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DJ Jaycee With A Dungeon Family x A Tribe Called Quest Mashup (Video)

I know DJ Jaycee to be one of the best mixmasters and turntablists out here. If you know him and/or know about the deejay scene (esp. in Atlanta), I am not telling you anything new. However, you may not have been blessed enough to have had this pop up in your Facebook traffic. Like me. So, I will share #BecauseSharingIsCaring #BecauseJayceeIsDope

Something eargasmic happens when I decide to put one of my favorite Andre3000 verses over one of my favorite ATCQ tracks #DJJaycee #WeDF #NativeTongues #SoEargasmic #NoShoesInTheDryer 😉
Jayson Reid aka DJ Jaycee


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De La Soul Reveals: It Wasn’t Always Roses In ‘The Daisy Age’ (Video)

WAIT! Before you play this interview, look at the freeze frame (esp. at Pos). The expressions captured… if there was ever an image conveying exactly the opposite of what you would think of a clique/movement called The Daisy Age… that has to be it, right?

It follows that in this clip, the De La Soul trio goes deeper in depth about what most heads already know: The flowers did not really smell as sweet as we thought back then. Listen as they touch on some things you heard and saw, but probably dismissed because you believed in something beautiful… a Hip-Hop family of artists growing in a Garden of Eden of sorts. They weren’t as tight-knit as we thought. There were actually comparatively few collabos coming out of the collective. Wowww.

Every garden has its weeds though. Truth.

Very interesting watch.

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