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President Trump More Compassioniate Toward Pundit Tomi Lahren Than To People Victimized By School Shootings (Video)

Y’all ever check out a video or three from uber-Conservative cute-but-ugly-talking ‘girl gone viral’ Tomi Lahren. Well, she’s usually the one calling out the wrongdoers and the waah-waah crybabies on The Left (Progressives, Liberals, Democrats, folks who disagree with her views). But here she is in the ‘victim’ role… again. Charlemagne Tha God might have found cause to make a case ‘for’ her a while back, but check out The Breakdown that Hasan Piker puts on her… and The President.

Our wetboy president Donald J. Trump showed more compassion to Tomi Lahren getting water thrown at her than victims of school shootings and the waffle house hero. Hasan Piker breaks down why Conservatives who spread hate speech whine about oppression at the first sight of backlash.
– The Breakdown

Oh, and Piker points and fires off on some other hot topics, like the NFL’s stand against #TakeAKnee (we posted on here).


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Former Mexican President Vicente Fox With A Message For Donald J. Trump (Video)

Amigo, you have a ton of flaws…
Vicente Fox

(Imagine opening a battle rap with that line. Ha!)

Okay, SNL is still the champ of President Trump roasting, but yoooo… this Super Deluxe video starring former Mexican President Vicente Fox though. Bahahaaaaa!

Dear Donald J. Trump: Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesada has an important message for you.
– Super Deluxe


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