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Snoop Dogg – “Revolution” feat. October London (Prod. By Just Blaze)

Dope beat for this produced by Just Blizzle (like Snoop might’ve said? Maybe? Yes? No?)! This is the visual for The DoggFather’s “Revolution” (featuring October London).

True revolution can only come from the youth. As every new generation grows up, they have a chance to start from scratch and see the world differently. But only by stepping outside of yourself can you truly understand your place in the world…
– WestFestTV

Banger! Uncle Snoop snapped hard on this orchestral heavy-on-the-bap track! A release from the “COOLAID” LP coming July 1st (pre-order available via iTunes link below).


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Killer Mike Asks The All Black National Convention: “Are You Ready For The Revolution?” (Video)

You will FEEL what Killer Mike is saying here like you were there and he was speaking to you. Guaranteed! For those who are familiar, mix in the sentiments of Marcus Garvey, Muslim idealism, and modern day survivalism and you get this powerful response to the All Black National Convention discussion topic. Part chastising and part challenge, ALL Power To The People! Some folks there did not like some of what Mike spit into the mic. Some folks who watch it here might not like it.

Deal with it. Press play. This is a MUST WATCH! After watching, you must ask yourself, “Are you REALLY ready for REVOLUTION?”


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St Ivan The Terrible x Senica Da Misfit – “Sound Of The Police”

Sounds of the police - cover

RAW! Skillful use of the mic, rap platform, and the KRS-ONE namesake sample in this song, fellas! Real (and timely) Hip-Hop for the people. Give these bros a spin, and put a fist in the air! You can grab that FREE download (via link below) before or after that.

“Sound of the Police!” is a song which was introduced as an idea to me by my late bro/comrade/friend Pumpkinhead (PH) back in late 2013, early 2014. Initially, it was supposed to be for he and I but some things transpired within that time, and I went away; and he, unfortunately, passed away. I dedicate this song to him for coming up with the idea. So I reached out to the homie, Senica, to partake on it with me and he went in. It’s a song most definitely needed for the times now present.

This is what Hip-Hop [Rap music] has always been about, being the voice of the people, and the voice for those who need someone to speak for them, but in song form.

To all the brothers and sisters unjustifiably killed and murdered by police or any law enforcement. This is for you #RIP God bless your families & loved ones… Peace.
St Ivan The Terrible



The Black Panthers: Vanguard of The Revolution (Trailer)

New film by acclaimed documentarian Stanley Nelson about the rise and fall of The Black Panther Party. Learn more about the movement at The Black Panthers website. In theaters soon. Watch the PBS trailer for “The Black Panthers: Vanguard of The Revolution” above.


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Killer Mike Overwhelmed with Emotion Following the Ferguson Grand Jury Statement In St. Louis (Video)

Riots are only the language of the unheard.
Killer Mike

Killer Kill from Adamsville gets it: The sentiments expressed so perfectly by Jay Smooth (posted on earlier here) are revisited so emotionally by Hip-Hop’s proud son, Killer Mike. In St. Louis (Missouri, USA) with his homie El-P to rock a Run The Jewels set, he heard the news out of Ferguson, Missouri [that no action will be taken against the officer that killed Mike Brown] – and like many on the scene – it rubbed him so raw he was hurt, was scared, was angry, was feeling retaliatory (ready to burn something down)… BUT… Mike hugged it out, cried it out, talked it out, got on stage and let it out. AND TORE THAT M#THERF#CKER DOWN!!!

Tonight I got kicked on my ass… You m#therf#ckers got me today. I have a 20 year son. I have a 12 year old son. And I am so afraid for them… These m#therf#ckers got me today. But with that said, you m#therf#ckers will not own tomorrow!
Killer Mike

Watch the video-taped confessional turn into a high-energy Hip-Hop Revival up in the spot. Revolution energy being channeled. Prepare before you press play; a tissue for one hand… while balling the other into a fist and raising it in solidarity.

This is Hip-Hop. GO!


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