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Coming Soon: CBS All Access Original Series ‘Star Trek: Picard’ (Teaser)

Ah! Okay, I’ve heard the buzz about the Interwebs regarding the Star Trek franchise doing another series featuring THE captain of the Enterprise – Jean Luc Picard (played by Patrick Stewart). Well, here we go!

The end is only the beginning.
– CBS All Access

Check out the clip above. Time to get excited, because this ain’t a rumor or just buzz anymore. It’s REAL!


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Dave Chappelle Speaks On Ethics And The Relevance Of What He Did NOT Do (Video)

What was that? You wish there was more Dave Chappelle content posted on here? Well, what a coincidence 😉

In a rare interview, comedian Dave Chappelle tells “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King about why he is connecting with a part of his family history at Allen University in Columbia, South Carolina. His great-grandfather, Bishop William David Chappelle, was a former President at the University.
– CBS This Morning


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God Friended Me: Behind The Scenes (Series Teaser)

Hmm. “God Friended Me” seems intriguing, but I was on the fence. But hold the phone: I now HAVE to watch this… Because my cousin Michele shared it in her timeline like ‘recommended’… AND because this is a Greg Berlanti production (like Arrow, Flash, DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow… you get it). THIS is exactly why I watch credits!!

A young atheist is sent on a series of adventures after accepting an unexpected friend request from God. Take a peek behind the scenes at CBS’ new fall drama, God Friended Me.

Ah, Joe Morton has this new gig. Moving on since Scandal. Cool.


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Business/Technology: In China, People Usually Carry Less Than $15 In Their Pockets… But NEVER Leave Home Without Their Smartphones (Video)

Got that “Making Moves With Puff” (Craig Mack) playing in the mental for some reason. Something about the headline maybe. Haaaaa, bwoooyyy!

Buuuut, for real, they DON’T gotta get the cash nowadays. See how China is already in the future? Cash is already dead in China. They pay for EVERYTHING with their phones. Cash is NOT king, unlike in the States. They don’t even do credit/debit cards. Even chipping off money to the homeless… all digital, with the phone, homie. Watch!

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Former NFL Lineman Jason Brown Left Football To Farm Crops And Feed People (Video)

Great story. Former [highly-paid] NFL center Jason Brown is tackling food shortages by taking the field, tilling it, seeding and harvesting.

As part of our continuing series “On the Road,” Steve Hartman meets Jason Brown, who quit the NFL to tackle a new field, literally.
– CBS Evening News

This accomplished ex-NFL star found a new passion in farming… and he has never felt more successful.

#FirstFruitsFarm #LivingToServe #FightHunger

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Drive By Dunk Challenge Accepted By CBS 6 Anchor And Former Wichita State Shooting Guard Candace Burns

A ‘Drive By Dunk Challenge’ never looked so sexy. The cute smile and them legs in them heels hit me in the feels! Mercy! Hey, Candace Burns. Come interview with me. Let me holler at you for a minute or two! And her her IG is lit… up with uber-cuteness *smile*



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Star Trek: Discovery (First Look Series Trailer)

YES!!! Debuting on CBS television, then moving to CBS All Access, the first new Star Trek TV series in 16 years is on the way. Coming this Fall, Star Trek: Discovery! Full disclosure: I am VERY biased in favor of this series for three huge reasons: For one, because Star Trek. Second, there’s my major crush on star Sonequa Martin-Green (whose character went out like a G on AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ a few weeks ago). And then, yooooo, when Michelle Yeoh gives the order to ‘contact Starfleet’ because they have ‘engaged the Klingons’ … I got the same tingles when Captain Piccard (Patrick Stewart) delivered the classic line back in the day (“We have engaged The Borg”).

Before Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise there was Discovery. Now, one of the most iconic and influential global franchises returns to television with Star Trek: Discovery. The CBS All Access Original Series arrives this Fall.

Maaaan, I got two boners. Nerd boner. And, well, it’s almost noon, right?


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CBS Sports Football Analyst & Former Executive Amy Trask Speaks On Former Raiders Owner Al Davis, Front Office Philosophies And More (Video)

Fix your offensive line first… Now that’s an exec (not an armchair QB, or some think-they-know-it-all) talking! Heed the words of Amy Trask. Because RAIDER NATION, and because she really makes sense. Of course, decades experience with the organization and Rich Eisen even having her on the show to talk about football, late owner Al Davis, various organizational strategies and more. Host Eisen plugs the book (“You Negotiate Like A Girl”), too, of course.

Fantastic discussion. Smart. You’ll feel informed and kind of part of the conversation. Watch.

(Watch her answer to Rich on the probability of a ‘Las Vegas’ Raiders though…)

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Q-Tip Shows Gayle King His Home Studio, Record Collection And More (Video)

Okay, it would have been nice to get some dope backstage looks before the big ATCQ Saturday Night Live performance tonight. But we don’t have that. Oprah’s ol’ bestie Gayle got some other true behind-the-scenes stuff for us to watch while we wait though.

As A Tribe Called Quest releases “We Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service,” its final album after an 18-year break, Gayle King gets a tour of Q-Tip’s home studio in New Jersey.

ALERT: We have a Statik Selektah sighting. Stat Diddy is in the building! Plus, there’s more of the GayleTip tour after the jump.


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Gayle King Gets Stops By Q-Tip’s Home To Get The 4-1-1 On “…Thank You 4 Your Service” And More (Video)

Looking back always provides more insight. Watch as Q-Tip bears that truth out yet again. He tells Gayle King all about the coming up of A Tribe Called Quest, a lifelong friendship with Phife Dawg and much more. Jammed into such a short clip. Got the album that just dropped, and they have a live performance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. It’s an ATCQ weekend!!


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60 Minutes: The New Cold War And The Role Of The Next U.S. President (Video)

Man! Watching pro football is a nice distraction from the real world. But then 60 Minutes follows it with some VERY real world coverage of the new Cold War. This ain’t your father’s or grandfather’s Cold War either. And if you have seen that “Crimson Tide” movie, the submarine footage in this CBS news/documentary segment will give you a familiar chill.

Hmm… it has been a while since I’ve gotten political on here. And while I still #FeelTheBern like a number of my associates, I will be casting my vote this November; and so should YOU.

VOTE DAMMIT! If for no other reason, consider the words of Admiral Cecil Haney talking to interviewer David Martin:

David Martin: So who in the United States government has the authority to order the use of nuclear weapons?
Cecil Haney: Only the President of the United States has that authority.
David Martin: Does Congress have to approve?
Cecil Haney: No, Congress does not have to approve.
David Martin: So these really are the President’s own weapons.
Cecil Haney: It’s our nation’s weapons, with the President’s authority. Yes.

Black Lives Matter. All Lives Matter. Your Vote Matters. It is all a matter of LIFE AND DEATH!

VOTE. Push the button. Vote for the person whose finger will be on the nuke button.


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Eddie Huang aka The Human Panda Talks About Identity And Chews The Pork Fat With Stephen Colbert (Video)

Good stuff. We knew Eddie when he was “Fresh Off The Boat” with VICE. Now, he’s with ABC… still “Fresh…” But he has not forgotten where he came from – Taiwan or online – and he is going back (to VICELAND with a new show, “Huang’s World”). Watch Eddie talking with Stephen Colbert above and after the jump about all kinds of stuff – like them delicious-looking pork buns.

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Donovan McNabb Speaks On Terrell Owens, Cam Newton And More (Video)

Well. If ANYBODY can speak on it, former Philly football beast QB Donovan McNabb can. And he’s talking to Tiki and Tierney on CBS Radio. Plainly spoken, straightforward, honest, real. What T.O.’s former teammate has to say about him may or may not sit well, but you can tell he’s speaking his truth… about Owens, Cam Superman, his own time in the League… so much.

(Interesting take on Cam and that Super Bowl fumble.)

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Supergirl (Series Trailer)

Add another comic-brought-to-life to your channel-surfing agenda. CBS has green-lit the “Supergirl” television series for this Fall. DC Comics character Supergirl is Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El. On the show she’ll be challenged mastering her superhuman abilities and navigating the day-to-day world. Not too groundbreaking in that regard, but looking at the 6+ minute trailer above, CBS is sinking major chips into the hero party. So there better be a huge crowd (e.g. TV audience) tuning in to see the show. Heard good things about the other comic-based shows – The Flash and [Green] Arrow on The CW, even Daredevil on Netflix. However, Supergirl has to be much bigger; (at least) be on par with Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – on rival major broadcast network ABC. We will see. But for now… see the trailer.

(And before someone brings up Gotham on Fox… Sure, it’s based on DC’s Batman; but that’s a pre-Batman story. Doesn’t count yet.)

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Snoop Dogg Talks About Life On A Different High On ‘CBS This Morning’ (Video)

Snoop Dogg was up for another Grammy (as Snoop Lion this year), but this CBS morning show expo shows him in a different light that’s so gangsta in a good way. Nearly 20 years of married life, loving and coaching the kids, no longer toting a gat, and visiting the White House on top of all that. Watch the above vid for that and more. It’ll make you proud of the Dogg Father. On some grown man ish.

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