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60 Minutes: The New Cold War And The Role Of The Next U.S. President (Video)

Man! Watching pro football is a nice distraction from the real world. But then 60 Minutes follows it with some VERY real world coverage of the new Cold War. This ain’t your father’s or grandfather’s Cold War either. And if you have seen that “Crimson Tide” movie, the submarine footage in this CBS news/documentary segment will give you a familiar chill.

Hmm… it has been a while since I’ve gotten political on here. And while I still #FeelTheBern like a number of my associates, I will be casting my vote this November; and so should YOU.

VOTE DAMMIT! If for no other reason, consider the words of Admiral Cecil Haney talking to interviewer David Martin:

David Martin: So who in the United States government has the authority to order the use of nuclear weapons?
Cecil Haney: Only the President of the United States has that authority.
David Martin: Does Congress have to approve?
Cecil Haney: No, Congress does not have to approve.
David Martin: So these really are the President’s own weapons.
Cecil Haney: It’s our nation’s weapons, with the President’s authority. Yes.

Black Lives Matter. All Lives Matter. Your Vote Matters. It is all a matter of LIFE AND DEATH!

VOTE. Push the button. Vote for the person whose finger will be on the nuke button.


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Marsha Ambrosius- “Cold War” (Video)

Time’s up! Marsha Ambrosius is done playing! She put the video out for “Cold War” – a single off her upcoming “Friends & Lovers” album (due out soon). Music video? Nah, more like theatrical release! Her man in the video (above) is played by actor Michael K. Williams (‘Chalky White’ from Boardwalk Empire). Her dude loses his job, can’t stop drinking; so Marsha has “gotta do what she’s gotta do!” That means the R&B songstress’ character has to go get that weight from a drug queenpin – played by Felisha Pearson (‘Snoop’ from The Wire) – so she can push, sell, and stack some quick cash! What happens next? Click and watch!

Now, that’s how you step your video game up. Wow!

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