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Killer Mike Overwhelmed with Emotion Following the Ferguson Grand Jury Statement In St. Louis (Video)

Riots are only the language of the unheard.
Killer Mike

Killer Kill from Adamsville gets it: The sentiments expressed so perfectly by Jay Smooth (posted on earlier here) are revisited so emotionally by Hip-Hop’s proud son, Killer Mike. In St. Louis (Missouri, USA) with his homie El-P to rock a Run The Jewels set, he heard the news out of Ferguson, Missouri [that no action will be taken against the officer that killed Mike Brown] – and like many on the scene – it rubbed him so raw he was hurt, was scared, was angry, was feeling retaliatory (ready to burn something down)… BUT… Mike hugged it out, cried it out, talked it out, got on stage and let it out. AND TORE THAT M#THERF#CKER DOWN!!!

Tonight I got kicked on my ass… You m#therf#ckers got me today. I have a 20 year son. I have a 12 year old son. And I am so afraid for them… These m#therf#ckers got me today. But with that said, you m#therf#ckers will not own tomorrow!
Killer Mike

Watch the video-taped confessional turn into a high-energy Hip-Hop Revival up in the spot. Revolution energy being channeled. Prepare before you press play; a tissue for one hand… while balling the other into a fist and raising it in solidarity.

This is Hip-Hop. GO!


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