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Comedy: Beware When You Get The ‘Vajean’ That Will Change Your Life (Video)

Love will make you do some strange things. Good ‘loving’ (that strange, that va-jay-jay, that vajean) – stranger still. Like this guy is about to find out. He just didn’t know… She blessed him with that Erykah Badu-level sex… and his life will never be the same again!

(Born under the same moon as Badu AND she was TTTB… Throwing That Thang Baaaack… Bahahaaaa!! Sauce got him!)


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Comedy: Maybe It’s Time To Break Up… With Her Permission… Maybe (Video)

And he thought he was leaving her. Dude [according to her] she’s the reason he is even alive… And by the way, he is now NOT leaving her. And better fold them clothes CORRECTLY… AND get to COOKING dinner… with NO MEAT! Yeah, I reckon he’ll get that WHIPPED up right NOW. Hahaa!

When you break up with a good woman and she reminds you why you shouldn’t.
– Kenn Edwin TV

Well, at least she’s thick & sexy AF (whew – shout to Marché Howell). Because he will be with her for quite a while it seems.



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Comedy: Levi’s A Buster, And He Doesn’t Even Know It (Video)

See? THIS is when you need the real ones in your life to tell you the real deal about your moves in real life! Watch this all-too-real reenactment of a dude, let’s call him Levi, going waaaay beyond courtship of a lady, getting taken waaaay past any possibility of a relationship, finding himself in the valley of the busters.

When your homies gotta put you in check cause you acting like a buster; you hardcore simping, you got the game all messed up.

And he would not even know if they did not tell him. Best believe she wasn’t. Okay, maybe on her wedding day she would; but not before. Hahaa!


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