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Keanu Reeves Is Back For ‘Chapter 3’ Of The John Wick Franchise (Trailer)

John Wick was retired when we started this thing right? But folks had to f**k with him (sigh)… You’d think they’d have learned to leave him alone by now.

Then again, Keanu’s character does end up killing most everybody he ‘teaches’ that lesson in his movies. Good for moviegoers, because we keep getting movies full of good, grimy, popcorn-munching azz kickery. Plus, this go ’round… Halle Berry


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Storm Reid & Common Help Tell An Uncommon Story In “A Happening of Monumental Proportions” (Trailer)

The plotline aside, the cast attached to the story that Storm Reid and Common are set to tell…Wow. Just saying, the Happening of having to do a school Career Day talk having just LOST the job; all by itself is good film fodder. But that is nowhere near all the hijinx driving this comedy! Then toss in actors ranging from Jennifer Garner to Rob Riggle to Keanu Reeves??

Watch the trailer. Get ready to chomp popcorn and chuckle for a while.

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47 Ronin (Trailer)

The Matrix Trilogy was good stuff. But how about a movie where the martial arts fighting fits the timeframe of the story? Hollywood’s got you this Christmas. “47 Ronin” looks to be the gift for the [Samurai] action-starved masses who love against-all-odds plots.

‘Their army is infinite… We are 47… If we do this, there is NO COMING BACK!’

Yeah. Keanu Reeves is bringing that to big screens this December.

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