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Comedy: Was It That Bad Before? Well, Things Are About To Get Worse! (Video)

Ay yo, Minks! Have we learned nothing from the “grab ’em by the p**sy” incident? When camera is in the room, assume the camera is always on. Everything is on the record… and now it’s recorded… for all of us to laugh at… FOREVER… because the Internet.

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Comedy: Friends Don’t Let Friends Go Out After A Bad Breakup (Video)

Hey man. It’s funny, but it’s kinda real. The homies are looking out for his emotional health.

No, Kenn. You’re NOT okay. And you’re NOT getting back out there… or back on the horse… or whatever… You need to let it out. Go on and cry, man.

When the homies check in on the homie after a break up, they give him some advice he’s not willing to take.
Kenn Edwin TV

Take your time, Kenn. Ha!


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Minks – “E-40 Fire Freestyle” (Video)


Okay, they NAILED this in the first minute. The rest of that time spent… on bloopers… guess that goes to show that it takes a lot to get a perfect shoot shot. Watch and see dude channel E-40. His hyphy will give you lyfey!

Much cred and respek on the name Jay Ali for banging out that beat, too.


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Comedy: Levi’s A Buster, And He Doesn’t Even Know It (Video)

See? THIS is when you need the real ones in your life to tell you the real deal about your moves in real life! Watch this all-too-real reenactment of a dude, let’s call him Levi, going waaaay beyond courtship of a lady, getting taken waaaay past any possibility of a relationship, finding himself in the valley of the busters.

When your homies gotta put you in check cause you acting like a buster; you hardcore simping, you got the game all messed up.

And he would not even know if they did not tell him. Best believe she wasn’t. Okay, maybe on her wedding day she would; but not before. Hahaa!


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Comedy: Homie, Congrats On Being Fresh Out! But How’d You Get Fresh Braids Like That? (Video)

Baaahahaaa! They took that dude into an SVU interrogation room over those fresh braids, didn’t they?


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Daytona x Harry Fraud – “M.I.N.K.S.” (Mixtape)

Daytona and Harry Fraud have been doing lots of work (that we have been posting on here). Mixtape’s the next move. Obviously. And because it is expected, that makes it less spectacular huh? C’mon now… where are you right now? You think we put up the mediocre? You think our rep can take that hit? Answer: HELLLLL NAWWW!

Surf School’s in session! Daytona’s mixtape “M.I.N.K.S.” (entirely produced by Harry Fraud) features some nice features – Adrian Lau, Chinx, Smoke DZA, Beanie Sigel, Freeway, Daz Dillinger, Chuck Inglish, Chavis Chandler, Al-Doe… ‘Nuff talkin’. Get to listening (and downloading) for FREE!


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