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Loski – “Fire In The Booth” (Part 2) [Video]

Loski in the building!!!

As Charlie Sloth is screaming and hyping, Loski is staying focused. Looks like the show is in new digs, but the mission is the same… put FIRE in that mic. Pretty good. I want to see/hear more from Loski.


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Chip – “Fire In The Booth” (4th Freestyle) [Video]

Been keeping an eye on the ‘Fire In The Booth’ freestyles since Drake blessed that. Looks like Charlie Sloth got more fire, more fire, mo’ fi-yaaah! Apparently, this is far from the first time that Chip has been there. Shows. This one’s pretty dope.

Chip’s 4th Fire in the Booth with Charlie Sloth on Radio 1 & 1Xtra.


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Drake – “Fire In The Booth” (Freestyle) [Video]

Okay, I got NO skills on the mic for real… but I feel like Charlie Sloth could amp me up to at least ‘passable’ with his craziness. Now watch him hit the juice and turbo-charge Drizzy in the booth. Sparking him to deliver that FIRE into the mic!!

Drake’s first “Fire In The Booth” with Charlie Sloth on Radio 1 & 1Xtra.


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Science: What Did Tyrannosaurus Rex Actually Sound Like? (Video)

No… we did not discovery time travel, or some reeeeeaaally old recording device that survived the eras since the dinos fell. It’s science! See how scientists put together a plausible sh!t-your-pants sound bite (er… if there were, say, pants way back then) for what the big reptile chomper could have sounded like. Peep.


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Science: NASA’s Weather Machine (Video)

NASA’s playing God! It’s making its own weather!
Jeremy Clarkson

Wow. Sometimes (read: more often than you think) the byproducts of science and engineering as, or more, fascinating than the intended project. Case in point: NASA’s rocket booster testing in ‘nowhere, in the middle of nowhere’ Mississippi. The intent was to test some very expensive, very large, very VERY loud boosters. The byproducts – big billowing clouds RAIN clouds!

Seeding clouds for rain? Nah. That’s 20th Century maaaaan. NASA is making clouds… on the side… just because!

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Nas – “One Mic” feat. Jack White (Live Performance) [Video]

Remember that American Epic piece for PBS featuring Nas that we posted on a while back (linked here)? Well, on that same old-to-the-new tribute vibe, here is the G.O.D.M.C. doing his instant classic off the “Stillmatic” LP – “One Mic” – live with Jack White (formerly of The White Stripes).

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The Lost Streets Of Chicago (Documentary)

The caution on language for this BBC documentary. If that is what folks fret most about this video, then maybe they should not watch. Just saying, if harsh words make you cringe, you cannot possibly take an expose of the harsh reality Chicagoans face. Worse, if you are MORE affected by the language than the subject matter, you fail as a human.

Know what. Watch either way. We must do better. But first, we must not shy away. Otherwise, our great city will be lost.

Killings in Chicago have hit a 20-year high as the grim toll for homicides passes 500. The BBC’s Ian Pannell and Darren Conway explore a world where gangs and guns rule.
– BBC News

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David Bowie And The Story Of Ziggy Stardust (Documentary)

Man. Rest In Power to rock legend David Robert Jones pka David Bowie. We are going to be sad for a bit, knowing that the guy who brought such surreal music and mania to the music world since the 1970s will no longer be here with us.

But his music (and film) work…they will live forever here on this plane with us. Speaking of films, check out this documentary from BBC; detailing the early times of David Bowie and Ziggy Stardust.

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Daft Punk Unchained (Trailer)

“Daft Punk Unchained” is the first ever documentary film on the most secretive duo in the world. It tells the story of two uncompromising artists – Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo – who have created a unique artistic universe. Throughout their career they have remained determined to control every link in the chain of their creative work (most notably, their visages, faces covered by chrome robo-masks nowadays). Appearing in the Daft Punk film are some of their closest collaborators and friends from Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers and more.


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Living Famously: Marvin Gaye (Documentary)

BBC docu-series ‘Living Famously’ gives a near-hour look at the life and legacy of the brilliant, gone-way-too-soon crooner Marvin Gaye. Enigmatic, tumultuous, mega-talented, tragic, soulful, sad… too many emotions and descriptors for the singer’s life and career. A view from all angles in this episode about one of the most influential musical and cultural figures of the 20th Century (arguably of all time).

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Kanye West Speaks On New Album, Drake, Paul McCartney, Having More Children & Fashion with BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe (Video)

Kanye cracks me up when his vocal inflections in interviews keep changing up. It’s like people who use a certain voice when they are working in a corporate environment as compared to how they REALLY speak when they are off work, the tie is off, & they get around your boys talking sh*t. Hahaaaa! Check out another interesting interview of Kanye with BBC 1 Radio’s Zane Lowe as the Chicago icon discusses everything from the possibility of having more kids, the direction of his new album, dealing with the fashion industry, giving props to Drake & more. He also breaks down in tears when discussing his friend in the fashion industry that passed.

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DJ Premier – “Diplo And Friends Guest Mix” (Mixtape)

Hit play now! If you don’t know, you’re slow. Catch up…with DJ Premier…coming at you with a mix from across the water! UK broadcaster BBC Radio 1 with something 1xtra special! An hour of the Premier DJ from the states. Always cool when a blends with the source cuts (y’all felt Jigga and Biz getting ready to drop at the start, didn’t you?)… Smorgasbord of good music across several genres. An hour strong on quality DJ’ing on deck for you. Diplo and Friends welcome DJ Premier!


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Kingdoms of Africa: West Africa (Documentary)

Incredible BBC Four documentary presentation. Frames West African history as an arc of time and development with timeless elements that exist in culture today as they did centuries earlier. Among the topics woven into this video are matters and practices regarding faith and worship, royalty and society, engineering and architecture, travel and trade, politics and war, and especially the arts are covered. Right from the start, the importance of the arts (including storytelling and recorded history) and craftsmanship as ways of marking time and linking present to past Africa is established.

In Benin, it seems history isn’t written by the victors. It’s written by the artists.

So much good content. Watch and digest thoroughly. This not just African history… this is world history!

People were using pottery here 8,000 years before it appeared in Great Britain… When West Africans began developing the skills that would eventually create some of the most exquisite art in the world, Europe was just emerging from the last Ice Age.

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BBC Radio 1Xtra: The Story of Q-Tip (Audio)


Raw commentary from Leader Quest and some of those in the know. Get the story – the whole story (linked below) on Q-Tip, available for stream below.

Benji B tells the story of Hip-Hop legend Q-Tip – founding member of A Tribe Called Quest. Hear from Q-Tip at length as well as Pharrell, Nas, The Pharcyde and more.

Courtesy Q-Tip, BBC Radio 1 and BBC 1Xtra.


BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge: “Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)” With Justin Timberlake (Video)

Justin Timberlake covers the Jacksons’ “Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)” in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. As Michael Jackson is the King of Pop, an icon like Justin – who’d be heir to that throne – should rock a Jackson hit whenever opportunity presents itself.

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Miguel Interviewed on BBC’s “Radio 1Xtra Show” (Video)

Thank you, Charlie Sloth! It was a leg drop not a ‘kick’ Miguel hit the fan with. Hahaaa! Miguel has been a great sport about that incident, and we found out he checked in with and even did an ‘on-camera’ with that unfortunate-fortunate female fan. Watch the rest though: Miguel gets deep in this sit-in…explaining a controversial tweet…even dropping a freestyle for the Brit listeners.

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Frank Ocean: BBC Sound Of 2012 (Video)

In the BBC news series Sound Of 2012 their focus follows the success of New Orleans’s own Frank Ocean as they speak with him on everything from his critically successful album Nostalgia, Ultra, the video concepts for the singles on the album, his favorite places to perform like London, & crafting new music for artists like Kanye West, Jay-Z, & others.

Prince: A Purple Reign (Documentary)

“Many have rated Prince Rogers Nelson, the diminutive musician, as the greatest of his generation. Rhodri Huw’s well-structured film looks at the career of the boy from Minneapolis and how he came to revolutionize black music in the 1980s and beyond. Via albums such as 1999 and Purple Rain through to his explicit lyrics and spectacular stage shows, Prince has rarely lacked ambition or imagination. Huw’s film captures the highs and lows of Prince’s career and also his battle for control of his music.”