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Penal Code: Former Inmate Speaks On The ‘Cheek Busting’ Hierarchy In Prison (Video)

Listen up. Real talk from someone who was on lock. Pay attention, too, for those who like their pants to ‘sag’ and sh!t.

We know you guys are worried about getting your cheeks busted in prison, we get these types of questions all the time. If this is something you are that worried about, it may be time to get out of the game. if you’re a square, stay a square and you wont have anything to worry about.
– Fresh Out: Life After The Penitentiary

Sheeeehzzz!!! It’s like that??

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DL Hughley Give Perspective To The Louis CK Controversy & The ‘Protective’ Role Of His Manager (Video)

I usually do when DL gives social commentary, but I really leaned in on this one. A comedian speaking on another comedian going through a unique situation. Can expect some real talk. This is DL Hughley’s take on Louis CK’s taking liberties with the ladies.

Actually, this seems more in defense of their shared manager. Watch.


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Cover Story: Watch The Cyntoia Brown Documentary And Learn About How Her Story Has Gone Viral (Video)

Have you heard, or been following, the #FreeCyntoiaBrown movement? Cyntoia Brown has already been in prison for well over a decade, convicted of murder as a teen. The story has recently resurfaced and gone viral. Gotten the attention of celebs like Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian (see what she tweeted after the jump) has said she has reached out to her lawyers to see what she could do to help.

Embedded above is a documentary on Cyntoia. Watch. Watch NOW. They are snatching copies of the documentary offline with the quickness (took digging to find this one). At least the PBS Independent Lens trailer (after the jump) should remain stable, since it has been since 2011. Matter of fact, eff that: going in after the jump and posting all the clips PBS left up. Maybe PBS will re-release the documentary itself in full. This story should be known, told and retold. Tragedy begets more tragedy. You (me, we). Must. LEARN!

Also, you can also become better versed in the various details of the case and campaign to get Cyntoia Brown freed via the links below.

(More backstory and catch-up content after the jump, including clips from Roland S. Martin on TV One and Big Tigger on Atlanta’s V-103 radio.)


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The Cast Of Netflix’s “She’s Gotta Have It” Speak On Sex-Positivity, Aspects Of Relationships And Spike Lee (Video)

Interesting talk. VERRRRY interesting. Actually started out thinking that the folks on here would downplay the sexual aspects of this Netflix series based on the Spike Lee joint. And while they don’t get pornographic, the convo is ‘graphic’ enough to keep you engaged to learn about how this series addresses poly-amorous relationships, pan-sexuality, love & relationships, friendships, characters & the canon (the characters, the original film & director, etc.)

Def gotta check this out!

(Yoooo, there was a comment on the Tube on this that was like, “Pan-sexual: if she’s good with a pan, then we can get sexual.” Bwaaahahaaa!)

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Driven By Disrespect: Watch Scooter Braun Explain How He Built An Entertainment Empire (Video)

Get a sandwich and a beverage. Come back. Press play. Stay and pay attention until it stops. Then play it again and take notes. The ‘Blueprint’ is in there! There is soooo much game being laid out plain by Scooter Braun as he tells his story in this sitdown for Complex.

Scooter Braun is a visionary for the self-made, social media age. After catching the eye of Jermaine Dupri as the hottest young party promoter in Atlanta, Braun signed and diligently broke Asher Roth and Justin Bieber. He went on to manage a bevy of global pop stars to expand his company into other facets of entertainment and to weather some very public storms, all while gathering a following as big as some of his acts.
– Complex

You’re welcome.

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Terry Crews Speaks On Being Sexually Assaulted Early In His Career: “I Felt Like I Could Punch A Hole In His Head” (Video)

Oh my damn! Dude did ‘Damon’ wrong! Talk about art imitating life (re: bathroom scene between ‘Money Mike’ aka Katt Williams and ‘Damon’ aka Terry Crews). See, if he’d have whupped the sh!t out his azz when this groper tried him, Terry might not have had a career anywhere near like he’s had. And being the wrong color in the wrong situation, he might have lost his liberty (caught a case) or his life (caught a bullet). And for similar reasons he could not even speak on it as his career progressed.

Good thing he gets to talk about it now. A different look at abuse of power. Now that the story is out, and the suit is filed, maybe some payback in the form of serious greenbacks is coming, too.

IN FRONT OF HIS WIFE!!! Maaaaannnnn…


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Comedy: Clint Coley Lets Her Know She Needs To Be With Him (Video)

When you are a dude, making sense, and making battle rap lyrical works of art from the heart for a sista… how could she not want to get with you? Well, this Honey was about to make that mistake and pass on his advances; but Coley got them WORDS (BARS)! Hahaaa!

#ReadyToGoSteady #BlackMenDontCheat #ADD #Community


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Comedy: Khadi & Kelz Are Out Here Handing Out ‘One Hitter Quitters’ To Dudes (Video)

She said that “Don’t flinch” like a gangsta for real though. Hahaaa! But dayummm, them rights were landing! Y’all gone learn about playing this good p*ssy late pull-out game in deez skreetz out’chea though. HA!

Khadi Don and 4EverKelz go full “Jody” in this parody to the movie Baby Boy. #Community
– All Def Digital

But hmmm… looking at Khadi’s IG… might have to see ’bout what she got going. Might be worth taking the punch *wink*

(But watch all the way to the end though.)


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Pablo Escobar’s Son Recounts His Time Growing Up In The Family Of A Drug Kingpin (Documentary)

Sweet Christmas… God’s Favorite is one thing, but daaaaamn. Escobar’s son said his dad was seeing over $400 million a week??? Daaaamn again!!!

Pablo Escobar’s Son Sebastian Marroquin Reveals What His Childhood Was Like And How He Feels About His Infamous kingpin Father.
– Bird Plan

Of course, this story is about more than drugs, money, and drug money. Watch.

(And this ‘Popeye’ cat… wowww!)

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Comedy: Netflix And No Chill With The Heartbroken Homie (Video)

Bwaaahahaaa! Just in case anybody thought a ‘Netflix and Chill’ plus one was a good idea (hmmm… maybe if… nah). Check out this All Def Digital Sketch starring the lovely Cynthia LuCiette… and a couple of dudes.


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Rachael Ray Surprised By Her Celeb Crush 50 Cent And Introduces Him To Her Mommy (Video)

Maaaan, 50 moves in and out of urban and crossover worlds so easy it’s like his mutant power. Watch the Hip-Hop Nightcrawler bamf over to Rachael Ray’s set to get some love from the audience, the happy host, and her moms!

Rachael Goes Wild When Her Celeb Crush Surprises Her For 2,000th Show! He Made. Her. Day.
Rachael Ray Show

Work it, Fif. This is how you build that ‘big rich town’… connections! #Power


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Comedy: Clint Coley & His Girl Are Not ‘Cuffing’… Here Is What They Are Doing (Video)

We’re f**king, eating and going to the movies together…

That’s what we’re doing! Bwaaahahaaa! Two things always get me about these funny azz Coley clips: (1) how fine af the girls in them are AND (2) how screwy their facial expressions get when he tells it like it is!


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Comedy: Michael Blackson Answers ‘Stupid Questions People Ask Africans’ (Video)

Besides being hilarious in stuff like this, Michael Blackson keeps us watching his vids because he brings his sexy wifey on with him. Helloooo, Georgia Reign (whew)!

Michael Blackson tells us some of the stupidest questions he gets about being African.
– Oxygen Media


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Better Than Break-Up Sex? Nah, But A Funny ‘Star Wars’ Sketch (Video)

“Feel the inside of me like I feel the inside of you.”

WTF did Jsnow just say??? Of course, if Cynthia Luciette (whistles) is in it, I am into it… but let’s say my posting this is due to the new “Star Wars” movie coming soon. A.D.D. classic sh!t right here 🙂


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Kairi Chanel Is The Apple Of Dave East’s Eye, And The Center Of His World (Video)

Getting a real look at the real lives of these emcees nowadays. Just saw 50 Cent speaking on fatherhood (here) and now here’s Dave East talking about beasting it out… for his daughter. Now, THAT’S dope!

“I know how it feels to ask for something and your mother be like, ‘nah,’” the Harlem rapper tells MASS APPEAL while buying clothes for his 17-month-old daughter, Kairi. “I don’t want her to not know how to accept ‘no,’ but I want to make sure it’s there, regardless. So if I’m telling her no, it’s because of a reason, not cause I ain’t got it.”

East’s daughter, Kairi Chanel, is the namesake of his 2016 mixtape and the center of his world.

– Mass Appeal


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Gaming/Relationships: Man Marries The Anime Character Of His Dreams (Video)

Hmm… file this under, “Naaaah, not crazy at all. Do you, um, player!”

Japanese adult game developer Hibiki Works recently performed a VR assisted wedding between a man and the anime character of his dreams. The wedding – which actually took place in a chapel in Tokyo – was part of Hibiki Works’ promotion of their upcoming game “Niizuma: Lovely x Cation.”
– Vocativ

So, question: With the virtual wife concept… Would that be ‘death do them part’ after losing one life on the video game; or is this an ‘all lives matter’ situation (like, you have to stay with the new virtual spouse through all your game lives).


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Check Out The Trailer For OWN’s Life-After-Prison Series “Released” (Trailer)

OWN’s docu-series “Released” tells the stories of formerly incarcerated men and women as they re-enter society.

The new docuseries Released is the story of six of these individuals, who are all searching for a fresh start after their release from prison.

The series premiered September 30th on OWN. It comes on Saturdays at 10pm EST.

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Former NFL Receiver Josh Gordon On Trying To Beat Drug Addiction, Again. But This Time With A ‘Brutal Dose Of Reality’ (Documentary)

Man. To be this real about his process so far. At this point, after Gordon has had Lindsey Lohan-level amounts of second chances to get over his drug problems… After EVERYONE has written him off… Doing this video expose. Respect for that, at least.

Back at the gym and on track to return to the NFL, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon reveals details of the substance abuse violation in 2014 that has prevented him from playing professionally ever since.
– Uninterrupted

All the best to the former Brown. Complete the comeback, Gordon. Push yourself. Push through!

(Compelling story to watch.)

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Gabrielle Union Speaks On Sexual Freedom, Her Book, And Husband Dwyane Wade Reuniting With Lebron James (Video)

Daaaamn, Gab! Started flipping your “fun switch” at 5? Trolling for Black men in the Yay Area in later years? Telling the young ladies to demand that good ‘gina gobbling AND azz-eating from these men out here (because reciprocity)? You wild out here like that?!

Okay, women’s liberation for real. FREEDOM… sexual and otherwise! Well, go ‘head Being Mary Jane on ’em then *wink*

(That ain’t all. Just some “juicy” bits to lure you in. Actually a very thoughtful interview. Balanced. Talking to a grown woman.)

You. WANT. To. Watch this whole interview! It goes down (everyone does, watch)!

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The Most Bizarre Tradition Of Donkey Sex (Documentary)

Some of the locals… They f*ck donkeys.
Ryan Duffy

They are so wrong right for flipping that “Gimme That Donkey Butt” sample for the backbeat for this in the beginning. Haha!

Having sex with donkeys is a part of growing up for some of the local boys on the northern coast of Colombia. We went to investigate this obscure tradition and foolishly said, “we’ll believe it when we see it.”

Oh, you didn’t think we were playing about actual DONKEY F*CKING, did you? You might need to schedule a therapist visit BEFORE you watch this. Crazy!

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