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Dennis Rodman Tells How He Broke His ‘Carrot’ Three Times During Sex (Video)

Bahahahahahahaha!!!! The graphics and the game horn though! You will forever think differently of ‘The Worm’ after watching this. Think breaking his… um… carrot… THREE TIMES would stop Dennis Rodman’s sex game. Nah. In his words, he is “good to go.”

Dennis Rodman tells us how he’s broken his d!ck 3 times.

Okay, VICELAND, we know you always get the full story. But yooooo, this one is over the top.

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VICE: The Harlem Globetrotters & Dennis Rodman Visit North Korea (Video)

I’ve been posting interesting stories & documentaries from VICE for a few years now. And this isn’t the first time we’ve posted their reports on North Korea, but what makes this particular trip back to North Korea wildly interesting is they’ve brought along the Harlem Globetrotters & former NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman. The news that VICE was returning to North Korea & that NBA champion Dennis Rodman agreed to go with them sent shockwaves throughout the world & had everyone around the globe talking. There’s moments of hilarity in this video captured this North Korea trip but it wasn’t at all perpetuated by Dennis Rodman.  It was in the cultural differences & appearances the North Korean government was trying to keep up for their guests. Overall from watching this video of the trip to North Korea it’s clear that the Harlem Globetrotters may have left the biggest impact on this diplomatic exchange.

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