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Comedy: Come On, Kass. You Know When You Come Through After 2, It’s Smash-O’Clock! (Video)

How eff’n SEXY is Kassandra Lee (and that voice)?!? So fine that I almost… ALMOST… blamed Bigg Jah for messing up the smash session she was trying to deliver to him hot and fresh at the booty call hour!

But nah. This fail is on Kass, 2 DA MAX! If she really wanted that meat in her… life (heh heh), she would have… could have… SHOULD have said so… AND made it clear that she wanted it right there on that couch!


– @ojones1

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Comedy: Damn Desiree. How Could You Just Push Past James For His Homie Dane Like That? (Video)

OH SH!T (bwaaaahahahaaa)!

Ohhhh man. OHHHH! MAAANNN! Whyyyy would I post a Honey doing bad homie biz at the nooner hour? Because, real talk, that is real life. It beez like that sometimes. Barz. Facts. Fax and phone. And that sh!t hurt (SMARTphone).

But salute to the homie Dane for trying to back up and be out to clear the way for his man’s smash mission. It just wasn’t meant to be for James (especially seeing how Desiree tried to give Dane the WHOLE body hug, hiking up that leg like that… BAAHAHAAA).

Be easy, everyone (including me). It’s just a skit. A funny skit. And Desiree Vanessa is still SEXY AF. Still!


– @ojones1

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Comedy: We All Scream For Her Brooklynn’s Ice Cream (Video)

I have a cinematic imagination.
Only the pure will survive.
Brooklynn Summers

Mm mm mm! Woman… I bet you do. And I’m a SURVIVOR over here. Imagine that!

Haaa! But for real, I bet NO ONE will be asking Brooklynn ‘what dat mouf do?’ after watching this. Perfect day for a cool treat. Like her IG (HOT, and a cool treat). Plus Desi is acting damned fool in this (understandably so), too! Hilarious.



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Comedy: Dane, Desiree Wants To See Your Phone… NOW! (Video)

Man, the prettiest ones are always the ones who can take it to all levels of super-crazy… And that’s Desiree’s crazy-sexy-cool azz. Um, Dane, give her the phone ASAP!

(But you and your homie James might need two minutes of knuckle talk over him meddling in you and bae’s business. The ‘Oh sh!t’ parts always crack me up though.)



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Comedy: Zmeena Orr Offers Some Of Her Cake To Her Roomate’s Boyfriend (Video)

I understand why dude could NOT stick around for Zmeena’s cake. Not sure I would have bolted like he did, but I understand why. Damn, too much booty in the pants!



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Comedy: When She Only Wants One Thing… THAT Thing… Give It To Her! (Video)

What in the ‘Bizarro world’ D-C Universe (D-i-C Universe, more accurately) is going on here? Daphnique is straight ackin’ a damn fool in this. And I LOVE IT! Ha!

But what about Troy’s needs? Shiiiiid… What about ’em?! Screw Troy!

(Daphnique damn sure is trying to as soon as possible, as often as possible, if he would stop stopping her Baaaaahahaaa!)

Yooo… at the end… Dude has Daphnique Springs AND Jasmin Leigh fighting over that ‘one thing’… Yeezus West, what a ‘problem’ to have *wink*



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LeBron James & Lonzo Ball Speak Their Minds On Magic Johnson’s Departure From The Lakers Organization (Video)

Enjoy catching ‘The Shop: Uninterrupted’ on HBO when time allows. Good chit-chat based on the barbershop paradigm. Nothing off limits. Of course, LeBron and Lonzo are certainly too smart to risk multi-million dollar paychecks with controversial public reactions, but they are pretty candid in the clip above where they discuss how they found out about Magic Johnson leaving the Los Angeles Lakers.

Lebron came to the Lakers after talking with Magic. Think he might find a way to walk away now that Magic is? Well, hit the jump.

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Jada Chats Up The Currys, The First Ladies Of The NBA, At The Red Table (Video)

Another good Red Table Talk. Now, I like Ayesha Curry but she’s Trippin’ Trippin’ on this a li’l bit.

It’s a Red Table Road Trip! Jada, Gammy, and Willow travel to North Carolina to the private home of NBA Royalty to meet the Queens of the Curry Dynasty! Basketball superstar Steph Curry’s wife Ayesha Curry, his mother, little sister and future sister in law get real about everything from anxiety issues to flirtatious female fans. It’s Real Talk with REAL NBA wives.
– Red Table Talk

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Bun B. & Wife Queenie Speak On Their Traumatic Home Invasion And How They Are Moving Forward (Video)

Violent B&E. Home invasion. Both of these are bad ideas. Then the criminal finds out it’s Bun and his arsenal he is facing… BAD news. And the shots ringing out. Dammit man. Dude is finished!! Not dead, but the criminal was dead wrong and paid that price.

Bun B. And Wife Queenie drop in to tell us all the details about the home invasion that shook them up and how Bun B.’s reputation proceeded him in this instance. Plus, the rapper’s lawyer joins to help explain how this isn’t a crime story but a love story with a gun.
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

Charles ‘Big Angry’ Adams, friend and lawyer, put the accents on the story, too. Crazy! Must watch.

(Plus Queenie is a REAL one. Her and Bun B. REALNESS!)

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Allah B Speaks On John Gotti (Video)

Man. A Gotti going home party. Imagine it. Wait… don’t imagine… watch and listen to Allah B tell you about it. Gangster. Literally! Allah B and John G were gangster in the realest way.

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Broken-Hearted Reggie Needs Clayton To Handle His Girl’s Moms While He Tries To Win Haile Back (Video)

And by handle I mean run interference… and by run interference I mean keep Haile’s moms occupied… and to Clayton that means pack the elephant trunk because moms’ (played by thicky-THICK Andrea Jones) cookie is gonna get GOT!

And THEN sh!t gets crazy.

Whew. The things people (and puppets) do for love. Or, um, when they ‘got love’ or whatever this was. Wow. Damn, Reggie.



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Dr. Sebi’s Former Wife Ma’a & His Son Sesa Speak On The Coming Documentary And To Address Rumors (Video)

Wow. So, Dr. Sebi’s son Sesa says Nick Cannon is the only one who reached to tell the Doc’s story; not Nipsey Hussle. Worth leaning in and listening intensely to this clip for that tidbit and other insights.

Former wife of the late Dr. Sebi, Ma’a & his son Sesa stopped by Ebro In The Morning to bring clarity to misunderstandings, and confusion about the herbalist and healer whose name recently surfaced once again after the passing of Nipsey Hussle.

They also spoke on Left Eye & the last days of her life, whether Magic Johnson was really cured of HIV, Nick Cannon reaching out to complete the Dr. Sebi documentary, and also told stories of people who had used their program.

– HOT 97

Ma’a just might end up getting that hashtag to trend (mentioned it in another interview posted on here)… #WereYouThere

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Comedy: Nate Jackson Has This Roommate ‘Situationship’ Totally Under Control. Sort Of… (Video)

Funny video helmed by Nate Jackson. Made perfect by the Honeyz in there playing with him. Yes indeed! How can you go wrong when you got Kali and Daphnique on deck.

That was rhetorical. You can NOT go wrong. This vid can’t get any righter!

(Whew! Somebody, please slip a note to Kali and tell that sexy ‘Ms. Thickness’ to slide me a DM. We got some slip-n-sliding to do *wink*)


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Dr. Sebi’s Family Speaks On His Life, On His Healing Ways, And On Controversies Involving Him (Video)

Old interview, but interesting information.

Tasha K getting exclusive insights and perspectives from Usha & ex-wife Ma’a. And Tasha speaks on the Nipsey Hussle’s documentary efforts in bringing Dr. Sebi’s story and wisdom to light.

Over 30 kids? Wow. Lots to unpack in this.

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Comedy: Virgil Thinks Lauren Could Be The One. But Is She? (Video)

How fine is Lauren Harding? So fine she can scam the ABSolute hell out of Virgil (ABS and all, haha!) while he pays his homie, Clayton, no mind, at all, when he tries to warn him. Yeah, she’s that fine (faaacts)… AND this is hilarious (FAAACTS)!


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What A Situationship Dilemma: If Amy Smashed The Homie Before You, Would You Want To Know? (Video)

5’9″ with a 43-25-43 banging azz thick azz ridiculous azz figure like THAT??? Ya gaddam right CT, or anybody, would smash if bubbly sexy AF Amy Jackson asked. Hell, I believed dude when he said it (even if real-life hottie wifey Tanjareen did not). But should he say that to the homie Tahir?


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Tracy Pollan & Michael J. Fox Speak On The Real Secret To A Lasting Relationship (Video)

You know how you really lean in when an OG is dropping knowledge on something important, like relationship advice. Well… this is that! “Keep the sex dirty and the fights clean” is so simple and crystal clear as the right thing to do. Why have I not heard it put like that before?

Tracy Pollan and Michael J. Fox share success secrets to making their 30-year marriage work.
– The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Great clip. Gotta love Michael J. Fox.


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Eddie Griffin & Tasha Smith Could Afford The Big Mac, But They Had To Beg For The Fries (Video)

You only think you’re poor and hungry. Okay, maybe you have been (you hardcore grinder you). But Eddie & Tasha… fiending for fries and sucking on ketchup packs like they were gourmet delicious. That’s a level of broke and starving I have never even heard of on this side of the planet. But they have lived rich lives and forged incredible friendships, starting with their own.

Check out this TV One teaser for their episode of ‘Uncensored.’ They had to censor Eddie a little though (haha).


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Comedy: Watch What You Say And Do Around Clayton. It Could Get You BLOCKT! (Video)


Man, shout to Clayton Thomas and his cast of co-stars. I’m down with #TeamCT for real now… turns out I was all along. Watch the ‘Bloopers’ segment at the end. Not really bloopers, I’d consider that the BEST CREDITS REEL EVERRRRR!

Amazing how this new school of online sketch comedy perfectly blends HOT and HILARIOUS. Speaking of HOT, looking DIRECTLY at you Tanjareen, Corbin, Lauren, Amy, and Jenny. Yeezus West, y’all are GORGEOUS!


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Cory Booker Speaks On Running For President, Getting Things Done For His Constituents & His Feelings For Rosario Dawson (Video)

Why should we consider Cory Booker as a serious contender for the U.S. Presidency? Well, she ‘convinced’ Rosario Dawson to join his team… on the campaign trail AND as his lady friend. Yep, took her right from Bernie Sanders’ campaign (she was really on the #FeelTheBern team) AND from Luke Cage (haha)!

In one of his best interviews yet after announcing his intentions to run for President, Senator Cory Booker sat down with Ebro In The Morning to discuss some of the issues he plans to tackle, plus confronts Rosenberg on questions about being too close to corporate entities, and Wall Street.

He also discusses his relationship with Rosario Dawson, why he made some decisions as mayor of Newark, impeaching Trump, reparations, plans to give every American $1000 every month, and he defends the narrative of “what Democrats have done for me?

– HOT 97

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