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Science: What Did Tyrannosaurus Rex Actually Sound Like? (Video)

No… we did not discovery time travel, or some reeeeeaaally old recording device that survived the eras since the dinos fell. It’s science! See how scientists put together a plausible sh!t-your-pants sound bite (er… if there were, say, pants way back then) for what the big reptile chomper could have sounded like. Peep.


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Science: Drexel’s Ken Lacovara Discovers Your Dino-Nightmare – Dreadnoughtus Schrani (Video)

In the near Antarctic region of the world, a mega-megaton creature with no fear or reason to fear anyone in its path. Not just because of its massive size and musculature (think: 13 bull elephants smashed into one creature) …but also because of its weaponized tail! Cyclops to Professor X: I think we have found the Savage Land. Brace yourself, people, we’re going in!

Drexel University professor Ken Lacovara has recently unveiled a new supermassive dinosaur species he discovered and unearthed with his team between 2005 and 2009. Weighing in at nearly 65 tons, Dreadnoughtus schrani is the largest land animal ever found of calculable mass and also by far one of the most complete skeletons ever found for a dinosaur in this mass range!

And…Dreadnoughtus schrani (translation: “fears nothing”) is a herbivore? WTF did they put in the veggies back then?? DAMN!

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