!! Awesome jewel from back in the day (September 1984). Hip-Hop forever!!


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Playboy’s Hottest: Reneé Tenison 1990 Playmate Of The Year (Still Just As Sexy Today) [Video] (NSFW)

Reneé Tenison (born December 2, 1968) is an American model, actress, and the first African-American selected to be the Playboy Playmate of the Year (1990).

So, I was surfing the Interwebs – like I do – and I came across some serious Honeydew (like I do)… Playboy Playmates, no less! But here’s the thing: They’re still sexy af! Especially that Reneé Tenison with her fine azz! Above: See her being all that and a bag of chips – plus them cute chocolate nips – (making this vid Not Safe For Work; gotta love YouTube)!

And the thing that got me looking and thinking a way about Reneé – her, Candace Collins, Monique St. Pierre, Cathy St. George, Charlotte Kemp, Kimberley Conrad Hefner, and Lisa Matthews reshooting their iconic Playboy covers. Looking mighty damn good… still! Check out the article I came across by following the link below.



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The Gang From ‘The Warriors’ Reunite For One Last Ride (Video)

Decades ago, “The Warriors”… came out to plaaaaay, and the fans went wild. Obviously still going wild today! Nice piece by Rolling Stone magazine.

Most of the cast members that made up the titular street gang in the 1979 cult classic The Warriors reunited on the Q Train on September 13th to take one last ride together to Coney Island, where hundreds waited at a fan-organized event celebrating the Walter Hill-directed film. “These subways are different than they were in 1978,” actor Michael Beck, who played the head-Warrior-in-charge Swan in the film, told Rolling Stone on the voyage to the Boardwalk.

And the video. Dope! Updating the movie watch list. Gotta find & cue up “The Warriors” and press plaaaaay. Ha!


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Classic Clips: Gang Starr In Concert (Video)

If you are a Gang Starr fan, or simply have not been made aware that you should be, this throwback video is a rare treat! Especially if you have never seen the duo live. If you have, here’s another dose of the dopeness to enjoy. R.I.P. GURU. Gang Starr forever!

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Classic Clips: Stevie Wonder – “Superstition” (Live On ‘Sesame Street’) [Video]

Stevie being the genius that gave us “Superstition” is enough. But seeing him do it live… Okay, that’s incredible; and enough, to be certain. But what will make your Sunday and New Year wonderful is that Stevie Wonder rocked ‘Sesame Street’ live with that joint!

It was like a funk & soul clinic for the kids: Talk about a Children’s Television Workshop!

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Teens React To Tupac Shakur (Video)

Think the kids have lost their way in Hip-Hop when they can say Tupac? Who is that?’ while we have debates about Pac’s place in your all-time Top 5 list. Watch, as the kids get familiar with some work from the late, great rapper/actor.

Before you click play, how do you think the millennials in the video will react? Might surprise you.

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Now He’s Here: Golden State Warriors’ Lawyer Started Out As An Underground Rapper (Video)

David Kelly is the general counsel and vice president of the Golden State Warriors. He’s also Hip-Hop artist Capital D, a popular Chicago rapper who put out eight albums by himself and with the group All Natural. We interviewed him, and played his music for Draymond Green and other Warriors.- San Francisco Chronicle

(Check out the expo piece above, and hit the jump for some Capital D throwback footage.)


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