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Jada Pinkett Smith And Jane Elliott Discuss The Racial Divide Between Women of Color & White Women At The Red Table (Video)

The level that these women share during these Red Table talks… deep. This one is no different; discussion starting with their own experiences of racism. Then Jane and Jada get into to the divide between women of different races and why it should not be, but is… deep.

Good discussion on race relations. And Jane Elliott is the perfect one for it.

The tough topic of race relations between women is brought to the Red Table with famed diversity educator Jane Elliott.
– Red Table Talk

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Natives Speak On Being Indigenous, Invisible, And Not ‘American’ (Video)

Damn. In America, Black folks are regular ‘property’ and the Indigenous Peoples are the ‘exotics’ though? Still sorting my feelings about that comment. But this is a convo we need to have and keep having.

Native Americans challenge their invisibility in society.
– Op-Docs

And what about a Black Indigenous mixed heritage. They talk about that, too. Remember that post that actually addressed Black people’s roots in America; a Native heritage (here)? Interesting. Discuss.


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VICE News Reports On ‘Race and Terror’ In Charlottesville (Video)

Here is a VICE News piece on the protests, counter-protests, why everyone is REALLY there, the points of view, passionate responses and tragedy coming out of Charlottesville.

On Saturday hundreds of white nationalists, alt-righters, and neo-Nazis traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia to participate in the “Unite the Right” rally. By Saturday evening three people were dead – one protester, and two police officers – and many more injured.
– VICE News

The lens through which we observe events that affect us should be handled responsibly. The lens in this instance is journalistic reporting. There is stuff we ought to know. A free press should (read again: SHOULD) keep our eyes on what is important, tell us why, and provide proper focus long enough for us to make up our own minds about it. Extending the metaphor, the lens should be kept clear of clutter so we can see the TRUTH. That truth is left to each of us to find for ourselves.

On what’s going on in Charlottesville, VICE News does that. Like they always do: They go to the hot spot and embed, clear out the clutter and show us what it going on and why we should care; and viewers can go from there. Elle Reeve was there for VICE News to show us the raw truth, including what everyone said… including the U.S. President and White supremacist leader Chris Cantwell. Their words. Footage of actions and aftermath. Truthfully presented. Point blank period.

(You will likely feel enraged, sad, confused, helpless, or some combination. But if you feel anything like akin to Cantwell’s smirk at the end of this piece, LEAVE. And NEVER come back!

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Celebrities, News Anchors And More Share When They Realized They Were Black (Video)

I remember growing up how ‘tough kids’ would always remark and bark about how they would have fought if ‘massuh’ hit them with a whip back in slavery times. Even then I knew that was nonsense, bravado, untestable braggadocio bullsh!t. A whip would make a 1500-pound bull jump; not much fight in anybody AFTER getting hit.

Fight BEFORE, or run away. Yeah, back back in the day, I knew I would have played it ‘smart’ like that. But watching this… this is within these folks’ lifetimes, some even younger than me… These stories are NOT whip lashes, but Whites lashing out against my people in the vilest ways. Inhumanely… like they were acting to deny or strip away their humanity. And soon after the clip above started to play, I felt like I would have responded the way Jason George did – blacked out with rage #BlackOutRage

In “The Souls of Black Folk,” W.E.B. Du Bois talks about the first time he realized his skin color made him different. We asked celebrities, CNN anchors and reporters, and others to tell us when they first realized that being Black affected how people treated them. Share your own story with #RealizedIWasBlack

But I must say, making it to the end made me think of when I realized I was Black. I then realized that I don’t have an awful story to share. You see, I’m from Tuskegee. I was raised there. I grew up steeped in Black History. Loved on, scolded, chastised, challenged (by well-meaning adults and bullies) that were Black. Hell, being light-skinned, I was the guy who got ‘janked’ (meaning ‘joned’ or ‘cracked on’ or whatever your word for verbal hazing is) for being damn near White.

However, I was taught my history; ALL of it, MYstory, not HIStory. And I was imbued with a certain forgive-if-you-can-but-NEVER-forget attitude that persists today. I am sure that is why I often toss a ‘Black History’ lecture into conversations… Which likely why I often proclaim, “I’m from ‘Skegee, and that makes me the Blackest man in the room.” My upbringing and attitude is what steels my nerve and puts a fire in my belly when I watch or hear or read anything about how Black folks are mistreated – by individuals or institutions. I am usually able to channel my #BlackOutrage (see what I did there? #BlackOutRage to #BlackOutrage hash flip) positively… to fight negativity nowadays. But I also KNOW that is because my ancestors took the lashes, took the lynchings, took the billy club beatings… picked the cotton, picked their battles, put up with losses, pushed through struggles, put in ballots, and punted White Power in its azz to get them out and make Tuskegee the Black Mecca of my youth (Google ‘Gomillion v. Lightfoot‘). So while I do not have a story to share like those in the clip above, I feel them. I really feel them as they are told.

That said, I do remember that White security guy that used to follow my brothers and me around the grocery store when we were kids like we might shoplift. But he was a weirdo.

Watch the clip above. Compelling! Follow the link to CNN for even more.



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Accidental Courtesy: Daryl Davis, Race & America (Festival Trailer)

I never set out to convert anybody. In my quest, some of them ended up converting themselves.
Daryl Davis

So, go on and plan on watching the trailer above TWICE, because the first run will likely leave you breathless. This is the award-winning documentary about a Black musician, Daryl Davis, who befriends and engages members of the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacists in an extended dialog about race, hate, and how we can get past it. Turns out this all started as a bold an simple measure to get the KKK’s answer to this question: “How can you hate me if you don’t even know me?”

(Davis’ dialogs with Klan members have been so powerful that several members ultimately left the organization. You MUST watch!)

“Accidental Courtesy: Daryl Davis, Race & America” comes to PBS on February 13, 2017.

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Joe Biden And Colin Powell Race Their Cars. Who You Got? (Video)

Well, would you look at that! Joe Biden and Colin Powell have found a way to settle things… on the road with the engine wide open! Who knew General Powell was such a speed demon; that Vice President Biden was such a classic car buff. Jay Leno gets props for pulling this together and pulling it off. Okay, I mean Jay AND the U.S. Secret Service.

(Their track, their rules right? NOT! Gun it, Mr. Vice President. Pedal to the metal!)


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DemocracyNow Presents: Michael Eric Dyson vs. Eddie Glaude, Race, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama’s Presidency And More (Video)

Great interview (slash moderated debate-type discussion) featuring Eddie Glaude and Michael Eric Dyson by DemocracyNow. Strap in for some informative, intellectual exploration of approaches to the Democratic platform, President Obama’s actions and legacy, Former Secretary and Presidential candidate Clinton’s past and anticipated actions should she ascend to U.S. Commander-In-Chief, and SO MUCH MORE!

On Wednesday night, President Obama addressed the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia and implored the nation to vote for Hillary Clinton. As Obama seeks to pass the torch to his Secretary Of State, we host a debate on Hillary Clinton, her rival Donald Trump and President Obama’s legacy between Princeton University professor Eddie Glaude and Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson. Glaude’s most recent book is “Democracy in Black: How Race Still Enslaves the American Soul,” and he recently wrote an article for Time magazine headlined “My Democratic Problem with Voting for Hillary Clinton.” Dyson is the author of “The Black Presidency: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race in America” and wrote a cover article for the New Republic titled, “Yes She Can: Why Hillary Clinton Will Do More for Black People Than Obama.”

Of the two, I agree with Eddie Glaude. Just getting that out there.


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The Myth Of Race (Video)

Race is not ‘real’ per se. It is made up… In medical science and diagnoses, it is actually ‘made up’ of (e.g. referring to) several contributing factors – like where your ancestors came from and social pressures exerted on the people considered to be part of the same cultural group as you. But just because it is not real (that is, having no distinguishing DNA identifier from person-to-person) does not mean it is not important.

You may know exactly what race you are, but how would you prove it if somebody disagreed with you? Jenée Desmond Harris explains.
– Vox

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The School To Prison, Explained (Video)

Damn. Vox breaks it down… how schools are breaking us down. Surely, you’ve heard of the ‘school-to-prison pipeline.’ Officers in classrooms, abundant and extreme zero-tolerance policies, Black students way more likely to be disciplined. In effect, our children are being set up, prepared even, to go to prison at some point. And it all starts in preschool. Watch the clip explaining it above. To get deeper in depth, check out Vox’s full write-up (linked below).


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Black and White (Series Teasers)

Yes! Please, please let this happen like it’s supposed to… and catch on. We (looking at you U.S.) need this: to laugh, and just as important, THINK about race in America. The evidence can be found in comments heard across the ‘net (and probably across the aisle – at work, the grocery, wherever) around the “Roots” reboot that just played on The History Channel. Sentiments like ‘whyyyy do we even need to bring that back up?’ given voice by Black AND White people. Like race isn’t even a relevant issue anymore.

There are some things you just can’t say, even if your grandparents did. “Black and White” premieres Wednesday, June 13 10:30/9:30c on A&E. #BlackAndWhite

Ha! In your [Black]face! More after the jump…

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Cenk Uygur Speaks On How Muhammad Ali Should Truly Be Remembered (Video)

Muhammad Ali… He was a strong, proud Black man and he didn’t mind telling you…
Cenk Uygur

Powerful! Cenk Uygur gives us 5 minutes of RAW commentary to set (or keep) perspectives straight on the legacy of Ali. Don’t let all the soft, lofty words now being spoken about The Greatest in this time of mourning make you think Ali was whitewashed or weak (or even worried about being ‘liked’) in any way at any time in his life.

Muhammad Ali has been described as transcending race, but that takes away from his powerful stance on being a Black man. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, delivers his Final Judgment on Muhammad Ali’s legacy.

It is important that for all the ways that Ali should be remembered – winning fighter, charismatic public figure, ambassador for peace and justice – we must NEVER forget that Ali was NOT living to win approval from the majority. As much a warrior out of the ring as in, he spoke harshly on injustices perpetuated by America and the White majority in the U.S. and abroad; refusing to be part of or tacitly endorse it in any way.

Good to keep that straight.

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Killer Mike With Advice To White Americans And More On ‘The Late Show’ With Stephen Colbert (Video)

Let’s borrow Larry Wilmore’s catch phrase and apply it to the guest former Comedy Central cohort Stephen Colbert had on just recently: The man Killer Mike kept it 100 (and then some) on the The Late Show, didn’t he? Hitting a variety of hot topics with Colbert: Ferguson, Baltimore, race relations in general, stumping for his Presidential candidate of choice Bernie Sanders and so much more.

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Race (Trailer)

Looks good. The Jesse Owens story should be told with reverence, passion and a duty to the entire truth. A talented brother who wanted, worked and deserved to be the best. He was, and when he went to the Olympics; the world would soon know, too.

Track and field star Jesse Owens overcomes adversity to win four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games.

But Jesse and his people deserved, even before all that, to be FREE. And yes, he let the world know that, too. Check out the trailer. Should be something special hitting theater screens February 2016.

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Bishop Lamont – “Mutiny” feat. Rich Kidd (Produced by Rich Kidd)

There is a lot going on right now in this world.  With that said a lot of entertainers stay away from discussing topics like Race relations, self hate & white supremacy.  Well Bishop Lamont does not mince words with his latest track “Mutiny” that features and is produced by Rich Kidd.  He speaks of black solidarity and calls out coon type behavior that is being exhibited by a lot of blacks these days.  Just listen for yourself Bishop and Rich give it to you Straight no chaser!

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Red, White & Beard: A Docu-Short On The Sikh Captain America (Video)

Captain Sikh America was comedian Vishavjit Singh’s way of fighting intolerance in the post-9/11 United States. Check out this 11-minute short film and get a good look at at Singh’s work. These colors don’t run, and neither does Captain Sikh America… from any form of racial/cultural intolerance whatsoever… or from a tourist asking where to get good pizza! Good clip.

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Miss Africa Greece Beauty Pageant (Video)

Very interesting. Okay, we’ll take this Eye Candy lunchtime thing in a different direction for second. Check this VICE story out.

VICE Greece discovered a beauty pageant focused on celebrating the identity of African women living in Athens. We linked up to talk to them about what its like to deal with racism in modern Greece.

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Macklemore Speaks On Race, Injustice, Kendrick, Iggy And More (Video)

You’re here now. Like lots of blogs, trying to title these things in an eye-catching way AND have something posted worthwhile is a challenge to say the least.

“Silence is an action…”

He said that. The epitome of pop White rap success said that. But trust he is NOT silent in this video. DEEP conversation on all that is promised in the title. But PLEASE do not play this to check for the names you saw. That’s for the search engines. Watch and listen for perspective and to gain insight. Respect Ebro and Macklemore for this engaging discussion.

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Black Woman Disrespects A Black Man & White Girlfriend in Harlem Barbershop. What Would YOU Do? (Video)

I enjoy these ‘candid camera-type’ of social experiments that ABC News reporter John Quinones does in his “What Would You Do?” series that usually airs on Friday nights.   This episode is particularly interesting as they head to a Harlem barbershop with a large black clientele.  Things get interesting when a black female disrespects a black man & his white girlfriend.  Personally I’ve dated every race there is & wouldn’t tolerate anyone disrespecting my girlfriend or wife no matter what her race is. In fact, many of my family members are also involved in interracial relationships which reflects how much America as a whole is changing.  Many great points were made in this video by the people who stood up including the brother in the video who made a excellent point that interracial relationships are not destroying the black community. It’s drugs & poverty, but we can’t combat that with our own ignorance, hatred, & bigotry. African-Americans should know better than anyone else not to discriminate on anyone as much as we have been for many years. There’s so many great quotes in this segment it’s amazing. Ultimately, the most important thing about ANY relationship is “LOVE”.

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‘Barbershop’ In Real Life: Brother Says To White Barber, “Nah Man” (Video)

We enjoy John Quinones’ segments on ABCNews called ‘What Would You Do?’ but this particular segment I don’t find to be racist at all.  It’s a little more nuanced than black customers simply refusing to get a haircut from a white barber. Some brothas have a tough time allowing a female barber to cut their hair as well for one simple reason. They don’t know them OR their work. Most brothas have a tough time giving a new barber a chance to cut their hair no matter what the gender, orientation, or race of the individual.  Usually it takes time for anyone to get to see someone’s work & develop a relationship with them before you begin to trust someone with your hair.  Especially if some haircuts are ‘Non-Refundable’ if the work performed was terrible.  Personally one of my barbers for a time was a white guy who still cuts hair in a barbershop with a mostly black customer base.   I was referred to him by a friend I trusted when my normal barber was out of town.  Needless to say I still go back to him on occasion.   There’s some guys who refuse to allow a woman to cut their hair if they don’t know how good they are at their craft.  Now does it matter to anyone in THIS barbershop the race or gender of the barber? Just check out this segment of ‘What Would You Do?”.  It’s a little more nuanced in not thoroughly knowing the the work of the individual who’s going to give you that haircut more than racist in my opinion.

Sure the White barber in Ice Cube’s hit comedy “Barbershop” got respect eventually but it took time to develop that relationship & trust.


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Nas Speaks On CNN With Anderson Cooper On The ‘Race And Justice In America II’ Special (Video)

Last night CNN’s Anderson Cooper held a special town hall discussion called ‘Race & Justice In America II’ on his Anderson Cooper 360 show & brought along a number of commentators to speak on the issues affecting the country. Nas was the most recognizable voice in the hip hop community who added his valuable 2-cents to the discussion. Check out more from the discussion featuring commentators Charles M Blow, Andre Perry, Michaela Angela Davis, & David Webb below….

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