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Latinos Converting To Islam (Documentary)

What so-called religions that promise ‘salvation’ can truly forget is the SAVING. What the dude says in here about why he converted to Islam, how it truly SAVED him… He was not speaking of a ‘magical’ event or a sudden ‘newness’ feeling (set to orchestral music or something). Rather, he was speaking of Islam SAVING his life in an UNDERSTANDABLE way that brought joy to his soul and meaning to his life. ‘Survival mode’ to a ‘revival’ by way of the Quran.

Latinos are one of the fastest growing groups within Islam in America. VICE’s Lee Adams travels to Houston Texas, the home of America’s first Islam in Spanish center, to investigate what’s behind this phenomenon and how America’s current political climate might be related.

Another great VICE documentary.

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Former Secretary Of State Condoleeza Rice Says America Will Never Be ‘Race Blind’ (Video)

Often times when I hear someone say we live in a colorblind society, a post-racial America, & that they don’t see color I find those comments to be ridiculous. It’s just not true. Of course many of us are Asian, Black, White, Indian, Native American, & come from a variety of ethnicities that you just cannot ignore. It’s a part of who we are, but not all that we are as “people”. It’s this country’s diversity that has made it strong. Condoleeza Rice appeared on a Thanksgiving edition of “Face The Nation” & was asked her opinion of the state of race relations in America & also says that if she had stayed in Birmingham Alabama where she grew up she would most likely have become a schoolteacher.