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Seattle Seahawks Running Back Marshawn Lynch Retires From Football (Video)

No tricks. No gimmicky headline to draw eyes on the ‘net. Marshawn Lynch, Super Bowl Champion, Seattle Seahawks standout, Beast Mode… is retiring. Tells 60 Minutes Sports’ Jon Wertheim and all the viewers straight up and down that he is done with the game after nine seasons.

“I’m done. I’m not playing football anymore.”
Marshawn Lynch


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60 Minutes: Football And The Brain (Video)

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Well… with Frank Gifford’s post mortem diagnosis of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), we get yet another headline and reminder that football – like it or love it – is a dangerous COLLISION sport wrought with injuries…when playing and for the decades beyond. Try and try as American football’s flagship (the National Football League) might, no one has been able to reengineer injury out of the game. Look no further than comments from the NFL commish Roger Goodell in the 60 Minutes clip (embedded after the jump, or click the pic above) for a dose of football-injury reality.

Steve Kroft: You think the game is safer than it’s ever been before?
Roger Goodell: I do. I’m convinced of it. I think the changes that we’ve made have had real results. And we’re seeing that.
Steve Kroft: But do you believe it’s safe?
Roger Goodell: I do believe it’s safer. But injuries are part of active sports and they’re certainly part of football. Football is a contact sport.

Or you could boil it down to retired Ravens’ linebacker Ed Reed’s response…

Steve Kroft: Can you take the violence out of football?
Ed Reed: No.

Truly engaging treatment of the the topic in “Football And The Brain” on CBS News’ 60 Minutes.


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60 Minutes: The Legacy Of Michael Jackson (Video)

It’s been four years since Michael Jackson’s passing. The late King of Pop is the subject of the above segment on CBS television’s 60 Minutes. The expose focuses on the talent he possessed (up to the end), his material possessions (all left in the warehouse), his debt (cleared by cash from investments and sales of music and other assets); with extensive conversation with John Branca, executor of MJJ’s estate.

(Damn. Michael Jackson’s estate has made $600 million in the four years since his passing. He’s the King even after going to the hereafter!)

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Adele Speaks On Life, Love, & Music on 60 Minutes (Video)

Adele deserves all the success she’s getting based on true talent & life music. Whenever any Adele song comes on the radio in the car my niece gives me a mini-concert. Adele is one of those artists that my nieces & I can all agree upon. Pure talent, great lyrics, & life music. I wish most artists would get the memo & quit with the gimmicks.

60 Minutes: The Life Of Steve Jobs (Video)

I watched this last night & thought to myself that if Steve Jobs was in the NFL he’d most likely be an Oakland Raider. I mean that in a good way! Definitely inspired by Steve Jobs especially considering that he wasn’t afraid to show off all of his flaws. More parts to the video after the jump…
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60 Minutes: Project Gunrunner (Video)

“Project Gunrunner,” an operation run by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, was designed to stop the flow of guns from the U.S. to Mexico’s drug cartels, but had the opposite result.

President Obama Discusses Osama Bin Laden On ’60 Minutes’ (Video)

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Appears On 60 Minutes (Video)

WikiLeaks has immediately proven that there needs to be more transparency in government. Something that people have been demanding for decades

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