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M-Dot – “The Atonement” (Prod. By Pete Rock)

Shout out to Revalation (of EMS) again. Letting me know that his bredren got the biggest get yet: Pete Rock production! Hellooooo! Rev linked this track to me, and now I share it with you. And I started penning this post as I hit play (because I knew it was gonna be flames)!

As M-Dot tells it, he and the legendary producer met in 2017 when they were on the same bill for a show in Switzerland. The two showed mutual admiration for their talents and kept in touch ever since, eventually leading to their making music together.

The first result of that work is “The Atonement,” a bars-first, punishing track that demonstrates M-Dot’s love for the art of rhyming. He flexes some crazy patterns and internal rhymes atop Pete’s fittingly chilling instrumental, leaving us hoping that this is the only the first of many collaborations we hear from them this year.

In addition to Pete Rock, egO anD The eneMy 2: A Dissolute Paradise boasts production and guest appearances from the likes of Erick Sermon, Apollo Brown, !llmind, M-Phazes, Method Man, Willie The Kid, Vast Aire, and more.



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M-Dot – “Days Are All the Same” (Prod. By Hi-Tek) [Video]

I got the message. And it wasn’t even ‘texted’ to me. Folks, maybe (read: DEFINITELY) we should put down the phones and raise our heads AND levels of consciousness (and conscientiousness). Get ‘into’ the world instead of phone-caming and sharing about it. Live… instead of ‘going live’ all the time. It is a new decade after all, right? Hear the words and watch the vid from M-Dot.

The coveting of societal acceptance has reached new heights in a social media (“like” based) dominated planet. You find more people looking down (at their phones) then looking up to see what’s happening with our culture nowadays; increasingly becoming robots to a system dangling products to the wide eyed eager consumer. M-Dot‘s latest single ‘Days Are All The Same‘ paints a lucid world of these exact human shortcomings. The social/political narrative is carefully laced upon the back-drop of Hi-Tek‘s (Snoop Dogg, Big L, Eminem, 50 Cent, GhostFace Killah) eccentric drum arrangement. Ego And The Enemy 2 Coming Soon!!



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Big Shug – “No Real Rappers” feat. M-Dot x Singapore Kane (Prod. By Reel Drama) [Video]

Big Shug can’t find “No Real Rappers” out here, man? Well, at least there’s M-Dot & Singapore Kane, right? That makes three. Peep visuals for another gem off “The Diamond Report.”

Boston and Gang Starr Foundation vet Big Shug teams up with fellow Beantown reps Singapore Kane and M-Dot, over a Reel Drama banger, for a classic warning to today’s rappers.
– BrickRecords


– @ojones1

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EMS – “Rapscallions” (Prod. By Agent Dan) [Video]

EMS is in Germany, showing the WORLD how Hip-Hop is supposed to be done. What are YOU doing? Well, you oughta to bouncing to this banger and enjoying the visuals above. Go ‘head and get on that ASAP!

Boston Super-group EMS (aka Experimental MindState) brings you “Rapscallions,” the 1st single off their long-awaited debut on Own Lane Music. The single, produced & directed by Agent Dan (Mannheim, Germany), features M-Dot, Revalation & Kore (3 members of the 7-man crew). The EMS debut (Title & Date TBA) will feature production from Buckwild, !llmind, Confidence and many more!! Stay tuned for date & tracklist info!

The crisp visuals, compelling architecture and stunning scenic shots take place in the beautiful city of Heidelberg, Germany, filmed while EMS was on tour.


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DZ The Unknown – “Thunder Slap” feat. Celph Titled x M-Dot x Esoteric x Big Shug (Prod. By C-Lance)

So the homie Revalation (of EMS) hit me in the Instagram inbox during my late summer hiatus (the only time I really check that box)… and Sun was right on time! He was like…

HUGE Posse Cut w/Celph Titled, Esoteric, M-Dot & Big Shug. Peep when you can 🙏

And I was like… [thinking] Okay, Rev has always been cool to me on Facebook. Interacting for real. Not just hitting me for ‘favors’ but actually interacting, So I will give it a ‘respect listen’ as such. And I did. Then I was like…

Yoooooooo Rev! That’s that EVILLLLLLL!!! Thanks for keeping me looped in. On hiatus for the most part but back to blogging on JayForce starting Sep.

And I got back to it this month… to a mound of stuff to post for the month, but now (drum roll) I present…

“Thunder Slap” is a voltron style collaboration that brings together four underground Hip-Hop institutions in Army of the Pharoahs, EMS, Gangstarr and Czarface as Celph Titled, M-Dot, Big Shug and Esoteric amalgamate with upcoming artist DZ The Unknown for this whiplash inducing slapper… You might not of heard the name DZ The Unknown before but after you hear this tune you won’t be forgetting it anytime soon, “Thunder Slap” is produced by C-Lance [Vinnie Paz, Apathy, Action Bronson].

And you are right, DZ The Unknown – coming straight out of North Battleford, Saskatchewan (Canada). A’ight. I didn’t know before. But now I know. And I will NOT slip or sleep again!! You are on my radar.

Declaration: Respek on the name DZ The Unknown and the collabo crew on here that brought him out right!

And shout to Rev for bringing it all to my inbox.


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M-Dot x Revalation – “Jump Start” (Prod. By Whatson) [Video]

A’ight then, M-Dot. Keep it moving. Had him on here earlier, like near “The Beginning” of the year, with Rapper Big Pooh, putting in work. And now here he is back with the Beantown bredren Rev. Dope!

M-Dot and Revalation of Boston supergroup EMS team up for their latest visual “Jump Start” produced by Germany’s Whatson, shot and directed by Arvid Wuensch. The high energy anthem was shot in Leipzig, Germany while the duo were on the “Stay In Your Lane” European tour this past Spring, 2019. “Jump Start” is the lead video-single from Whatson’s upcoming studio album [TBA] featuring Conway, M-Dot, Revalation & more.


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Rapper Big Pooh x M-Dot – “The Beginning” (Prod. By Pause Beats)

For every great story, the starting point isn’t always the most optimistic. And when two respected, accomplished artists collaborate it doesn’t always mean there will be chemistry. Good news here, though… maaaad chemistry!!!

Boston’s M-Dot and Rapper Big Pooh (of Little Brother fame) drop their latest tune, “The Beginning,” over a soulful instrumental by Sweden’s Pause Beats. The track also features the sultry vocals of Sabina Ddumba on the chorus.



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eLZhi x Ras Kass x M-Dot x Large Professor – “Reaganomics” (Prod. By B Leafs)

For days we stay in slumber, still pray to tainted alters, kids trained to gain and conquer.

I remember the “Reaganomics” era. Great time for music, but the White House and major corporations… let’s just say they were not always looking out for us over there in the day. But knowing that, and spreading the word about it, gave rise to some of the best Hip-Hop music ever.

So, is this work worthy in light of what the title implies? Well, seeing the line-up, I’mma go on and say HELL YEAH! But I’m still gonna listen (as should you).

Elzhi, Ras Kass, M-Dot and Large Pro is one of the most legendary line-ups you’re going to see this year. “Reaganomics” is a legacy that’s endured almost four decades and is more relevant now than it was back in the 80’s when the [Anti-Robin Hood] concept was scribbled down on Bonzo’s napkin. For those in the dark about the system, it’s where corporations/wealthy lined their pockets from the taxation of the middle class, creating huge national debt and unredeemable budget deficits which forced future administrations to cut funding for social programs. 4 legends tackle the topic with their 4 unique perspectives, in the 4 unique styles you know and love them for. “Reaganomics” is produced by B Leafs off his upcoming debut album “The Horizon” out Jan 29th.


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M-Dot – “egO anD The eneMy” (Album)

In case you’ain’not know… M-Dot, him hot! But let’s say you have not caught the M-Dot heatwave just yet. Sight unseen, sound unheard, how much of a BANGER would you say that a work with production on it by Marco Polo, Hi-Tek, Large Pro, Marley Marl and MORE is? WAIT! Add features from folks like umm… Camp Lo, Method Man, Dominique Larue (from that super-group Heresy we posted on) and MORE!

Not telling you what’s dope, but why are you still reading and not listening by now so you can decide for self? GOOOO!



TheBeeShine | Cypher Series Vol. 12 With DJ Slipwax feat. ESH x Rite Hook x EMS x Blak Madeen x Jahpan x Oak Lonetree (Video)

Shout to the Bronx-born bro Revelation hailing from New Bedford (MA, USA) for always hipping me to the movements of his crew EMS. He’s got some EMS bredren in here turning them coals (fire)! Check ’em out – M-Dot & Mayhem – and more of New England’s best (ESH, Rite Hook, Blak Madeen, Jahpan, Oak Lonetree) with DJ Slipwax. Nice rhyme skills and cuts above. Watch your head!

(The track was produced by The Arcitype.)


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Big Shug – “Heavy” feat. Benefit x M-Dot (Video)

It’s the GangStarr Foundation vet Big Shug on this one y’all. Shug leading the emcee rally; Benefit and M-Dot in attendance. This is “Heavy” (literally). Check out the visuals above. Single available now on M-Dot’s mixtape “Layer Cake”… and it will be on Benefit’s upcoming LP “Timing is Everything.”



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